once a hunter always a hunter

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Submitted: September 23, 2016

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Submitted: September 23, 2016



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You cannot even perform your husbandly duties like other men your age". "Look at Reina's husband, always at her beck and call. Look at Esther's husband doing his best to look after his family like a real man". Must i always complain before you do the right thing?" She yelled. Can't you figure things out yourself ?" She barked. I was raised in fear of the god's of our land, and so i did my best to always respect and accommodate women. But i just couldn't find a place in my heart to accept Amanda anymore. Just the other day, she disrespected our village masquerade and walked out on the community Chief priest, and to crown it all, she never accepted responsibility for her actions or show any sign of remorse. Almost in unism, we walked along the path leading to the zunga forest. I hated the fact that she always insisted on accompanying me on my hunting trips, i hated her talking habit, lord! I even hated the sound of her foot falls, but what could i do? I've been trapped, tamed and dishonoured. My nails have been clipped and my pride destroyed. The only available option now was to patiently endure life, one day at a time. While she went towards the ayama stream to have her bath, I climbed up my favorite tree and waited patiently for my prey. After some restless minutes of scorching ant bites, i shifted the barrel of my gun slightly. I didn't find a squirrel or an antelope or some beavers. Walking majestically towards me was Amanda. The fullness of her breast became more visible with every step she took. Her thick dark hair gently caressed the sharp edges of the lemon grasses. I almost did not shoot her, but i was overwhelmed by such darkness and hate that i squeezed the trigger tightly

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