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Submitted: September 23, 2016

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Submitted: September 23, 2016



In class Mr Finn
talks about fractions
and denominators
and other stuff
I don't care to know

I see Janice
sitting at her desk
her fair hair
and her small hand
and fingers
writing down
what he is saying

I scribble nothing
my page has a few
fractions and numbers
and my pen
drips blue ink
on the page
as I look at her

we went to the bomb site
off Meadow Row
last evening
(not too late
or her gran
will slap her one)
and we talked of Jesus
(or she was)
and how He died
and why none
of the disciples
came to his aid

Mr Finn says
Benny are you
listening to what
I am saying
about fractions?

Yes Sir
I reply
although I haven't
I have not a clue

what did I say
about this fraction?
He points
to the blackboard

I stare at the board
I missed that bit
I say

he sighs and repeats
(for me I guess)
what he has just said

Janice looks at me
she has lovely blue eyes

I smile
she frowns

Mr Finn talks
of improper fractions
and stuff

I study what
he's written
and think
school work
is tough.

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