Something New

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This is a gateway short story to the science fiction apocalyptic novel series, UNBELIEVE.
This story is a blurb about how Isaak met Miss Amser with a little foreshadowing of what happens in Isaak's story, "New World"

Submitted: September 23, 2016

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Submitted: September 23, 2016



An Amser Studios Short Story
(This short story is the gateway to the novel, "NEW WORLD", the first book to the science fiction apocalyptic series, UNBELIEVE)
By: L. W. Brook

The temperature is frigid.
The land, ice.
Snow plunges with the pull of gravity and builds it's new home upon the ground. 

Isolated corner of Northern Russia, 2049.

An institution rests in the center of this never ending snow storm. The building lies quiet and cold from the outside, while within one can hear far too many screams and mutters.
The cement hallways stretch long and narrow. There are doors on either side with bars over the smallest of windows. 
Footsteps echo over the noises of tormented patients.
The footsteps stop just outside of room 141.
From within the room, a child mutters. Under his breath, he chants...
“Konets prikhodit, ne pravda boyat'sya...” 
The boy sits in the corner of his room, his hands resting upon his drawn up knees and head lolled against the stone corner. His eyes open and drift lazily to the exit of his dark and empty room. 
Bright blue eyes then close once more.
“This isn't a zoo.” He drones, his Russian accent thick.
There's a snort from behind the door. 
The boy looks quickly, eerily, back to the door. “Suka, blyad.” He hisses. “I am no animal.” 
“No.” A female voice calls back. 
The boy waits in silence, his eyes set blankly on the door. There's dead air broken only by the sound of distant misfortunes. 
After a moment, the door makes a heavy creak. The boy lowers his chin and glares at the door in response. It slides open to reveal an empty hallway. 
After a beat, a young woman steps before the doorway, her casually dressed self shadowed by the poor lighting. 
“I run a university for the exceptionally gifted...” 
The boy scoffs and looks away as if to express his disinterest. 
The woman smiles.
“I've read your file, Isaak Kazimir...”
Isaak clenches his jaw and pulls his knees in closer.  
“I believe you to be... exceptionally... gifted...” She says, and Isaak looks to her. 
“Let's go.” She says with a casual wave of her hand and step off to the side. 
Isaak stares at the door as the woman walks away, her footsteps echoing down the hall. After a moment, he sucks in an uneven breath and rises to a stand. He's nothing but skin and bones as he leans against the wall. 
He ducks his head, then, and takes a step toward the open door.
A step toward something new.

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I hope you liked the short story and ask that you please leave me a review on Amazon/Goodreads/Ect, so that I know what you thought of it!
This short story falls just after the TO- BE- RELEASED “GATEWAY” novel, and just before the already released “NEW WORLD” novel. 

This short story is the gateway to the science fiction series, UNBELIEVE.

Thank you again, and enjoy the rest of your day!
-Legend W. Brook

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