love story

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it's quite a medium length poem about love and nature.

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Submitted: September 23, 2016

Mountains upon mountains of colors peeked out from the choppy trees above, like the scene of the twilight story where a girl and vampire run around the woods, and the vampire carries her up to the top of the tree.
That scene was nice.
Someone liked to think that in real life unexpected loving things happen like that.
The colors on the top of the trees were fading out and a bulge of yellow light was burning fiercely. Birds woke up with long wings, pigments of brown and white were flickering along in the sky: the natural patterns on a birds wing that glides. I guess, someone told me I'd always see them at this place because the weather was cold, which was the way the animals like it here. And so I guess I liked it too.

When a howling sound steered it's way to my ear, I didn't really feel startled much, I guess you could say I was more like a scarecrow in the crop field, but the grass where I had to stand was like a mustard yellow that nestled around the weeds and flowers that hadn't yet bloomed at all, and that's the way I liked it.
So this place was like a small globe, where I am right now I hope to find something new.
So now as the wind is hurdling more loudly, and the sky is kind of ashy, but the sun is still gleamy- out here, the animals have wandered somewhere and now I guess all I need to do is find a path somewhere soon.

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love story

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