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Submitted: September 24, 2016

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Submitted: September 24, 2016



Enid waited
in her room.

The day out
with her father and mother
had not been
a great success.

He was tired
and her mother had rowed
and they both sat
on the beach in silence.

Enid could hear
them arguing again.

Wonder if? Wish I
could see Benny.
No such. She sat
on her bed and looked
out the window
at the coal wharf
over the road.

A few trucks
were shunted
into place
and coal chuted down.

Rockingham Street
was quiet.

The railway bridge
stood dark and silent.

More voices
in the next room.
Raised voices.
A slap and cry.

Enid cringed.
Back to the old days.
Nothing lasts
Benny had said.

She waited.
Would he?
Her father
was shouting.
Mother was weeping.
The budgerigar
was whistling.

She watched the door
of her room.
Would he?
Dark days again.

She sat dangling
her legs
her feet going
back and forth.

The door opened
and her father stood there
dark eyes staring.

Get to bed
he said.

She nodded
and got off the bed
and began to undress.

He closed the door.

She shook.
Her hands shook.

Raised voices.
There were slaps
and cries.

Enid put on
her nightie
and folded
her day clothes
in a neat pile
on a chair
and climbed
into bed.

Her bedroom door
burst open
and her father came
to the bed
and slapped her
shouting abuse
slapped her legs
and arms and head
and walked off
and closed the door.

Enid waited
for something more.

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