The doomsday- an orthodox family

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Story of a Family who beleived that world is going to end

Submitted: September 24, 2016

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Submitted: September 24, 2016



Do you remember the date 21 dec 2012? That was the day when the world was supposed to end as per news reporters and NASA. just imagine that you have a couple of days left to live. what would you do? Pleases don't run your head before I start. This story is based on the people who believed that they are going to die.
Across the world, orthodox people have the same mentality. They have same kinda restrictions rules and practices. In the city like Delhi young orthodox are exposed to outside westernized environment. Parent know that their children want to escape from the traditional system but they don't allow them. This is the story of an orthodox family living in Delhi. Dad mom and two daughters.
One day, the family was watching news channels. In the news, reporters say that there are 5 days left for the doomsday. Everyone was shocked. Father was holding the remote in his hand and mother was holding surprised expression on her face. two daughters were whispering among themselves. Father asked what's the matter. elder one says, “dad, don't get angry. we both are in love, with our boyfriends. Only 5 days are left. Please allow us to go out with them.”. Angry Dad said, “this is what we’ve thought you. where are your cultures? I won't allow you!!!”. Kind mother says, “please let them go only 5 days are left, let them enjoy life”. At the end father allows his daughters to meet their bus. Girls called their bf at home.
Door bell’s ringing and father open the door. boys were dressed like gentlemen holding a bottle of whiskey. father asks their name and takes them inside. Girls blush and move inside their room. Boys hold two bottles of whiskey to their future father in law and say that four days are left for the doomsday and they want all to enjoy these days. Father agrees and allows them to meet his daughters. Mother guides them to their common bedroom. Father get busy with the drinks. mother smiles at the father and moves to the kitchen return with snacks and couple of ice cubes.
Boys move inside and hold girls in their arms. Mother peeps inside the there room. younger sis doesn't want anyone to interrupt them and so she says her mother to go away and lock the room from inside. mother return to her husband and try to seduce him.
After 1 hour the situation was like this, the mother was riding cock in the hall room. younger sis saw her mother when she came out to get some snacks.
Then Girls decides to do what their mom was doing.boys and girls get completely nude. they play loud music and get to their work(sex). father and mother get interrupted with the loud music and they come to their room to check what's happening. Parents get shocked and shout at their daughters. they four continue having sex. elder one says to her dad, “come on dad, it's not fair. you can have sex anytime anywhere and you restrict us. we are the grownup now and want to live these four days. go away”. father doesn't say anything he moves out and continue with his drinks. mom was peeping inside her daughter's room. after few minutes mother feels the urge to do sex but her husband was busy in drinks.
The mother then approaches her daughter for the help. Younger one took her bf outside in the hall and did wild sex. obviously, fathers dick will raise. mother jump with excitement onto her husband and take out his dick.
Next three days the same thing happened. Boys came with the bottles of whiskey. girls did sex right in front of their parents. And mom was fuck by boyfriends. 
As per news, a meteoroid was going to strike on earth by evening 6 pm. Boys came over girls house in the morning. they all had their breakfast and quickly moved to bed. all six were having sex with rotation and were having group sex. father said, “I am not the father of anyone and not husband of anyone, today I am a fucker and want to die as a great fucker”. Mom said the same thing for herself. boys and father were moving clockwise and girls and mom were making vertex of the triangle facing each other. As this time, all were becoming more and more crazy like dogs.
Time left was 15 mins to 6 pm. All six were naked laid on their back holding each other's hand and waiting for the disaster to come. waiting and waiting and waiting… it was 730 pm. father came out in the hall and switched on the tv. The new reporter was saying that the meteoroid has changed his path, now we are safe. Father calls everyone in the hall and tells this good news to everyone. Everyone gives nude hug to each other.
Parents mom and dad realize their mistake. Mom and father were ashamed. and they blamed their daughter. the whole family felt guilty.
Again next day boys come with Whiskey bottle. Father opens the door. Father takes Whiskey from them and gives a nice tight slap to the boys. mother shouts from the inside, “don't allow these rowdies in my house, kick them out from here”. boys look at each other's face and get vanish from there. Daughters were crying inside their room.
so story finishes here…………………………..
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