The Darkness

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What living with Depression is really like

Submitted: September 24, 2016

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Submitted: September 24, 2016



The Darkness is overwhelming

It comes in waves in the night

Out of nowhere I'm trapped

Consumed in the blackness

My own mind a battlefield


I want to be alone

But then all I have are my thoughts

My thoughts are dangerous

I am alone to long

But I want to be alone


Solitude is my kryptonite
The Darkness consumes me

My mind thinks of the bad

The light is gone for now

Was it ever there?


It feels never ending

No tunnel to the light

But out of nowhere comes help

Laughter and friendship my armour

Happiness my weapon


But still it returns the moment I am weak

The moment I let my guard down

A constant battle I am forever loosing

Forever winning

The war isn't over it never will be


A sharp word send me back

I fight again but it's harder

Every fight is harder

But I have to keep fighting

I can't surrender to the Darkness


But still I am here

I have scars I have wounds

Some you see some you don't

But I am here stronger

I am a fighter


I will never surrender

I am not weak

I am strong

I fight everyday

Every moment


So here I am

Despite the stigma

Despite the stares
I am here always here

I will never give in to the Darkness


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