Action Plan

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
The government has decreed that we, the general population, shall become FITTER!

Submitted: September 24, 2016

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Submitted: September 24, 2016



Action Plan


“So, the purpose of this meeting is to come up with a plan to make the nation fitter,” said Ken Adams.


“More streamlined,” put in Mabel Brown.


“Healthier?” inquired Mark Donnelly, not liking to speak up but thinking he ought to say something.


“Stop beating about the bush. We need to make the population lose weight. Too many of them are just getting too fat.” Clare Archer shuffled her considerable bulk around in her chair.


“Before we get down to suggestions, who’d like a biscuit?” Ken opened a pack of luxury triple coated chocolate brownies onto a plate. Within minutes they had all been taken.


“Sugar tax is already in the pipe-line. It will be put on those fizzy pop drinks so many of the people, especially the young ones, seem to like. The companies are all behind us now as they have all launched Low Calorie versions which will be exempt. They can sell them slightly cheaper than the sugar laden ones and still be making more profit.”


“Jolly good,” said Mabel.


“How?.....Ah,” said Mark.


“Absolutely! Must look after the business profits. Keeps them on our side,” said Clare before munching her way through her third biscuit.


“Well, we have to plug the hole the decrease in cigarette sales has made somehow.” Ken doodle on his pad with his biro. “People must realise that if they want health care they have to pay.”


“Quite! And how is the reduction in government members private rates coming along, Mark?” enquired Mabel.


“We’re reaching an agreement of a 50% reduction compared to other professions. I might be able to squeeze them down a further 5%......” Mark said.


“Splendid!” said Clare.


“Fast Food Tax is also on the way. The pizza chains, and burger chains have all put in place their healthier alternatives. They will of course be exempt so the companies are happy with the bigger profit margins.” Ken said, as he poured out tea and spooned in sugar for everybody.


“Bigger profit margins means........” said Mabel.


“More income tax?” asked Mark.


“Absolutely!” said Clare, spooning in two extra sugars.


“While I remember, tell our fellow ministers that next week’s five course meal has been approved as a legitimate government expense and will be covered by the tax take.” Ken said.


“And the higher class of establishment will not be hit by the extra tax, so there’s bound to be a bit of gratitude on that front,” said Mabel.


“But is that really.....?” put in Mark.


“Splendid!” Clare butted in before he had a chance to finish his question.


“Now, onto the subject of exercise,” said Ken, standing up, walking around the table and sitting down again.


“Yes, the people do need to do more than diet,” Mabel agreed, lazily stretching.


“I’m not sure we can.....,” Mark put in.


“Absolutely.” Clare glared at Mark as she interrupted his sentence again.


“Public servants, no problem. We’ll add an extra thirty minutes to their day, same money of course, which can be spent doing exercise. The public sector is a little more tricky, though.” Ken looked thoughtful as he doodled away.


“We’ll come up with something, some sort of incentive,” Mabel mused.


“A sort of carrot, you mean?” asked Mark.


“Hahaha! Good one there, Mark,” chortled Clare.


“There’s always transport to mess with. Put up prices, hike up the taxes......” Ken was liking what he was hearing.


“It would do people good to walk a bit more,” said Mabel.


“Like, ‘On Your Bike’, you mean?” put in Mark.


“Ken, are the cars booked for next week’s banquet?” Clare asked looking very serious.


“Of course. Door to door. Now, I think this has been a very productive meeting, don’t you! Time for a treat, I think.” ken opened the door and called to his secretary. “Melanie, send out for double triple lattes all round, and don’t forget the dozen doughnut selection.”


“Lovely,” said Mabel.


“I’m not really.....” Mark started.


“Oh, shut up, Mark. I’m famished,” said Clare.

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