A New Look at the Old Psalms

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Book 2: 42-72

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Submitted: September 25, 2016



Psalm 42

Jesus speaks from the cross to the Father about his baptism. “Father, I remember how the waves of the River Jordan swept over me at my baptism by John, and that refreshes my soul. But now I am overwhelmed with sadness and surrounded by my enemies. My heart breaks as these are the same people who cheered me as I rode on a donkey into Jerusalem. Then they sang songs of praise and thanksgiving and blessed me because I came in the name of the Lord. Perhaps some were there at my baptism when you said that I was your beloved Son with whom you were so pleased. And the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove appeared above me.

Now as I hang upon this cross, my enemies taunt me: ‘Where is this God of yours?’ Where are you, Father? Why have you forsaken me? Yet I know that each day of my life you bathed me in an ocean of unfailing love, and each night I thanked you for giving me this life, a life that would atone for the sins of so many. Now I long to be with you. I thirst – for souls and for you, Father. End this pain and bring me into your presence.”

Let us thank the Father for sending us his Son, “the lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.” John 1:29 (NLT) Amen.11

Psalm 43

Christ prays that those he came to save will see the light and follow him to his Father’s house. “Father, I am surrounded by an unholy people who know neither justice nor truth. You sent me to bring light and hope into the darkness of this world. Guide me so that I may guide them. I will not be discouraged because I place my trust in you. I look forward to praising you with all the saints in heaven for saving me and my Church. Amen.”12

Psalm 44

The Church prays for protection. “Father, for generations we have praised you for helping us during times of persecution. Our strength and power were lacking; we would have perished without your intervention. But now we feel you have abandoned us. We are losing ground to the enemy. Our neighbors abhor us; we are humiliated. You who know our deepest thoughts can see that we have persisted in our faith despite years of affliction. Come save us, Lord, both in our daily struggles and on the last day when we all hope to be raised from the dead and welcomed into your kingdom. Amen.”13

Psalm 45

(The psalmist welcomes us as guests to the wedding of Jesus, our Messiah and King, in the presence of his Mother, Mary our Queen, to his bride, the Church.)

Lord, your handsomeness and eloquence are a reflection of your inner beauty and a sign that you have been eternally blessed by God. Go forth in majesty and glory to fight for truth and justice and protect your people. Your words of truth are like arrows that pierce your enemies’ hearts and bring about their conversion. God promised David that your kingdom would have no end. He has charged you with the mission to bring justice to the world. By anointing you with fragrant oils, he has designated you as the Messiah, the anointed one.

To the sound of harps, the wedding procession begins. The daughters of the gentile nations who have converted to you are in your entourage. Your Queen Mother Mary, dressed in gold, takes her place at your right side, for she is more powerful than all other women. Your bride, the Church, dressed in a robe of purity, is led to you in all her glory, just as she will enter heaven at the general resurrection. As a bride must leave her family and past way of life behind her and pledge her loyalty to her husband, we are called to break previous ties and vow to be loyal to you and to God.

People from all nations will bring gifts of love and devotion to earn your favor. Future generations will bring honor to your name throughout the world. We will praise you forever, our mighty savior and King. Amen.14

Psalm 46

Christ reveals the mystery of God hidden in his incarnation. Before Christ incarnated, the earth was in turmoil because we all feared death. But after his glorious resurrection, the world knew that death was not the end. Jesus’ sacrifice opened up the flood gates of God’s grace. It flowed like a river throughout the world establishing God’s church among the gentiles and bringing peace to war ravaged nations. Prayer silenced the call to arms. The gulf that once existed between God and man because of our sinfulness was bridged by the incarnation of Christ, Emmanuel – God with us. God visited his people, and he is with us still. He is our rock, our protector, our salvation, and true sense of peace in the world. May his name be praised and honored now and forever. Amen.15

Psalm 47

Let us rejoice, for Jesus, our King, has ascended into heaven to a fanfare of trumpets and shouts of joy from the heavenly hosts and his Church on earth. He defeated our enemies and secured for us our promised inheritance: heaven. He is seated at the right hand of the Father from where he rules over all the nations. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. One day the whole world will sing his praises. Amen.

Psalm 48

Our Church is magnificent because God lives there and will defend it. Through the centuries nations have sought to destroy it, but they will never breach its defenses. As Jesus said, “All the powers of Hell will not conquer it.” Matt 16:18 (NLT)

The Jewish Temple was a sight to behold in its full splendor. Our churches today are also beautiful with their marvelous stained glass windows and imposing religious statues. They may be the closest we can get to experiencing heaven while in the flesh, but these splendid churches pale in comparison to the glory of God’s kingdom.

There are no words adequate enough to describe heaven, but John paints for us a marvelous portrait: “the city was pure gold, like clear glass. The foundation stones of the city wall were adorned with every kind of precious stone … And the twelve gates were twelve pearls, each one of the gates was a single pearl. And the street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass. I saw no temple in it, for the Lord God the Almighty and the Lamb are its temple.” Rev 21:18-22 (NLT) We will not need a temple, for we will feel the presence of God everywhere. And that will be the greatest treasure to possess in heaven: to be with God and Jesus for all eternity.

Let all nations praise you, Father, for you have shown us unfailing love, made us victorious over our enemies, and brought justice to your people. Let us pass on to all generations how magnificent your Church is, for you are magnificent, Lord. You are also our shepherd and you will lead us until you call us home to your heavenly kingdom at the end of our life. Amen.

Psalm 49

A wise man had a vision and saw that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who deny the existence of God and seek to amass riches and power to overcome their fear of dying; and those who believe in God and trust he will not leave them in the grave.

The foolish trust in their own wealth to protect them from their enemies, yet when they die they leave all their estate to others. No amount of money can save them from the grave. They perish like beasts in the wild. Others will be impressed with the titles and property the dead accumulated while alive, but they are doomed to the tomb forever.

The wise, however, trust in God, not in people or power, and believe that he will rescue them from the grave and give them eternal life.

Thank you, Father, for giving us the wisdom to understand that you became man to free us from the slavery of sin and our obsession with the wealth and pleasures of the material world. Above all, thank you for the gift of eternal life. Amen.16

Psalm 50

(A vision of Judgment Day.)

Jesus, in radiant beauty, with the power of the Father and the fire of the Holy Spirit, descends from heaven and summons all the people of the world to come forth and be judged.

He addresses the faithful first. He acknowledges that they, instead of honoring God in word only, followed through and put his word into action. Because they trusted God, he welcomes them into the glory of his kingdom.

Turning next to the wicked, Jesus accuses them of disobeying his laws and associating with all kinds of sinners: thieves, adulterers, liars, and slanderers. Because Jesus watched and did not scold them, they thought they could do as they pleased. But now he holds them accountable for their sin. They are to be destroyed.

Thank you, Jesus, for this warning. Let us all repent, offer you praise and thanksgiving, follow your precepts, and merit salvation while we still have the time. Amen.17

Psalm 51

(King David beg

Father, I come before you a sinful man. It is with heartfelt sorrow that I beg for your mercy and unfailing love. Be compassionate, Lord, and cleanse me of my sin and guilt. I am ashamed of what I have done because my sin was a personal affront to you, my God. You have every right to be upset with me. I am filled with guilt. It haunts me even in my dreams. I cannot remember a time when I did not sin. I know it is no excuse, but I can honestly say that I have been a sinner since I was conceived. Not sinning does not come to me easily. But search me, Lord, to see that I have a truly contrite heart. Show me what I must do to make things right again between us.

I beg your total forgiveness. Leave not a spot of sin on my soul. My heart is pierced with sorrow. I will have no peace until you forgive me. Purify me and restore my soul to its pristine state. Do not abandon me, Lord, for my soul is lost without you. Save me from destruction, if not for my own sake, then for the benefit of others, who will see how merciful and forgiving you are, and be drawn back to you. Then I will be able to praise you again.

Lord, I would make a ritual sacrifice in the Temple to restore our friendship, but what you desire from me is not animal sacrifice, but a humble, contrite heart. Do not deprive my people of your help because of my sin. Let them see that you pardon even great sins if the sinner’s heart is truly repentant. Let their sacrificial offerings be acceptable to you again, for they will be making them with humility and true contrition. Amen.

Psalm 52

Who will enjoy eternal life? Not those who commit crimes; bring disgrace to others; lie and verbally abuse people; cheat and connive; and prefer evil over good. God will destroy them. The righteous fear God. They will mock the criminal because he did not trust in God, but in his wealth. And that is the way he lived his life until the very end.

The virtuous will enjoy God’s favor on earth and, because of his unfailing mercy, eternal life in the world to come. May God be praised forever because of what he has accomplished and will do for those who are holy in his sight. Amen.

Psalm 53

When will they ever learn? The fool denies the existence of God. He is corrupt and loathed because of his sins. God looks down from heaven. A good man is hard to find. The wicked just do not understand. They outnumber the godly and threaten to gobble them up. Yet the fearless are now afraid. Because they ignored God, even if they are mourned at their funeral, their souls are denied entry into his kingdom. He has shunned them and abandoned them. So who will God save? The very people whom the wicked tried to enslave: the righteous. And they will leap for joy because he saved them. Amen.

Psalm 54

(Jesus prays to God during his crucifixion. He did not fear death on the cross. He was praying for us because he took our sins and fears upon himself. When he rose from the dead, he conquered death for us. Alleluia!)

Almighty Father, save me. You know I am innocent. Listen to my prayer. Hear my words. Those who would not accept my teachings have overpowered me and seek my utter destruction. They do not fear you, Father. Let them see that you are my helper and protector. Do not abandon me in the tomb. Let the light of your truth overcome the darkness of evil and foil my enemies’ plans. I make this sacrifice of my death on the cross freely, Father, to bring glory to your name. When you raise me from the grave, they will see that it was death that was destroyed, not I! Amen.”

Psalm 55

(Jesus prays to his Father about his betrayal by Judas.)

Father, hear my prayer. The attacks by my enemies and the burden of the sins of the world weigh heavily upon me. I feel the full force of the rage of the wicked. As I hang here for the salvation of sinners, I feel how much the thoughts of dying fill them with immense anxiety and dread. As much as I would like you to save me from this horror, I must accept it for their sake. I feel all the sins and hardships of the people. The ungodly deceive them and treat them unjustly. Father, put an end to this evil.

I was betrayed by a friend. I can understand an enemy making false charges against me, but not an acquaintance whom I expected to lead my people, who ate with me, and accompanied me to the Temple. Yet you will rescue me from the grave and humiliate those who betrayed me and broke your commandments. They have condemned themselves through their evil acts which they pursue relentlessly.

My betrayer’s smooth words hid a heart that aimed to hurt me. Give me justice, Father, for you care for all your children who rely on your help. Bring the wicked to repent their sins, for the souls who ceaselessly pursue evil will be condemned to hell for eternity in the afterlife. But I know you will save me. Amen.”

Psalm 56

(Jesus describes his victory over the devil. The idea that good will prevail over evil in the end has become a basic tenet of the Church, much like a pillar that supports the physical structure of the Church.)

Father, I am under constant attack from the devil and his numerous minions. The battle has reached a fever pitch and I am afraid. But I place my trust in you, for your words are true and you have promised me victory in the end.

The ungodly condemn my teachings and plot against me constantly. They wait for just the right moment to strike and take my life. If they persist, they cannot be saved. You will cast them down into the pit. Their defeat is assured since you always respond to my calls for help. Because I hope in you and trust in your promises, I am not afraid of any man. I will keep my vows to you.

Praise be to you, Father, for you have rescued me from the darkness of the tomb and kept my feet on solid ground so that I can spend eternity with you in the light. Amen.”18

Psalm 57

(A prayer of Jesus after his resurrection. May this prayer be a pillar of strength to support you through difficult times.)

You saved me, Father, for I trusted in you. Those who hope for your protection will never be disappointed. You have been so kind to me. My enemies attacked me ferociously like wild animals. Worry kept me awake at night. In your mercy you have freed me from death and disgraced those who tried to destroy me. Your truth defeated their lies. May heaven and earth give you the highest praise, for the wicked were caught in the very trap they set for me.

May my rising from the dead show everyone how merciful you have been to me. My light has shattered the darkness. May my words of thanksgiving exalt you above the heavens and bring glory to your name on earth. Amen.”

Psalm 58

Let everyone heed these words and inscribe them on his heart.

If you wicked people are as righteous as you claim to be, then judge your own behavior. Behind your holy exterior is a heart of pure evil; your own unjust acts betray you. Since you were conceived in the womb, you have been sinners who are deaf to the word of God. But your evil intentions will be thwarted by the Lord. He will utterly reject you. Unless you repent, his anger will consume you like a fire among thorns. But the righteous will see that there is a God who judges his people according to their deeds, and they will rejoice. Amen.

Psalm 59

(Jesus on the cross prays to the Father for sinners whose sins he has taken upon himself.)

Save me, Father, from the evil that has overwhelmed me. It seeks to destroy me, although I am innocent. Let all nations see the awesome power of our saving God. Show no mercy, Father, on pure evil. The minions of the devil openly commit their heinous acts everywhere right in front of you, as if you were not watching. Yet you will have the last laugh, for their evil intentions will amount to nothing. Father, you are my strength. You will keep me safe.

Yet in your mercy, Father, hold back your final judgment until the day of wrath when all will be called before me for their final reward or punishment. Chastise them, but let others see that you hold them accountable for their arrogance and lies. Then, on Judgment Day, those who persisted in defying you will find themselves without defense and deprived of your presence forever. For the time being, let them go their way. They will discover soon enough that their actions will bring no lasting satisfaction.

As for me, on the morning of my resurrection, I will praise you as my God of mercy who rescued me from the grave. Amen.”

Psalm 60

(A prophecy of the Church and its great impact on God’s people. The lesson it teaches must not be forgotten.)

God, you have abandoned us. We live in ruins. You became angry, made life difficult for us, and filled us with remorse. But then you gave us a sign of your mercy, Jesus’ cross on Golgotha. The repercussions of his death shook the earth to its core. But his death healed us and united us all, both Jew and Gentile, in one Church. He saved his people from damnation and still protects them from the snares of the devil. Be with us now, Lord, for our situation is perilous. We cannot defeat the enemy without your support. Be our strength as we strive to do your will. The wicked will have no such support. Amen.19

Psalm 61

(Christ, the King, thanks the Father for his saving grace and vows to continue his work of expanding his kingdom.)

Father, hear my prayer. In my desolation and anguish, I called out for your help, and you led me to safety. I trusted in you, and your great strength defended me against my enemies. Because you answered my prayer, I and my Church will live in your presence for eternity. My kingdom of mercy and truth will never end. I will praise your name forever, Father, and fulfill my sacred promise to build your Church. Amen.”20

Psalm 62

(Jesus prays for his Church whom he urges to submit to the Father.)

Submit yourselves to the Father, for he is your God and salvation. He is your rock, and you shall not be moved. My enemies attacked me relentlessly because they thought I was weak. They sought to discredit my teachings with their lies, even as I longed to save them. They praised me with words, but condemned me in their hearts. I surrendered my will to God, and he gave me the patience to endure. He is your God, savior, and helper. He has brought you to glory. With him, nothing can overcome you. Hope, trust, and confide in him, for he will always be there to assist you.

Do not put your trust in men. They lie and cheat each other. Do not succumb to their weaknesses, like obsessing over acquiring great wealth. All power and mercy come from God. He will reward you according to your just deeds, not because of the wealth or status you attained on earth. Amen.”21

Psalm 63

O God, I long to be with you, so I wake up early in the morning to pray. Because the world is dreary, inaccessible and dry, I come before you to meditate upon your strength and magnificence. I praise you because you are so merciful. I will spend my whole life in prayer. My soul is filled with ecstasy as I lift my voice to you in joyful praise day and night. Because you have helped me and protected me so much, I cling to you. Your strong arm supports me in times of trouble. The devil, who seeks the ruin of my soul, will be banished to hell, and the wicked on earth will be destroyed. Christ, our King, and his followers will rejoice in you, Lord, for all you have done. The ungodly will be silenced. Amen.22

Psalm 64

(Jesus prays to the Father to help his Church defeat the devil and overcome their fears.)

O God, hear my prayer. Free your people from their fears. They fear their enemies who persecute them and they fear dying. Protect them now as you did in the past. The wicked attack the innocent verbally and plot to defeat them. They kill without provocation or fear of the consequences. They conspire and brag about their plans, the traps they have laid, and how well they have hidden them. They obsess over finding new ways of spreading their corruption. Yet their search has failed. Because of my sacrifice, good has prevailed over evil, and you are exalted.  People have turned back to you because they have seen how poor the ungodly have fared.

You have taken away their fear of dying as well, for they have seen that I live again. The grave could not hold me. Neither will it hold them. They have come to understand your great plan, the mystery of my life, death, and resurrection: if they follow my example, they will not lose their souls, but live for eternity in your presence. The righteous now have hope: hope in you who have saved them; and hope in their fellow men who have become a blessing, rather than a curse, because they now seek to do your will. Amen”23

Psalm 65

(A vision of the Church as a people in exile looking forward to one day entering into the peace of heaven.)

O God, one day we will sing a hymn of praise to you in heaven. On that day we will have fulfilled all the promises we made to you in return for helping us to survive and thrive. But now, Lord, hear our prayer, for we are in exile, sojourners in a foreign and bewildered land. We are overwhelmed by the wicked. Yet we will all appear before your judgment seat in the end. We are all sinners and trust that you will have mercy on us at the gates of Paradise. Truly blessed are they who dwell in your house where you will satisfy all their needs, and there will be no more sickness, suffering or death.

Yet while we are here on earth, Lord, your Church will continue to hope in you, for you have always taken care of us. With your great power, you created the mountains, stirred the seas, and stunned the nations with your wonders. Morning and night you watched over us and provided for our needs. You watered the land and gave us abundant harvests. Animals provided sustenance. Even the deserts produced fruits. All nature rejoices because of your generosity, but we know that this is just a taste of the glory we will experience in heaven. Amen.24

Psalm 66

(A prophecy of Jesus’ resurrection.)

Let everyone lift his voice to Jesus, our risen Lord. Bless his name and make his praise glorious. Evil cowers before his mighty deeds and great power. Look at what the Lord has accomplished. Just as God separated the sea to save his people and bring them into the land of milk and honey, God raised Jesus from the tomb to save us from death and bring us to eternal life in Paradise. And Jesus will rule over his Church of both Jews and Gentiles for eternity, ever ready to come to its defense.

Let us thank God and give him praise for his protection and our salvation. Yet the entrance to heaven is a narrow gate. We will be tested and challenged, but eventually, if we persevere, we will arrive at a place of peace and rest. Thank you, Jesus, for seeing us through the hard times. The sacrifices we make are a small price to pay to receive our heavenly reward.

Come all who seek salvation, and I will tell of how the Lord saved my soul. I called upon him in distress, and he answered me. Bless you, O God, for showering me with your tender mercy. Amen.25

Psalm 67 (Jesus brought all nations into his Church.)

With the resurrection of Jesus, God has been gracious to us, blessed us, and looked with favor upon us. He has brought salvation to all nations, Jewish and Gentile, and he will rule them justly. May all nations praise you, Lord, for you have blessed them with earthly abundance. They all stand in awe of your magnificent generosity. Amen.26

Psalm 68

(A prophecy of Jesus’ resurrection and ascension.)

Jesus has risen and driven his enemies away and is preparing to ascend to the Father. The righteous celebrate and praise God for his saving grace. He is the Lord and greatly to be praised. He cares for the orphan and the widow; provides shelter for the homeless; frees the captives; and raises the dead to life.

As the earth trembled when God led his people through the desert, the land quaked when Jesus rose from the tomb. As God provided water for the thirsty from the rock, Jesus will strengthen the weak and bring them back to the fullness of life. He will sustain the poor and inspire evangelists. He is the King of hearts who showers his subjects with many blessings, like pennies from heaven.

The Lord will place bishops in charge of his Church. They will keep her pure as she gives birth to followers of Christ, just as the Blessed Virgin Mary maintained her purity so she could give birth to Christ himself. These bishops will be as numerous as snowflakes in a winter storm. There will be no need to look for God elsewhere, for the Church is the house of God. He dwells there, just as the baby Jesus rested in the womb of the Virgin Mary. And he will remain with us until the end of time.

Jesus ascended to heaven forty days after his resurrection to the cheers of his followers and the heavenly host. Thus it was that he brought to completion his mission: the salvation of mankind. He freed us from the slavery of sin and death and showed the disobedient how to live a godly life. Let us praise God for his magnanimous generosity, for our God is a saving God. He has destroyed death and defeated the devil. Wherever the wicked raise their ugly heads, on land or sea, he will destroy them for us.

We were witnesses to your glorious ascension, Lord. We saw the procession of rulers, maidens, singers, and members of your Church who accompanied you. Show us your great power, Lord, and strengthen us against the enemy. Great kings will bow before your authority. Rebuke the wicked — those who infect the godly with their evil — and disperse those who seek war.

May all nations sing your praises, Lord, as you rise toward heaven. We hear your voice. It is a powerful voice. We glorify your name for your magnificence, power, and holiness. Our mighty strength comes from you. Amen.27

Psalm 69

(Jesus prays for sinners during his torture and crucifixion.)

Come to my rescue, Father, for I am overwhelmed by the wicked who torment me unjustly. I suffer for sins I did not commit. Let my death and resurrection be a sign to my followers that death is not the end, for they are ashamed that the one they thought was the Son of God should die such an ignominious death.  

I am disgraced, but it is for this that you sent me. I am humiliated; my disciples and believers have abandoned me. Yet nothing could divert me from my mission: to teach people how to live a godly life, to conquer death, and create a new covenant between God and man. I fasted and prayed for man’s sake, but they rejected me. I am now just a topic of conversation, someone to be remembered only in a song.

So I turn to you, Father, and beg for your mercy. Save me from this horror, from the evil that surrounds me. I am drowning in a sea of suffering and death. Do not abandon your child, Father. Come quickly and end this misery. Free me from my persecutors and rid me of my disgrace. You see how low they have brought me. I knew this moment would come. I looked for sympathy, but found none. Instead, they gave me the vinegar of torture and the gall of death. But they will be caught in their own trap. The satisfaction they seek will leave them without pleasure. Blind them, Father, to the things of this world, so they may see the glories of the next. Chastise them so they may see the error of their ways. Otherwise, they will not be able to enter into your presence. They will be stricken from the book of life.

I am suffering, Father, but I know the time of my salvation is at hand. Then I will sing a song of praise to your name for having accepted my sacrifice, a sacrifice more pleasing and more necessary than a burnt offering. Let the world see what has been accomplished for them, and they will rejoice, for the Lord has heard the cries of his people and set them free. Death has been destroyed, good has prevailed over evil, and God’s grace flows like a river again.”

Come one and all to praise God, for he has saved his people for all generations to come. Amen.28

Psalm 70

Father, come quickly to my aid. Protect me from the wicked who seek to shame me and ruin my soul with their evil plans. Drive them away and let them be the ones who are disgraced. Lord, I need your help now. I am in a very difficult situation. You have always been there for me in times of trouble. Hurry, Father, for my need is urgent. Count me among the righteous who are filled with joy because you saved them. May your name be exalted. Amen.

Psalm 71

Father, I place my hope in you. Hear my prayer and protect me from sinners who break your commandments and treat others unfairly. I should not be anxious, for you have been my helper since I was conceived. I will be eternally grateful for all you have done for me. Others are amazed at how often you have gotten me out of trouble. I will praise you unceasingly, for you are my rock and defender.

But now I am old and weak and need your help more than ever. The devil sees my weakness and wants to sift me like wheat. My enemies think that you have abandoned me. Show them, Father, that you are near. Rebuke them, shame them, and turn their evil actions back against them. I trust in you and will praise you even more, for it is your power that makes me strong. All my life you have been my support. I will never stop proclaiming your wondrous deeds, even with my last breath. Stay with me until I have proclaimed your saving power, magnificent accomplishments, and holiness to everyone I meet, so that they may make known your glorious achievements to all future generations.

I will sing your wondrous story, Father, until my praises reach the sky. For who is as great as my God? Yes, you have chastised me, but you eased my pain when I learned my lesson. So this song is for you, Lord, a song about my soul’s redemption. I will pray and meditate upon you day and night. As for those who wish me harm, they will be disgraced and humiliated. Amen.

Psalm 72

(A prophecy of Christ, the King of Peace.)

Father, you sent your son, Jesus, to judge your people wisely and justly. He is the King of Peace who watches over the poor and humbles those who treat them unfairly. He will reign forever. He continues to shower his subjects with peace and justice. He rules the whole world, and his enemies are laid low. Rulers of all nations will bring him gifts of praise to honor him. He saved the downtrodden from the oppressor. He protected the needy from those who mistreated them and took advantage of them financially. He has always had a soft spot in his heart for the poor. People will pray night and day because of his many blessings and give him praise for harvests so abundant that they reach toward the sky. All nations will praise and glorify him from generation to generation.

We bless you, Lord, for all your mighty deeds which only you could have accomplished. We will praise your glorious name eternally. Your glory will cover the whole world. Amen! Amen!29


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