You Give Until you Die.

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You give your life away piece by piece, until the day you die. You give until you have nothing left to give.

Submitted: September 25, 2016

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Submitted: September 25, 2016



You give your life away, piece by piece until the day you die.


You give your heart to someone, who you hope does the same. You only find that you were innocent in the game of love and mockery. A game of pure manipulation, filled with obvious half truths, invisible whole truths, and the goal of fun or fulfillment.


Give your life away, piece by piece until the day you die.


You work and you labour, daily to survive. You dig and you borrow, into piles of information. No knowledge, only information. That is the world you live in today. What is the price of this item? How many of these items do you have? Can you order some more? When is the paperwork going to completed? When are you going to start, when will you finish? You give your time, so precious and valued, to the men who care only for limited things. You give your physical and mental abilities, to make the metal gears wheels roll.


Your life away, piece by piece until the day you die.


Your life will pass by before your eyes, you cannot experience everything, no matter how hard you try. While you live your days second by second, minute by minute, your life is passing you by, every little bit of it. You cannot stop it. You cannot delay it. Your life is not yours, it is owned by the dime. The quarters the dollars, the plastic and paper. They are called currency “and the world revolves around it!” But the world does not. It revolves around you, yourself and being. It revolves around the things you do and how you do them. Without you, there would be no money, there would be no currency and there would be no little man in a big room, telling you what to do.


Life away, piece by piece until the day you die.


You want to do this, you want to do that. You want to be here, at the time that this happens. You plan ahead and you wish away your life before you know what is going to happen. You plan for the future but you do not know it. You think that by planning it you can control it? The plans you make are only things you hope will happen, no matter how easy or controllable you think they are. They are not set in stone and plans will change. Plans can change and the effort you put into controlling it is wasted.


Away, piece by piece until the day you die.


You travel, from place to place. From home to school, from home to work. From love to hate, from hate to contempt. You travel to so many different places and everywhere you go, you leave a piece of yourself behind. Countless hundreds, maybe even thousands or millions will travel exactly where you do, do the same things you do, experience them the same way you do, but they will never see the piece of you left behind, and say it was from you. You can see the pieces left behind everywhere, you just have to listen for it. Look for it. Pay attention to the details and the world opens up to be a whole new dimension of pain and pleasure.

Piece by piece until the day you die.


You start with nothing as a baby, besides yourself and family, friends and kin. You grow up and as you do, you put your life together, piece by piece, until the day you die. When you die, your life is supposed to fall apart and be scattered, into the ground. the water, the wind and sand. You make your life, from scratch. You are the one living it, so you have the only right to choose where the pieces of the puzzle go, until the day you die.


By piece until the day you die.


Your life is made up of millions, if not billions of little pieces. And you are just another piece in another person’s life. You are creating a story. A story By Piece, until the day you die.


Piece until the day you die.


You are just a peace in the greater puzzle of things, you will bend and you will reshape yourself until you fit into things. But while you fit into one thing, you will not fit forever, as other pieces will try to fit beside you, but they can’t. You will have to reshape yourself to fit with them, and then no longer fit in where you did, and have to move elsewhere to find a place to fit. You are a piece, until the day you die.


Until the day you die.


You are a person, living and free, bound by society, free to be the same. You are stuck in a system, that waits for you to die. Because once you a dead, new room for more. To replace you are ten, hundred, thousand more. You do not matter to them. You are a piece of machinery, once you’re broken down, it’s cheaper to replace you, with newer, updated and more efficient models. They will feel what you feel as well however. So you have that to look forward to, until the day you die.


The day you die.


People will mourn, children will cry, adults will weep and teens ask why. You were a puzzle to them. From start to finish. None know your full tale, your full knowledge, your full potential. You lived your days, from start to finish.It is the day you die. What else can I say?


Day you die.


You die in day. What a pleasant surprise! Will full sun and full bloom, all the flowers around. The wind in your hair, the warmth of the sun, the feeling of anxiety surrounding you. You feel anger, you feel fear, anxiety and dread. You cannot keep this up, your family has to be fed. You have to get home, you have to get there. Oh look at the time. Time for you to submit that report. Did you make sure this time, to put the conclusion at the end?


You die.


It’s gonna happen you know. You cannot escape it. It’s the end of everyone's story. Surely there are better ways to finish a book than ‘the end’. And there is. Make the book a person, and make the end their death. Voila.




You may weep and you may cry,

And from sour souls you may shy,

From the hell for which the end is nigh.


Do not fear and lend an ear.

You are not alone, I am here.

I am the one who’s always near.


You see me wave you off, as you depart,

You hear me admire, your work of art.

You feel me squeeze, your beating heart.


Never far am I, from your being

Always watching, always seeing.

The devil’s that strike, leave you bleeding.


Ignore your foes and do not weep.

I’ll watch your door, help you sleep.

While you feel alone, you never are.

I am never going far.


I am one, and I am many.

I am the ones who make you happy.

I am old, I am new,

You think of me now, and I am few.

The few who matter, where others scatter,

And I am always here for you.


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