When the last leaf fell

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
When the last leaf fell, it was when it began. At first, it came upon people, a well of spectacular tears; then it was a wave of endowment. Now, it becomes a sight of blindness like someone has become pregnant with the furious lightning strokes of a forgotten time, or perhaps, a great other-being was brought into play, where it struck all in its path, signalling it's call with a mighty roar of thunder behind it's cloud-veil... Untill it sent out it's final blow... Some say it's gift is winter...others, its a frozen blizzard.

Submitted: September 25, 2016

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Submitted: September 25, 2016



When the last leaf falls

As the leaves faded into a dismal red, the sought like fire on a high heat, they fully ignited their final crinkles, shrivelling under the sun... so did their hopes and mood. Until all but a few were floundered. Now, it was there time at present to feature a new sport maybe, or spring a last maze to be sure. But at present, they stumbled and leaped all they could, breathing, the air; a cold shrill, crying up to a significant escalade, maybe, or great portcullises bearing their great teeth. 

All they could be certain about, was an un-remorseful code of conduct, so quenching that it would of bitten into dust had it not been for their spirit. For, little had they known, they were chosen, their fate, already pre-determined pre-birth, to walk the paths of doom.

So they lived their fate, heedlessly, as living your life is all you can do in the end... or is it...

It was at this point, when the company, the chosen spirits, walked the path they were destined... the path of no evasion... as heroes are born, not made. It was there time to shine, as you were. So they stole to the streets - a protection against her. The one place they could feel safe. For even though she is warm at times, she is always there, lingering like a foreboding storm cloud, endlessly. Ready to bite at any time, relentlessly pressuring the wary with her unseen ability.

But these were not that, for indeed, these were the chosen few, to roam at will - earth's explorers, earth's protectors, earth's guardian's. So they took to the less-trodden paths, where their doom awaited, fate drove them, higher and higher, up the walls of its precipice they sought...

So they kept on, spirits high, naturally, for these were God's children, born to protect, to lead and to conquer.

As the leaves began to fall, more rapidly, like people, loosening their grip from the tree of life, descending onto the floor of waste; withering into decay; their destiny. Becoming just debris of a long forgotten world.

But not these lot, they kept on, always alive, forever God's - cannot be killed. They are well and truly in God's hands. So with confidence, they ascended this sheer precipice, in the night of nights. A last fence to ward off any unwanted visitor's. Together, they formed a mass, subtle, yet not so, as they charged to the fore-front to guard against any on-comers.

What they didn't know, was the only opposition they had, was her. Wherever they wandered, she was there, a flush of her tears, a gust of her breath, a quake of her touch to quail them at the last perhaps; though she knew she was against fierce competition; the chosen one's.

But what is for certain, is her rewards for valour and gallantry - maybe a gift from God, you could say... Often arising when the mountain is summited or the pasture is traversed. Seldom does this occur, however, only when it is earnt, truly.

As they struck a solid path, one of indefinite surety, they seemed to be nearing a particular milestone; a sudden gap, or, height, or checkpoint - a river! Or so it seemed, as it glinted in the fading sun - a glittering ribbon in the fading light. Although they weren't sure of this; what they were certain about, was her tears.

Now she saw them, engulfed them, threw them like hay in a field; specks of dust, blown away on the wind; or better, dispersing like dandelion seeds in the wind. Letting loose her globes of water to crush any wary straggler. Until the slight line beneath her was an overflowing basin - a sea of salt. To quench any bold fools.

But they were all too prepared for this mild trick, accustomed to her changing emotions - they were 'well prepared,' with survival, climbing and first aid equipment at their disposal... When the first droplet burst its powerful water initially, they found it with light hearts and clear minds, as is their wont; so they took the remnant water, like lions on a carcass and sprang away, dodging the aftermath of a lake.

She of course, knew better, directing her tears, now in a shower, as one who sees their prey helplessly flitting from tree to tree, to target them instead, with pin-point precision. They were indeed, meat on bone to her, though clearly, even through her great veil of blackened clouds and mists of hair. They seemed, wonderful to her, like undying fires, impregnably bright, piercing through all her malice, like stars through pollution.

As they gazed upwards, she seemed like a vast choke-sheet of opaqueness... blocking out any light - as if the eclipse was forever, or else a powerful external energy shut off the world from them like a lid on a well. For now, they could only see darkness, guided by their other senses only.

Her final idea maybe, was taking shape - a last weapon, to seal them off, to dis-orientate them on their quick progress; fast torches in the mists. So she shut her eyes.

Their smell guided them right, as always, to the top. How could they fear? They were unquenchable, like the sun in an ocean. This maddened her, they could tell. Their spirits were like the stars, high and un-quenchable. So they strode, or breathed, or ached, or bled, or laughed. Either way, they were alive. Emperors on Earth. Born to conquer all. So they did, perhaps...

Now they were paining her, great globes of fire, piercing her skin of cloud fogs, burning her, beams of flame. The Sun's of God, living on earth...

Mother Earth was Her name.

© Copyright 2020 Simon Cardy. All rights reserved.

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