Once I Fell inlove

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When Someone asked what I thank the worst pain is, I say being in love. I fell in love once just because this guy seamed like he cared about me, when I was just about to give up on everything I had. He help me see that maybe someone could actually care about me, but then he stabbed me in the back, leafed me in his past and didn't care if I even died, just like everyone else. This is why I hate falling in love just because of him, and it hurts so much.

Submitted: October 09, 2016

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Submitted: September 25, 2016



Once I fell in love
And didn't know 
He stitched up the scars I thought would never heal
He catch me when I would fall
He even said he loved me 
Just as a sister I know
He promised he would be there
Never I would be alone
He was there when I cried
He even asked why
He seemed like he cared
He knew I was scared
He promised he would never leave me
But like always I fell for the lie
He pushed me off the cliff
And off away he skipped
Stabbed me in the back
Unstitched the scares he fix
All because I fell in love with him
Sorry I got my filings mixed
And just because I fell in love
He no longer wanted to fix
I was scared to begin with
Never I had had a real bliss
Always I was left behind
I will never even be missed
He left me to die
He left me with the pain
Left me with the lone wolf cry
And I never understood why
Till I remember I fell in love with him
And in love you will die
And that's when I became truly afraid 
Just afraid to fall in love again
Because I'm afraid to be pushed off the cliff
sounds stupid right?

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