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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 3 - Enters Sia

Submitted: September 25, 2016

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Submitted: September 25, 2016



At the police station.

“Ballistics got a match, 9mm revolver found at the scene was our murder weapon. Moreover that gum is registered to Mr Sharingan.” said Naismith .

“And only fingerprint on the gun was of our suspect.” proclaimed Cole .

“What about DNA samples found on body?”  asked Collins from Cole .

“Interestingly we found two DNA on body , one matched to Ace and other…….” he stopped suddenly.

“And other , other belong to” asked Collins sharply.

“To you, to you sir( repeats in slightly clearer voice)”

“How is that possible, I have not met Louise for long time”

“Maybe you got little careless and ….and got carried away at crime scene …” suggested Naismith  , his voice trembling.

“No , I was very careful at crime scene”  Collins spoke furiously.

No one , no one ever questions the professionalism of detective Collins .He was the most accomplished officer in the city and role model to budding detectives. His work ethics was phenomenal and often is cited as example  in training course of officers.

After calming down Ace said  “ I might have been careless today. You know it's not any ordinary case, I have lost a great friend today, not one but two.”

“We need to put a statement in report regarding your DNA .” suggested Naismith .

“Ok” said Collins

“ We have enough evidence against him sir , but what about motive “ asked Cole .

“ That my friend is a long story , which I will discuss when the prosecutor joins us.”


Meanwhile Ace uses his right to lawyer and makes a call.

“Hello , I need to speak with Miss Sia Solomon”

“May I know who's calling” a female voice answers.

“ this is Ace Sharingan speaking , her old friend, could you please patch me up with Sia.”

“Wait let me check sir”

Secretary put him on hold and connected to Sia.

“ Ace Sharingan is on line , wants to speak with you urgently “

Sia’ eyes widened and she felt back as if hit by a bus. And she travelled back in time.

Pictures of her running behind Hotshot Ace and Skeleton Collins flashed up in her mind.Ace and Collins tossed the big round spectacles of Sia among themselves and teasing her. Louise was standing there and was laughing loudly as tears rolled on the cheeks of Sia… or nerdia, the name used for Sia  by trio in school.there were many other incidents of constant bullying and torture which ruined college and school life of Sia.


“Ma'am, u there, ma'am “

“Yes , yes connect me on line 2” Sia answered.

“ Yes” she said to Ace.

“ Sia I need ur help ,the accused me of killing Louise , please help me .

“Wait what”

“Please meet me at central jail , I will explain you everything , please help me “

“Ok i will reach there in about an hour or so”


Sia reaches central jail. Central place was no new place for her.  Cases have brought her here very often. Sometimes she fought for right sides sometimes for wrong. but whoever chose her always ended on right side of bars. she entered visitors room with so many ques in her mind. Just as silence was gripping the place, a door break open with sharp thud sound. Ace was the one coming through the door accompanied by an officer.

Both were sitting in front of each other. A guard was present with them in the room . He was just standing besides the door. No words were spoken for some time.Ace was displaying unusual calmness, behavior just opposite to that on phone. As if just the presence of Sia had a instilled a sense of hope in Ace ,on the other hand Sia was bursting with anger.


Sia was the most decorated yet eccentric lawyer in whole city. Blonde hair with white specks and black coat makes her one of the most funniest figures in whole of court ,but looks can be deceptive. She had voice of nightingale which no jury could hate and fierce debating skills which every attorney feared.A lawyer who has never lost till date.

Sia recently got a call , a call she never expected. She wanted answers and here was her chance to get some.


Sia saying in loud voice -"Sharingan I will cut straight to point ,tell me everything ,don't hide ,if I later found out something I will drop the case".


"Sia ,I am telling you i am totally innocent. Please you know that I can't do such a thing. I loved her. Why did someone killed Louise is still beyond me . It is killing me from inside .You need to find out the truth. I am not saying you have to save me ,my world has already ended but what I want you to do is to investigate, investigate till you find the killer."


"Why mee...?"


"First of all I would have asked Collins but he thinks otherwise and It felt right to call you. You are best in business . I want the truth, and most importantly I know u . I can trust you with my private life . It is really messed up. "


Sia -" Was everything right between you two?"


"You will hear all kinds of things about us, some of them would be true but not all"

Me and Louise were great couple. we were in love with each other and married happily for 5 years. We had a beautiful daughter whom we both loved. We both gave each other required space needed. We had a beautiful home to return to after a long day of work  where we shared best moments of life. there was family, there were friends, there was Kira, the person we loved the most.We had all the happiness. “

“We had”- this phrase has some finality attached to it, some guilt hidden in it, remorse oozing out from it. it meant there was something prevailing in past to a point, a point at which everything ceased. After that everything changed. That point came in our life when Kira died, way before her time and everything came to a halt. Standstill, a vacuum that sucked all the happiness.


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