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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter 4: Going down the lane.

Submitted: September 25, 2016

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Submitted: September 25, 2016



We all have that  one moment in our life where we want to go to that exact moment and change those specific events. That night was it for me.

It was dec 3, 2012. It was very cold that day.I had to look after kira as Louise was out for her kitty party ,I was working day and night for our new product Sharingan Analytics, as I was really exhausted I dozed off.  Later when i woke up I went straight to Kira's bed I found out that she was not there .I searched for her ,and found her lay motionless on kitchen floor . (crying out in front of Sia, as he was again living the same horrors ) .I think she was dead by then. I cried ,cried all night ,she came and she cried ,a lot more than me ,I could sense the pain.It was just black for me.She told me to get out of the house now,and I obliged. I obliged because I knew her past mental conditions,you too know about her fits that she constantly got in college. I just got out.when I came back she said I want her to be around me .I called everyone I knew.Collins came in godspeed .He loved her so much . He used to spend all his time off duty with her  . Crying like a baby he came and slapped me ,punched me .That didn't help him but it was not enough for him to take away his pain.I was the culprit.I don't know what conspired but we all mutually agreed to have her burial in house itself.It was only way to be close to her .

After that ,my life was not same,large hole was just created which eventually sucked all the happiness from our life.I just blamed myself for it ,so did everyone. Our marriage could not survive this incident. Soon distances between us kept on increasing, so does the emptiness in our life .


"This puts a whole lot more suspicion on you. How do  you explain your fingerprints on gun ?" questioned Sia


" I don't know about it,it’s my gun , it is bound to have my fingerprints on it.it's a conspiracy.but why? Who would benefit from this ?"


"I don't know,why you are telling things makes me feel that you didn't screw up this time,but circumstances don't match up.I need suspects,I need your alibis. I need to start from somewhere."


"maybe 'creepy' Joe"




"Okay Joe Salamanda . That guy got restraining orders after he made unusual advances at party . What I heard was that he forced himself on Louise in that party. Maybe that could be of some help. Seriously Sia I can't think of any other."

"Give me his office address"


"Hey I hope you hold no grudges against me about our past"


"I am a lawyer Ace , an expensive lawyer, so if you can meet my fee than your case is mine."


TENPO CLASSICS (Louise's office,@Multinational company),LOUISE WAS ON CREATIVE  TEAM SO WAS JOE.


In her mind she knew she was making a mistake by taking the case , but her professional attitude made her to carry on.She went berserk on everyone in office asking foolest of questions . She asked question whose answers she already knew from past and in between the questions whose answer she needed to find . This strategy have always helped her in the past.Also the way she carries her around is also a mystery. She lets other think that they are smarter than her ,this is definitely part of her strategy. She used this deception in her every case. Minute points always comes out. One of her colleague pointed out that she was freak,mental freak.

Sia knew from start that she wouldn't find answers here.  From inside she knew there was something else to it. Mystery was locked inside so does the answers to this case. Louise was that girl who was sad one moment and happy another  then suddenly angry. She was not normal at all. No one touched her because tenpo CLASSICS and I-sharingan were now collaborating on new product on market research. Win win situation for TENPO CLASSICS .

Sia found it intriguing. Next she went to all important office of Joe Salamanda.

Joe didn't knew about the Louise's death .

Heartbroken he asked Sia -"What do I have to do with it?"

"Nothing, can you tell me where were you this Saturday morning. Hey I kinda think you are the one who killed Louise. She didn't like you, you couldn't take it , you murdered her , then you created all the false evidences. Quite brilliant . How could you make such a plan with this small mind of yours. "


Salamanda -" I am not that dumb , I won't fall for this tactics . (ringing bell) take her out please. "

Sia starts going out on her own.Joe excitedly- " By the way , I am happy that I have proof that I was in stardust gym . You can check if you want."

Sia went to gym to confirm his story.she found his entry in register and also found the CCTV footage featuring Joe.


Sia leaves the gym .She was going for car parking )

" This really got me nowhere. Everyone knows about Louise's mental health. To find something I have to go to the mansion.He has really become a powerful man , then why didn't he name any person who would use  Louise to frame him. He must have some enemies . Guys in his position always have enemies."


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