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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Chapter 5 :The revelation- Eve of judgement day One day remaining in trial of Ace.

Submitted: September 25, 2016

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Submitted: September 25, 2016



Sia goes to the Sharingan mansion.Maybe this case really is dead for not even one thing has sprung out in support of Ace .

Seeing Sharingan mansion Sia thought-" surely he has built quite a fortune .

Let's see what is there."

Sharingans mansion was still sealed up. So she needed to break into the house.

"Nothing has changed in the house." comparing the photos taken by investigation team .  Surprisingly all the frames have been put down on table. Sia was scrolling through all of it. She thought - "  Where are the photos of Kira , I can't see her in any of the photos . Did they erased everything about her. There must be something about Kira present .Ace is in jail who else could take the photos of Kira. Collins maybe."

She went all around the house ,room from room, nothing about her.  Kira is in oblivion now.

"Was it a fake story narrated by Ace ?

That bastard...playing with  people's emotions always . After all  what could you expect from Hotshot Ace. @sshole."

Sia felt like she was fed wrong information. To confirm it she directly went to detective Collins.


Detective Collins was simple man who lived a humble life in his small home for a millionaire . After  becoming a detective he never had a personal life till  Kira was born. They  were quite close. Kira would be most happy when she was with Collins .


Collins was talking with someone on phone when he heard a knock . Sia was on other side. Collins opened the door .

Collins delighted -" Oh it's Sia ,or nerdia.

Welcome please come in .I know you want to know about Sharingan and his evilish history ."

Sia- " Why am I getting the feeling that you are quite  happy about what has conspired till now. "

Sia quite shocked to see the house so neat and clean. Opera music was playing in background.”Collins never liked opera music.” She thought.

"Collins ,tell me straight, do you think Ace did it?"

" I am 99.11% sure." This figure was his favourite . He used it very often.

"Where has .89% gone?"

" Bullshit!!does it matter" Collins took  cans of beer out of fridge

"You want one?"

"No thank you Collins.they had a  daughter?"

"Yes,Kira,she was an angel ."

Collins draws the photo from side table.Collins took out a photo of Kira with him and Ace . Both Ace and Collins were kissing either cheeks of Kira. They loved her very much.

"Did you take photos of Kira from the mansion?"inquires Sia

" What do you mean?"

" All of Kira's belonging ,memories are gone. No photos of her can be found in whole of mansion  ."

" I did not take it. It's interesting."

Sia then willingly changes the topic to Louise-"Any mental problems with her in recent memory"

"Yeah a lot she became quite unstable after Kira's death, I left her because of her mental state in college. She was really not a trustable person. She would do anything at anytime ,no one can guess what's her next move was.It was around thanksgiving that she tried" Collins suddenly stopped.

Yeah a freak Louise was she kinda cleaned everything she found dirty.She had a reputation for it in college.

Sia- " I think I should be going , Ace is in trouble ,proving him not guilty is next to impossible."

Sia left the humble dwelling.irritated as she was ,she never thought how many points of interest.  She had uncovered. She just had to connect the points.

Sia was driving her merc when realisation dawned upon her.She took out the photo of Kira she had taken from Collins house..She saw the photo and thought what a normal person would think she looked more of daughter to Collins than to Ace.  Collins eyes to  kira's eye ,Skeleton body to Skelton body ,same jaw , same hairs,something very similar and but subtle. how could  she miss it all.And  suddenly all the blanks just got filled- that photos of Kira is missing,Collins loved Kira ,house is too much clean,Louise is cleanliness freak,Ace had some fault in death of Kira.What she found completely changed the case. She observed that Kira was blonde but neither Ace nor Louise was blonde. but Collins was, he may have dyed his hair but roots of his hairs were still goldish.first person to declare Louise dead was Collins. Also  when Ace had called for ambulance, Collins send back the ambulance ,photos were missing as somebody was missing Kira ,Collins was suddenly centrepiece in this evil tale.

"Could it be that Louise was killed by Collins ,no then cleanliness can't be explained also no explanation of photograph thing" thought Sia .

Sia suddenly turned back to Collins .This time she had a plan. She will have to shoot arrow in the dark


Sia went straight to Collins and said" Collins I have a theory. Wanna listen."


"..definitely"intrigued by Sia


"Louise is alive , she faked her death.She is the one who took the photograph.

She is taking her revenge against Hotshot Ace"

Collins with a loud laughter -" wha.. what. how can you say that.Okay nerdia tell me what have you found"

" I will prove it in court tomorrow , just have to find where she is, wanna help me"

" You are seriously a mad lawyer .  just Go ahead I won't be part of this madness."

" I will prove it. You never took me seriously in college and also now. I am way smarter than your are @sshole"

" whatever ..."

Sia moves out hurriedly.

She waits and finally Collin's makes a phone call . He looks quite worried when he was speaking to someone on phone. phone.

"BULL'S eye " Sia thought.

Using her contacts she got to know where call was directed ,this number Is new and was started two weeks ago,obviously under pretext of a false Id . Rest was all history. Sia had cracked the  nut case and Ace is innocent. But Still a lot of work was still needed to be done.

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