HFTOH - The Hero Next Door

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There was just something so beautiful about the dance of flames.

Submitted: September 25, 2016

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Submitted: September 25, 2016



This got out of hand so quickly.


It’s much bigger than I intended, it was only supposed to be small.


How did it get this bad?


The screams from inside seem to echo from the brickwork in a way I know is impossible, yet I can still hear it all so clearly over the crackling of the flames.


Those flames flickered out from the slightly open windows, even from my spot down by the front garden I could see how the scolding forks had blackened the windowsills and bricks around them.


A fact that caused an unstoppable smile to break across my face.


Contrary to many beliefs, it wasn’t just fire that was a taboo beauty, it was the scene and rushes it all caused as well.


The blackened houses, the flashing lights of various vehicles arriving on scene to fight the flames and save those individuals inside who had failed to escape in time.


As the light caught one of the windows I could see the silhouette of someone sliding down the glass pane, their hand probably squeaking as their skin skidded down the thick material.


Their last attempt to escape and cry for help, cut off by smoke inhalation that no doubt filled their lungs and ceased their movements for the time being, if not possibly for life.


Everything moved in slow motion as I took it all in.


The sirens blaring from the fire engine behind me seemed so far away.


The men in uniform rushing past me with their hoses and axes at the ready moved slowly despite their rushed attempts to save a life.


The black smoke billowing out of the building whisked up into the sky to blend with the darkness of the night, yet somehow seeming darker in contrast.


The smell of the smoke as a breeze picked it up and carried it over the street, to accentuate the fact that their calm, suburban lives had been disrupted for one night.


My favourite part was how the window created a beautiful portrait, though inside it looked like nothing but a black abyss you could still see the flickering of the flames behind the smoke.




And it had all been so simple to set up, only taken minutes, if that, after I’d acquired the needed material for a fire bomb to deliver straight to their letterbox.


I jump as I feel someone put their hand on my shoulder, startling me out of my stupor.


Looking over my shoulder I see one of the men in their yellow, protective uniform. His mouth in a tight line, his expression grim as his eyes briefly flickered towards the house.


“You ready, kiddo?” He asks.


There it was again, that horrible, degrading title he’d assigned to me for being the newbie.


Yet I still offer him a faint smile, having to control myself from looking too pleased with my work.


“As ready as I’ll ever be, boss,” I nod, holding up the nozzle to the hose in my gloved hands.

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