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A memoir a young poi lived , throughout all the challenges he never looked down on himself , he maintained the pressure and dealt with predicament he found himself in

Submitted: September 25, 2016

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Submitted: September 25, 2016



It was early morning and he was supposed to go catch a transport to school.He was very nervous because he knew it was the final high school year First day at school,he met with his friends , Isaac and Cass . They were so excited but Jade was more like a little mice cornered by a cat.

"Dude are you okay?" Isaac asked Yes I am , he said Are you sure? , asked his friend Cass but Jade answered again ,"yes I'm alright" He loved school to purview that his daily topic would be all about school, he was one of the most intelligent pupils

He always said to himself, "whatsoever that shall come my way , I will penetrate into it and get past it" I am strong and bold , he said .Jade had so many difficulties and he struggled a lot but he kept on saying , "I'm a going to be just okay" .

As days and weeks went by, he found himself in a more problematic predicament than expected, It was so unfortunate for him because he did not live with his family , even when he had problems he could not share with anyone. He lived with his aunt who always been so hard and cruel on him to a point where he even thought life is no longer worth living. She made life hell for him His acquaintances realized that he is becoming different and always seemed sad. Even his performance began to deteriorize , and the aunty case became worse when he was about to write exams. He could not even study and sometimes he goes to bed with an empty stomach and got affected and almost began looking down on himself

His intelligence helped him because throughout the situation he swayed to obtain position 3rd but he knew he could've done much better if he had not encountered his situation. Luckily his friends stood by his side and he needed that.

Months went by and accusations against him began , his aunt could tell his parents lies about him to an extent that they almost disowned him. His very own parents started turning their backs against him. Jade grew strong when everyone lost hope in him but he knew that "what comes by also passes by " He lost confidence in himself but cass was always like " no matter how many lemons life can give you, berrys can be given in a second"

Pressure in the mind causes suicide in the body , and that's murder not death, Jade said . (Shocked) are you commiting suicide? , Isaac asked

No I'm just disappearing , he answered. Jade , you must've lost your mind, cass said . Jade answered, No, but maybe or maybe not who knows.

He became so strange and it was two days away from final tests.everybody believed that Jade won't make it in his condition, they could say , he is messed up. He knew what he was up against, when everyone who believed in him started looking down on him

They finished, and on the day of their results everybody was scared , but he wasn't because he knew he's not expecting anything . it was a surprising moment for him when he found that he obtained A grade. And everybody got shocked and it was hard to believe, even his friends did not believe it.

"He had a good but funny way of maintaining the pressure and kept the composure" , Cass said Everyone got excited to see him pulling legs out of the muds. But he knew it was finally up to him to go back to his parents and he knew they were mad at him for nothing

(I wonder what's going to happen when I arrive there) he said while walking. Along his way he realized that those circumstances actually helped him to grow up smart and strong He finally arrived ,

He saw the looks on his parents that something was up,

Jade said , hi everyone , I actually made it.. Parent, oh did you? ...Jade asked , aren't you happy for me? Parent, should we? He said , Yes of course but if you don't want, then don't at be at all

He knew that they were angry at him for something he didn't do , But they did not care He sat down , asking himself if this is how it's going to end He overcame all that and went to varsity , he is now living the life he wanted, he is strong and wiser , Thanks to all those life lessons. They really taught me something solid , he said ....

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