Augmented human intelligence and artificial intelligence as one

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Submitted: September 25, 2016

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Submitted: September 25, 2016



As our species continue to develop more and more advanced technology it is getting nearly impossible to predict how next centuries will look like. Scientists in the 18th century could not even comprehend quantum physics, today we are developing first models of quantum computers. In the 20th century first models of primitive 3D printers started to appear. They could only print some very basic objects such as geometrical shapes. As for today we print bones, ears, blood vessels, skin and heart tissues. One cannot simply tell what the outcome of today’s most powerful concepts, such as unified string theory, stem cell research, development of artificial intelligence, gene modifications, reality and intelligence augmentations will have on the upcoming one hundred years. This is how the life after a few centuries could look like.

The year is 2060. Mathematicians and programmers have successfully created an artificial intelligence (later A.I.) algorithm running on a quantum platform which can confidently and efficiently learn from humans and their surroundings. After ten years from then the A.I. evolved to the intelligence of a single human brain and is now called a general A.I. A few years passed and because of the exponential growth in learning A.I. became so called super artificial intelligence which passed way beyond our intelligence and our comprehension of how these algorithms think and at what level of consciousness are they. Because of their enormous computing and thinking capabilities humanity no longer needs to invent new concepts, do discoveries, solve current global problems or process the “big data” – everything now is done by these algorithms on super and quantum computers.

The year is 2100. Humanity has developed a highly advanced method to read and store individual's memories. After a few years of research this method advanced even further allowing us to write memories into one’s brain. It is easy to foresee that the ability to read from and write to an individual's brain can lead us to a two minds' synchronization. So, let's say we have two synchronized minds which have a super simple task to learn two languages – Russian and French. The one that is learning Russian sends learned data to the one that is learning French while at the same time the French-learner sends its learned data to the Russian one. What happens is that now two synchronized minds learn twice as fast as a single human brain.

The year is 2150. All of earth's inhabitant's brains are now connected to a massive inter-web synchronization platform. All of humans can share their learned skills, memories and acquired new knowledge. This method has accelerated our learning capabilities billions of times because what one individual learns – the rest of humanity learns too. After a couple of decades, the first A.I. algorithm gets successfully integrated into a human's inter-web platform and starts working smoothly with conscious minds.

The year is 2300. Humanities inter-web synchronization platform advances to the point where the individual's mind gets so influenced by the other one's that there is no longer a single unique thought. There is no longer a single unique mind that acts on its own. At the very start of the 24th century all of humanities brains has become a one single super-mind. There is no longer a such thing as an individual’s death or birth – as one dies or is born only a small fraction of a super-mind actually changes. A human has died and became immortal at the same time. Humanity has become a singularity.

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