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A girl gets kidnapped by her mom's ex-boyfriend.

Submitted: September 25, 2016

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Submitted: September 25, 2016



Chapter 1

As I walked outside in New York.Still trying to figure out who killed my dad.  I saw someone watching me so I hurried to the coffee shop where my boyfriend Sam is. My name is Kate. Sam has long blonde hair like the old Justin Bieber style, he wears a red baseball hat for good luck. Before I could opened the door the guy grab me and took me  away. The guy was super tall like big foot and scary looking.  Sam got in his car to follow us. I screamed and yelled but he told me to shut my mouth while slamming my head on the window, it hurt so bad that I had cried , like I am watching a love story.  When we got to his place I kicked him so hard between the legs that he had fell on his back with his brown jacket on. Once he got up I knew it was over because I got slap.  Sam parked far away.  I glance at his car and saw him look up, I was wondering what he was looking at untill I notice he was looking at the address and writing it down.  “Ok I’m ready to get you inside the house”, said the guy. The house smelled like old dirt and a barn with smoke in it.I still couldn’t figure out who was the guy until he took off the mask and showed his face and that’s when I gasp and figured it out who was the guy.  The guy is my mom’s ex. My mom cheated on him with my dad because he abuse her.  “Your Mike my mom’s ex," I said “I’m the one that killed your dad and I can kill you too  but I won’t if you help me kill people," Mike said. “No, I have the right not to. I said. Then I’ll have to kill you. He pull out the knife and put it toward my skinny neck. ‘Okay I will," I yelled. “Good girl now we are going to kill my mom," said the guy.  I went out with Mike and thinking that Sam will come and get me out of here but he was nowhere to be found.  Mike grab my arm so tight that I couldn’t escape. As we got to his mother’s house she was sleeping. She look like she could be in her 60’s. I tired to wake her up by yelling “he has a gun” like a crazy women but all she did was look and said “oh hi Mike is this your daughter”.before I could say no, Mike just had to open his big mouth and said yes. I took the gun that was in his back pocket and showed it to his mother. His mother got on the phone and called someone, I figured it was the police because she was yelling HELP,HELP my son is trying to kill me.  Mike held the gun to his mother’s head and he pulled the trigger. I know I couldn’t stop him but I’m glad that I did warn her even though she did get far. Mike told me to put the body in the trunk. So I did with a sad face. “Oh cheer up” Mike said. How can I? Mike took me out for ice cream and of course that made me feel better. Mike said “tomorrow we are going to kill my friend Ben. “Why are we going to kill your friend”? I asked. But Mike kept looking at the road while driving. Mike told me I better get to sleep. I’ll wake you up when we're home. Once he said that I closed my eyes and smile. One hour later. Kate we're home. I opened my eyes and slowly walked into the house, like a zombie. I must of been walking too slow because Mike had picked me up and carry me into the room and layed me down. When he left the room. I heard my phone ringing. I look at my phone and it was Sam calling . I answer and he was so happy to hear my voice. I was so happy too that I cried. Sam told me how much he miss me and still wants to be with me. “I missed you too," I said. We talked for hours until I fell asleep.

Chapter 2

When I got up the next morning I totally forgot my phone was out so I hurried and text Sam to see if he was still coming to save me and he said “yes," then I put it away. I heard someone coming downstairs to the basement (where I sleep). It was Mike. He came to bring me breakfast. I look at him confused but I ate my two huge pancakes but after I ate them I felt so different, I felt so dizzy and next thing I know I blank out. Two hours later I kept saying that I wanted to kill people Mike. Mike looked so happy, “yes it worked," he said. “You did this to me”, I said. “Yes I did and there’s no way that this spell can be broken," said the guy. “Let’s go kill people now," I said.I covered my mouth so I wouldn’t say anything I wouldn’t say. As we got into the car Mike started driving for about two blocks and then stopped. As Mike stopped the car he told me to kill an old person.”okay, do you want me to bring you the body," I asked. How am I going to get out of this I thought to myself. “Yes and don’t forget to drink the blood," said Mike. He didn’t say anything about drinking blood, why would I even ate those pancakes he gave me, he never gives me food but I guess I thought this time he was being nice and felt sorry for me. I also was hungry. I’m so stupid I thought to myself. I walked up to the old lady and said “it's time to die and put the knife in her heart. I looked to see if anyone was looking and hurry to Mike’s car with the dead body. Mike had parked far away so I had to run four blocks with the dead body. I got so tired where I had to stop in an ally with the dead body. I wait there for about an hour and Mike pulled up looking at me laughing. “Were you trying to hide from me," Mike said. No, I didn’t see you so I got tired of waiting and I started to run so I started walking because I was tired, until I found somewhere to go where no one will find me because that means we're both dead and i’ll get kill by you. Mike didn’t say anything he wanted to but he didn’t know what to say then he told me to get in the car and put the body in the trunk. As we were driving Mike asked me “how was the blood?" “It was okay," I answered him. As he pulled into the drive way Sam was standing there, he looked very mad because his face was bright red. hi," said Sam to me and Mike put the knife on my neck. Sam told Mike to let me go but Mike didn’t do anything so I kicked him so hard that fell. I ran with Sam.We got to Sam’s car and all I heard was Kate get back in the car Kate. Once I got into Sam’s car I heard a gunshot. I got out the car and saw Sam lying on the ground dead with blood all over. Sam had blood on his arms, hands and face. Sam really had blood all over him. I stood there crying, lucky it was dark so Mike wouldn’t  see me cry. I had took Sam’s jacket so I will had something to remember him by. I carried his jacket on my arm and grab the keys to get into the car. I heard Mike yelling at me, telling me to get into the house but of course I didn’t listen. This was my chance to escape. But Mike got into his black little car and follow me. I was driving for like an hour until I realize that I had ran out of gas. I got out the car and started running into the wood. Mike ran behind me. I ran and ran and yet I still had no idea where I was going. Then I saw an ocean near by so I jumped into the water. I started swimming but Mike somehow grab my leg, I kick him in the water but he came up behind me and grab me . I didn’t know what to do. When we got by the car he pick me up and put me in the trunk. I had to stay in there until we got to his house. I must have been asleep because he had to wake me up. As I got up from the trunk I strength my whole body. The weather was so beautiful this morning the trees were blowing, the sun was bright, and the birds were singing. I wish I had my normal life back, I thought to myself.

Chapter 3

Mike was so bored that he cut his arm. I had asked him why he did that and of course he answer back saying”I’m bored because I don’t know who to kill next besides the cops are still looking for us so we're going to stay in the house all day. Mike told me to drink his blood, so I did. I went in the bathroom to call my mom, to tell her that I am oka and that I am with her crazy ex-boyfriend. “I’m on my way," said Kate’s mother. I was so glad to hear my mom’s voice again. Once I was going to put my phone in my pocket, Mike had opened the door. He look mad and honestly I didn’t think he knew what to say or do. Mike took about 13 minutes to finally talk then he yelled at me , telling me to hand him my phone, it was very hard to do but I did while crying then he step on my phone and killed it. I knew I couldn’t take it anymore so I push him then kicked him in the leg. So ran to the kitchen where I saw the rope on the kitchen table so I tried him up, his  hands and feet and duct tape his mouth. I even put hot sauce in his eyes. But somehow he had a phone near by and grab it and put it to his ear, then he realized that he couldn’t talk so made me tell tell the person on the phone that he was in trouble.  I turn around and he grab the phone and hung up the person. I don’t know what else to do til my mom comes. I haven’t seen her in a while and been homesick. My mom had came knocking on the door and I answered it. I hugged my mom and told her I missed her. “No time for mother and daughter time, we have to kill this man so he won’t hurt anymore people”, mother said. PUT THE GUN DOWN NOW! I told my mom not to listen but the guy was about to shoot my mother. The guy had the gun close to my mother’s neck.My mother put down the gun.  “Your Kyle, Mike’s son," mom said. You got that right now if my dad has to call me again, I will kill both of you. Kyle untie Mike and Mike act like he didn’t do anything. “These people tried to hurt me”, said Mike. Mom and I looked at each other puzzled. I wanted to say something but I kept my mouth shut because I wouldv’e got slap or something worse. My mom look so upset, she had tears running down her face and shook her head at Mike and Kyle. “You're going to marry me," said Mike. I can tell my mom didn’t want to but she said yes anyway. Mother had winked at me so I knew she was up to something. Were going to kill more people so you girls stay here. The guys finally left the house and mom finally said what was going through her mind.” I said yes about the marriage so we can get the money from the dead people Mike and Kyle kills," mom said."But how you know that he will give us money”. “Easy dear he loves me so he will”. I didn’t reply to my mother I just stayed quiet for about two hours and it was good timing because that’s when Mike and Kyle had came back. When they came back they had 10 bodies and told us to drink the blood but share the bodies. “Why do Mike make you drink blood”, mom said. “He makes me drink blood because that is my drink, he doesn’t give me anything else to drink," I said. Mike gave my mom 300 hundred dollars and told us to buy something with it. I guess mom was right I thought to myself. The next day Mike made us get up at 3:00 am and told us to kill people and yes you can keep the money. I was confused, how can a guy kill people and nice at the same time? Then I thought how he changed since my mom said yes to the marriage. I kinda like how Mike gives us money “Kate are you there?” I was still daydreaming. “Yes," I finally answered to my mother.”What do you think about Mike dear?” I hug my mom and said ”He’s okay I just hate how he makes me kill people and drink blood, well the blood doesn’t taste bad”. Finally we saw someone walking alone. My mom got out the car and told me to wait here. As I wait for mom I had no idea what to do , so I decided to go to sleep.

Chapter 4

About an hour later someone knocked on the window, where I tend to jump. I sat up and looked at the window it was my mother.Mom told me to open the trunk, so she can put the body in there. I could tell that my mom drunk the blood because it smell disgusting. Once mom got back into the car, we droved to see who else we can kill. For some reason no else was outside so we left town. Mike was calling so I answered the phone because mom was driving.”Hello," I said in a worried voice, thinking that I might get yelled at. “WHERE ARE YOU GUYS”!, Mike yelled. “Were in Jock town because we couldn’t find anyone at home," I said. “But be back in 2 hours and you better have lots of people you kill," said Mike. After that I hung up the phone and told mom what her soon to be husband said. I was shaking and really nervous. I started crying and then I went into a panic attack. I couldn’t breathe or move.


I must have passed out because when I open my eyes I saw a white room with doctors around me and I couldn’t move, then I realize that I was in the hospital and my mom and Mike both was there. Mike looked mad and that’s when I knew I was about to get beaten to deaf. But I didn’t well not yet anyway. His face went from mad to sad, it’s like he wanted to say sorry but he couldn’t get the words out so he left the room. “Mom what’s wrong with him?" I asked. “Oh dear, I don’t really know but let’s give him time”, mom responded. “I also hate how he abuse you but that’s all going to change besides I love you and your my daughter, don’t worry Kate he won’t do it again," mom said. “Kate's free to go," said the doctor. Mom told Mike that I could go home. Mike hugged me for the first time, that actually made me smile. “Why are you being so nice to me all of a sudden?” I asked. “I’m being nice because you're in the hospital," said Mike. “Oh okay," I said in a sad voice. I started crying inside. As you can tell I get upset really easy. Mike that was mean to say and you need to stop being mean to my daughter," mama said. Mike got

so mad that he threw my mom across the room. One of the doctors came and ask my mother if she was okay. Mother reply “yes, I’m fine, just broke my arm." The police came and took Mike to jail. The police gave us the keys to my soon to be stepdad’s car. Once the police to Mike to jail, we went home.”It feels so good to be home," I said. “Yes it does dear," mom said.

Chapter 6

Ring…………..Ring…………..Ring……….Ring………... “Ugh who’s calling me now”, Mary said (my mom), “hello”, she answers the phone. Miss me my lady. “Mike how the heck you got out of jail?" mom said. “Kyle helped me, I know you girls are at your place so come back ," he answered and hung up. Mom and I hurried to his house so we wouldn’t get beaten as bad as not going and him pulling  us out the house.  “You girls thought that you could get rid of me huh?," Mike said. “We actually did”, we both said. “Remember the plan kate”, mom said. “No mom," I said. “The plan is to stall Mike while I kill Kyle," mother said. Mary went outside looking for Kyle, she saw a baseball bat in the kitchen before leaving. I went in the house with Mike and asked Mike random questions. I know it’s stupid but I pantic, I’m not good with talking to people. “How are you?,"  “Fine”, Mike said. “What are you doing?” “can’t you see i’m cooking?,"  I kept asking Mike questions. Then mom came back in the house and lick the blood off the sharp knife. I looked at mom feeling better and smiling. Mike tried to beat us up again but we couldn’t take it anymore so my mom and I got in the car and ran him over back and forth till he actually died.

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