My Life in 7 Stories As a Child

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7 stories about my life as a child

Submitted: September 25, 2016

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Submitted: September 25, 2016



One day I went to Washington D.C., I was 12 years old.  My family didn’t go because I had went with the police officers.  I had to get up early.  It was still dark outside.  I woke up at 5:00 am because they were going to come and get me at 6:00.  Then we went to this building to wait for everyone. When we got to the building it started raining so hard like cats and dogs, we waited til the rain stop but the rain never did stop so we waited til the rain slow down , then we got on a travel bus.  It took two- and a half to get days to get there.  But it seem like FOREVER because we kept stopping for restroom breaks and food.  The first place we had to stop at was McDonald's, they told us that we had to break our own money, we were like “What?’ but we payed for our food anyways.  We stop for like five more times.

Finally we got to Washington D.C., before we even did anything we went to the hotel to put our bags down in our rooms then we left and went out to get dinner.  After that all of us went back to the hotel.  The hotel wasn’t the greatest hotel, it looked cheap and poor.  There was a tv like other hotels but it didn’t have good channels.  The good thing is that every room had a computer in it.  The hotel had a swimming pool and a hot tub in it, of course.  There was a little refrigerator in our room, it was so small like a little book shelf.  All of us stayed there till five day,well it tooks two and a half days going and coming home.

One of the days we went to the White House. It was awesome to see inside.  Everyone thought we were going to meet President Obama(Even me, that’s why I wanted to come on this trip, but we were all wrong we didn’t get to meet him, I was kinda sad but at the same time I understand because he’s the president and presidents are busy everyday.  I even kinda wish that I lived in the White House but at the same time I will be scared because anyone can come in and shoot the White House plus it’s big.  Anyways back to my story.  When we left the White House nobody didn’t want to leave.  On the next day, we went to the museum, we had to go up a lot of stairs. It’s like once I got up to the stairs, I could pass out.  Finally we got to the museum, everyone had to gather around so the police officers know that everyone is here by counting them because it would be horrible if we would of left someone.  We got to look at animals, like fish, seals and other animals. We got to see the seals show.  It was cool, I really enjoyed it, even though I really don’t like seals.  When we were done with the museum part we had to go back to the stairs , so we went down the stairs and got back on the travel bus.

Then we started walking somewhere (I forgot where).  But anyways it was SO HOT like  200 degrees outside, we finally ran into an ice cream stand.  When we got done eating our ice cream, none of us wanted to get up but we did anyways.  There were a lot of people there, talking.

When we got back to the hotel, everyone went swimming.  When we got into our hotel rooms, we were like on house arrest, we couldn’t go out our rooms, for any reason.  Then we did prank calls because we were so bored and we needed some way to entertain ourselves, then it got boring so we end up having an ice fight, it was fun but cold.

The next morning we ate breakfast at the hotel, it was actually good, I didn’t think it was going to be any good because the hotel was all cheap.  Then we went back into our rooms and pack our stuff and left to go home.

When we got on the road, everyone wanted to stay, expect for me because I was home sick.  We also stopped at places for restrooms and breaks.  One of the places we went to was McDonald’s again.  We had to used our money again so I lied and them I didn’t have anymore money left. But I really had $20 left.

Before we left Washington D.C. we went to the mall there and it was so awesome.  I wish I could live at the mall.  They had a McDonald’s in the mall.  I was so tired of seeing McDonald’s everywhere I go there  it is, anyways the Mcdonald workers were rude, and they could barely hear us.

When I got home I kept talking about my trip to my sister and mom, and even my grandma.  It was the best day ever.


Chapter 2


It was a warm, sunny, summer day and my mom wanted to move because she wanted to live in a new apartment.  We lived in that apartment FOREVER, ever since i was little.

On moving day, my mom called her friend(Pat) to see if she would help us because my dad was barely around. She said “ok” then my mom said “thank you”. Pat said “you are  welcome” then they hung up.  When Pat got here, we got our wagon out and put some things in there, because one: were kinda lazy to carry them and two: we barely use our wagon.  Then we start pushing the wagon to our new apartment.  Pat was pushing the wagon and then something horrible/funny happen.  Pat had dropped the stuff and it was horrible because cars were passing by and looking at us and also funny because what kind of adult would drop everything that’s in a wagon?, also it was funny how she dropped it.  Then we pick all the things up and head back onto the sidewalk. I really didn’t want to move, neither did my sister.  But my mom said we had to.  So we kept walking.  Then we walked about two blocks and Pat dropped the stuff again.  I was kinda mad but at the same time I was laughing.  My mom just told her that she will push it.  We got a lot further home.

When we got at our new home, my sister and I actually love our new apartment.  Then we went back to our old house and started over. Now I want to move again.  My message is that moving could be a good thing


Chapter 3

The Best Trip

I was 13 years old and it was a warm sunny day.  It was so boring until my aunt had called my grandma to see if we wanted to go to Adventureland.  Then my grandma called me and asked me the same question and I said “sure”.  

The next day my aunt called and asked if we were ready,we all said “yes”.  When we got into the car, there were two vehicles outside one with my cousin and his family, the other one had my aunt in it.  My cousin had a red dark mixed color car and my aunt had a blue truck.

Finally we got on the road, to go to Des Moines , Iowa.  Then 25 minutes later it started  raining, everyone was like “oh no” even me, so we kept driving but then the rain came down even harder so my aunt called the place to see if it was raining there and the lady said yes but that didn’t stop us for coming there, also we kinda didn’t believe her.

When we got there, it was raining.  Everyone was like Awe Man.  We just stayed anyways because nobody wasn’t going to turn back to the road.  Then most of us got on rides.  

On our way home, everyone went to my aunt’s house to get in their cars.  My grandma, mom, sister and I had to get in my mom’s friend car because she was taking us home.  When we got home I layed down on my soft bed and felt asleep.


Chapter 4

Grandma will be missed

One day my aunt (on my dad’s side) had called and said that his mom had died, which is my grandma so my dad had told us we had to go to Mississippi.  My sister and I didn’t want to go because it takes so long to get there  but we had to go.  But first we had to go to the wait and funeral there.  The next week we had to go to Mississippi because of the funeral, it was so weird to me because my grandma just came to my house a couple of days ago.

It was the next day we got ready to go, we had to pack our stuff because we were going to be  there a couple of day.  About three days we stayed (I think).  My aunt called my dad saying I’m outside, he said “ok, we will be out”.  My dad always rush us so we had to hurry.  When we came outside there was a van out there, so we got into the van, my aunt and cousin were in there.  Then we went to my Uncle James house so we can all meet up there.  It took like four hours just for us to leave because of my aunts and uncles weren’t ready.

Finally we got on the road, when all of us stop to take a restroom break at SpringField then it started raining.  Then we got back on the road.  My mom had brought some chips.  My mom is the type that who buys snacks when they go out of town.  I didn’t want to eat my chips because then I’m going to be thirsty and that leads me to the bathroom.

When we finally got to Mississippi we went to my great-aunt’s house.  The hotel cost so much so we stayed with my family.  My dad’s family is huge.  All of my family members down there live right by each other.  They were so happy to see us because we sometimes go down there but only in the summertime.  They were sad to hear about my grandmother ( which is my great-aunt and great- uncle sister).  It was SUPER HOT.

On the funeral day, we had ate breakfast.  We had sauces,bacon,rice,pancakes,eggs, and more.  Then we had to get ready.  When we got to the church for the funeral, people were already crying.  I was trying not to cry but my eyes got watery, then I was thinking in my head (I hope nobody notice).  Then my family started the funeral, just like other funerals they tell what that person did and how they were a great person.  It took like an hour, I was kinda going to sleep but then I didn’t want to because if I do I kinda was afraid my grandma would come back and haunt me, even though I knew she wouldn’t but I stayed up and listen just in case.  Then we got to go up and see her for the last time.  The people who owns the church took her away, everyone cried even more, because they didn’t want my grandma to leave, I didn’t want her to go either.  I tried to stopped having my eyes be watery so I thought about my other grandma(on my mom side) because she’s still alive.  Then we ate at the church.  Everyone was having a great time.

After we all ate, we went to the graveyard to see her one last time.  Before they put her in the ground, some of us were still crying, like me.

Then we went our separate ways, some went to my great-aunt house others went to my cousin’s house.  My mom, sister and I stayed at my other great-aunt’s house while my dad went to my cousin’s house.

Then we went back to church on Sunday, It was like a normal church day, I’m kinda getting used to being in church now because every time we go to Mississippi and visit our family.  My favorite part in church is the singing part.  The talking part makes me tired, like I can just go to sleep, but I try not to so instead to learn the words so I wouldn’t fall to sleep.

It was really early in the morning we said bye.  After that we gave them hugs, then we grab our bags, then head for the door.  Finally we got on the road

And head back to Rock Island and Davenport.  But we always goes to Davenport first because my family on my dad’s side lives in Davenport and were the only ones that lives in Rock Island.

As soon we got home, it was about 5:00 pm.  We  also had to miss school Monday because school had already got out.  I was happy but then I was sad, because I will have to make up my homework and classroom.  Anyway when I got home with my family, It was hot and sunny but not as hot Mississippi was.  When I got in my house I felt so tired so I layed on the couch but I couldn’t fall asleep.  So instead I called my grandma(on my mom side) and told her that I was home.  She asked “did I have fun” , I told her it was okay.  When she got off the phone I was thinking how much I’m going to miss her.  The good news is that we got to my grandma tv and her cane and mirror.  We had the tv plug in so we can watch our shows. Now we don’t have it.  The T.V. went out on us because the sound was going in and out like waves at the ocean.  It kept getting louder and then it got softer.  I was scared.

I learned that when someone dies you are going to missed them a lot.


Chapter 5

Oh No!

One day in the summertime my mom wanted to go to Kmart to see what they got out for the summer (Like always), so we caught the bus there.

When we got there, we went straight to the clothes.  I love clothe, then we went to the household aisle, where the glass plates and cups were.  My sister pick one up of the glass plates and she dropped it but of course she didn’t mean to.  I started laughing so hard my eyes were watery.  We got the aisle before we end up paying for it, well at least we were the only ones that were in the aisle that saw it.  I was thinking about picking one up but I didn’t want to drop one.

Finally we got out the story and left.


Chapter 6

The Sad Trip

On a sunny day, sometime in July.  My aunt had called and said our cousin Tony had pass away.  So later that night, we all pack our bags because we had to go to East St. Louis.  That’s where the funeral is going to be at and that’s where some of my family live (on my mom side).  But we left a day before also we were running late because my cousins were taking to long to get ready so i guess it was good that we vash a day early.

When we got there, we had to go to my aunt’s friend’s house because she wanted to see here and she was going to show us the hotel.  The hotel was amazing , we had got a suite.  The suite was like a normal hotel but it had a living room and a couch where you can pull it out and it becomes a bed.  The other thing that was like a house inside was the kitchen.  Another thing that was charming was the elevator and the hotel had a waterfall.

On the funeral day, my aunt knocked on the door and asked if we were ready, we all answer yes.  Suddenly we got into the truck and went to the funeral.  We were running late because my uncle and cousin had to go somewhere.  Plus my sister and I had ro go get some dress shoes for the funeral.  Certainly we got to the funeral.  Thank God that the funeral haven't begun yet.  When the funeral was over and everyone said that goodbye’s and cried.  Suddenly we went to my great-aunt’s house to get dinner.  We ate chicken, mac and cheese and lots of other food.  Formerly talk to our family, our family is huge.  I never met my family before because we never go down there in St. Louis.  Anyhow we stayed at my great-aunt’s place for a while to watch memories of my cousin Tony.

Later we heard back to the hotel.  Uno hour later one of my cousins knocked on the door, to see if my grandma had money so they can form a pizza.  My grandma asked y'all still hunger and asked my sister and I too.  The pizza was taking to long for my grandma , so my grandmother told me to go see if the pizza had came and that they just didn’t tell us.  I knocked on the door, but they didn’t answer.  I went in there and they was sleep.  I came back to my room and told grandmother that they were knocked out, she said “I knew their gonna go to sleep”.  About 35 minutes later, my grandmother told me to go back and see has it came.  So i went back and it still have not came but this time my primos were up (expect my little primo.  Ten minutes later pizza had arrived and I was ready to eat, so I woke up my sister because she was sleep.

Approaching are way back home, everyone didn’t want to leave the hotel.  My aunt also said that she would live to stay there but we had to go.  I felt asleep again, I was the only one in my aunt’s truck who went to sleep.  Before we got home my auntie wanted to get some chicken so we went to Popeye’s ,  I said( yes finally because I’m hungry) in my head.

When we got home everyone went to sleep including me.


Chapter 7


Burr………….. Sometime in December my mom hurt her ankle so we took her to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital there were a lot of people in front of us which means we had to wait.  So we sat down. The time we got there was like 10 pm. It took forever , some of the people had more problems than us.  There was a girl who had a broken knee, another girl had a bloody nose.  I wanted to fall asleep but i didn’t want people looking at me so I talked to my sister instead.  I don’t like being at a hospital it creeps me out.  When the doctor did call my mom my grandma went with her,  I wanted to go back but my grandmother said stay out  here.  Then ten minutes later my aunt got out the truck and came in.

My mom came back in the front room where we were at in the hospital and said she spril her ankle.  We didn’t leave til 11:30 that night.  I was so tired because my sister and I had to wait for my mom and grandma to come back.  I felt happy when we left the hospital.

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