the eight kung-fu tricks

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Submitted: September 26, 2016

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Submitted: September 26, 2016



Once upon a time, there lived a legendary Kung-Fu master named Teflon. He was an very big inspiration for all. He had once invented eight Kung-Fu tricks which the most powerful, extraordinary and greatest. Everybody was very much eager to know how to do that. But he never tells it anybody in a fear that it would enter any bad guy’s hand.

One day when he was in a severe bad health or in a situation in he is going to die, he thought that these tricks shouldn’t disappear. So he taught those tricks to eight great Kung-Fu masters whom he knew that they are good. He said them to protect them all from evil peoples and teach it only to those who are extremely good. He knew they would do that. Soon Teflon died.

On the same town where all these guys lived, lived an evil Kung-Fu master named Confucius. He is one of the great enemies of the town. His aim is to conquer the whole world as a one man army. He was thinking of learning of all those powerful tricks although he knew that he was not possible. In the same town was a man named Newhart. He is also one such person, but was the greatest enemy of Confucius. If these guys conquer the world then the world would go like #^%!$~%^& !!!

One day Confucius got an idea which was of going to Teflon’s house. Currently, after Teflon’s death, no one was living in that house. It is has been locked and kept for ages. On a blankly silent night, Confucius peaked to the house without producing any noise. It had a very big gated entrance, covered with dust clearly stating that nobody was in or nobody is in. He opened the rusted gate slowly. Although it was producing a striking sound which usually old gates produce, nobody was awakened by it. He slowly walked in, as much quiet as possible. The door was again locked. Instead of broking the lock again and creating a huge noise again, he opened the window and jumped into it. It was so dark inside, so he did something and suddenly, his candle started to glow! For sure Confucius is intelligent!

Now its Confucius, out in teflon's house with a candle at a night in an mission to learn the tricks. He was searching everywhere for any clues for those tricks, but didn't got anything. However, he didn't loss his confidence. Then he found a huge box covered with dust. Fingers cross, he opened it.

At last, he found a scroll. When he opened the scroll, he found a list. In that list, the eight kung- fu tricks and the members who were given it was listed. He took away the scroll and ran away. He thought that his half mission had been completed which indicates the world that it is in dander! The first name was a familiar name to him. It was Eleanor. He went to his house slept and planned to go to Eleanor's house the next day.

The sun gave a rise as he woke up early in the morning. Usually kung-fu masters do that. They used to practise after he got up and so did Confucius. After an heavy practise, he steped out with a grin. For sure the world's in danger! Who is going to stop him?

Here he is at the door step of Eleanor's house. When he went inside, he found him training. “what job are you doing in my house?” Eleanor demanded by just feeling his presence. Then, when Eleanor turned to him “ A very prominent job I have here!” Confucius said “show me the Teflon's magic trick which you know”. “what do you mean?...I don't know it!” he said at once. Confucius got angry. He lifted Eleanor by his neck as he was short and said “NOW SHOW THE MAGIC TRICK FOR YOUR LIFE!”. Eleanor kicked his chest and jumped backwards (don't forget that he is also a kung-fu master). Thus the fight begin and ended after a long time with the win for Confucius by killing him! Actually Confucius won by cheating by using a glass pot which was kept on a near by stand. Then he thought what he did was wrong. Now how could he learn to do the magic trick. He searched all around his house and finally got another scroll which had mentioned how to do the trick. As Confucius's grin told us that the world is in danger, now it had been proved! Now who is going to stop him! He took it and ran away.

The next name was Hillary. Although he was not familiar with her, he asked the peolpe moving in the road about her and at last found who was it. He then gone to her house but he found that there was nobody in there. He searched everywhere where but couldn't find. Then he thought of coming here the next day or after some time. Suddenly, while moving, he saw a scroll. When he opened it, he found that how to do the trick as explained there. He took it and ran away. Now for sure, the world is in danger!

The third name was Vincent. Confucius knows him very well. He also knows that he is very careless. when Confucius went there Vincent was sitting and meditating. He concluded that everybody had their own scroll in which the trick(s) are explained, from the last two parts of his mission. So he started to search everywhere and found it very easily. He took it and ran away. Will nobody will come to stop him or will the world die under Confucius's hand?

The fourth was Peale. Nobody in that city will stay without knowing this guy. He was a very famous guy in the city. Confucius silently entered his by the window and came out with the scroll. Yes, he stoll it. For sure, the world is going to die in his hands!

The fifth name was Emerson. But this time he planned a new plan which was acting a drama. Confucius, actually dosen't knows him. Like his second part of his mission, he found it out by means of some other person. As he enterd his house, both looked at each other, strangely. Confucius begin “the time has arived for you my son?”. “what time?” Emerson asked immediatly. “the time which Teflon said”. Emerson blinked. “he didn't tell you. OK fine, I will inform you. A man will come and ask you the scroll and you should give it to him or else the world will not be saved from the demons. Everybody had given it and you are remaining. The man had arrived and he is before you, standing and telling you the story!” said Confucius in a low voice. Emerson belived what he said and gave away his scroll! What the hell is going on in this world!!

The sixth name is Fernandez. A very difficult guy to be fought with. So he silently sneaked into his house. But unfortunatly, fernandez found him. Thus a fight begin! Fernandez was too powerful to be fought with. So Confucius was punched, kicked, thrown her and there. Now I think the world is saved. But what is this? Confuicus has again cheated by using a glass tumbler which was kept in the table in the fight! Now even a great master Fernandez has been killed! Then he searched everywhere for the scroll and finally found it. Then he took it, and ran away. The situation is getting bad and bad!

The seventh name was Knox. Again a very famous name in the city. Although he was wounded very badly, he never let his hope go off. He silently went inside and came out silently with the scroll in his hands. I am telling to the world that we are going to die ultimately in the hands of Confuicus like #^%!$~%^& !!!

The eight name was Sinclair. Just one more task for Confuicus. Sinclair is the last, but not the least! The most powerful, the most sharp, the most intelligent, among the members of the list. Now a very difficult task for Confuicus. As he was wounded badly, he thought of having a pair of days as rest. Lets see what happens after those days. He thought for having 2 days but ended up for a week. But annyway, he is ready now. Confuicus went to Sinclair's house. At the door step he saw Sinclair standing. so Confuicus thought of getting through the back of his house. But suddenly “I know you are out there Confuicus” said Sinclair “welcome I was just waiting for your arrival only. You seem to have arrived here too late isn't it?”. Looks like Sinclair is already aware of his arrival by the means of other people in the list. Then Confuicus came inside the compond wall. Then the fight begin once again. But this time Confuicus used the tricks which fernandez had used on him. But that didn't seem to work out. Sinclair jumped over Confuicus and punched on his face. But his move lasted for only a few seconds. Then Confuicus pearsed his neck with his sharp uncut nails to put him to death. With a heay and long time of fight, Confuicus won! How did this happen? This shoudn't happen! He searched for the scroll in his house and finally took it away to his house. His mission has been completed. Now as I said the world is going to become #^%!$~%^& !!!

Then he practised all the tricks in his house and finally was aware of how to do the tricks. Will nobody come to stop this guy or will the world die under his hands? Then he said to himself “AT LAST THE TIME HAS COME FOR ME TO CONQUER THE WORLD!” and ended his words with an evil laugh. What is going to happen next? Wow, what is this? Someone throwed a sharp knife into his mouth while he was laughing which killed him! Who is that hero? Its none other than Newhart, a great enemy of Confucius whom I had mentioned before, sitting in the roof! He dosen't know anything about Confucius's plan. So he just went away without even seeing the scrolls. Nobody would have expected this ending because even I didn't expect. So you should know a thing. EVIL MINDS CAN NEVER WIN OVER THE GOOD DEEDS!

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