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Chapter 2 (v.1) - the creature

Submitted: September 28, 2016

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Submitted: September 28, 2016



I saw the mysterious creature. The creature was giving out groaning noises as if it were in pain, I start backing away from the creature I was trembling in fear I tried to move but my body wouldn’t respond. I could hear my heart pounding as I tried to breathe, the creature glared at me with red eyes. It looked as though it was trying to get up, I realized the creature had a critical wound and was weak.


 “Help me” it murmured. I froze in confusion. It spoke? “You can speak?” I saw the creature slowly trying to pick itself up, it was heading towards me! What should I do, I don’t know, think Hana. Should I help it? The creature suddenly collapsed. It was going to die right in front of me and I couldn’t help it. I would never be able to accept that. I grabbed my bag and quickly pulled out the bandages that Lilly gave me in case if anything happened and started wrapping his wound. He flinched a little and grunted, once I was done I wondering what he is cause he’s not human that’s for sure.


He looked somewhat human, he has red hair with the colour of fire and red eyes. Before though he looked different, I start packing the bandages. “I need to go home before it gets late”.  I was starting to walk back until something grabbed my hand, I turned around in confusion as I saw it was awake. It got up and was pulling deep inside the cave I tried to hold back but it was no use. Suddenly there was a flash of light it nearly blinded me. I tried to get my vision back, I noticed that we weren’t in the cave anymore.


I was trying figure out where we were. It was dark and foggy not to mention cold, I could hear echoes as the wind gave a soft whistling sound. I looked around for the creature but it was not here. I need to get back home dad’s goanna be worried, but which way do I go? How do I get back?

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