Overwork Mistake

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This short story is about a normal everyday man, Jake. Jake worked overnight for extra cash, but little did he know something bad was about to happen.

Submitted: September 26, 2016

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Submitted: September 26, 2016



Overwork Mistake


Have you ever had a bad day before? Well I bet you never had a bad day as bad as my best friend Jake.

Jake is a normal worker with a normal job and a normal life, but this day was something else. Jake was working overtime at his office. He was very tired from working all day and now he has to work all night.

Jake rubbed his tired eyes and dragged the mouse to Google chrome, so he can check on his Email, but then he heard a huge sound of a window shattering right next to his small office.

Jake got up from his wheeling chair, and ran to the source of the sound, but he went anywhere he took the keyboard from his computer with him with him.

When he finally made it to the window he found something else than just a broken window. He saw a huge lady with blue rough painted force and she was holding a huge baseball bat. Jake knew talking to her wasn't going to work, so he walked towards her very slowly. 

  The girl then grabed her bagged off the floor, but the woman didn't even have chance to turn around because Jake right then and there, threw his keyboard at the woman’s head.

The woman then fell to the floor, but she was still very alive. Jake saw that the woman is still awake,so he picked the keyboard and he was getting to throw again.

"That's enough Jake" I said to him while coming out of the darkness from behind.Then I puhcned Jake in the face and put him in a head lock, and I slowly choked him.

Night, night Jake, don’t ever hurt my wife again; than I slaped his neck with my hands and slam his head against the metal wall and left him their for the police.


Written by Dylan Gaskins


© Copyright 2017 dylan d.g.. All rights reserved.

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