Gone Forever

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A little girl Madeleine McCann went on a vacation to Praia da Luz, a resort in the Algarve region of Portugalwith her parents Gerry and Kate and never came home. This is her story of how to shouldn't of happened. A story of the cover up

Submitted: September 26, 2016

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Submitted: September 26, 2016




This is the story of how a little girl went missing. Some of the details have never been printed before in the English speaking world.

A little girl Madeleine McCann went on a vacation to Praia da Luz, a resort in the Algarve region of Portugalwith her parents Gerry and Kate and never came home. This is her story of how to shouldn't of happened. A story of the cover up, the three different statements her parents gave to the police and most important the people that her parents went with.

We must go back almost a year to understand the events that caused Madeleine's disappearance and look close at the Gerry and Kate McCann and their friends. Gerry and Kate used to go and host parties. All the adults would bring their children with them. We don't have much evidence of want went on but two of the children and one female adult did inform UK police of what happened. The best information came from a twelve year old girl who in her statement described the following. Her parents would make her stand by Kate McCann all evening, it is not known where Gerry McCann was. The girl also said that the other children would not be by their parents they would be standing by different adults. Kate was friends with one of the adults Jenny who was in around thirty and Jenny would always have a ten year old boy with her that she wasn't the parent of. Jenny's own small baby she would always have in a front facing baby carrier.

The style of carrier Jenny carried her child in. This is NOT Jenny

Like the girl the ten year old boy would always have to stay with Jenny.

Kate and Jenny would always play a game with them and the twelve year old girl described it in her statement. Kate and Jenny would remove their shoes the children would have to try on run past Kate and Jenny and, the girl also not in her shoes trying to run in her skirt. If Kate stopped the girl Kate always held her with her arms for a while. If Jenny stopped the boy she would always hold him by the neck, Jenny would still be wearing the baby carrier as she run after him. This game would be played a few times when the adults had been drinking. No other adults played this game it is not known what the other children at the party were doing.

This pair of boots Kate would wear to the party and remove for the running game. The girl sometimes would have to carry them for kate.

Photo from Kate's phone showing a fourteen year old in boots. The girl said Kate made the teenager give her the boots.

UK Police photo showing the teenagers boots found in Kate's house.

Kate at one of the partys, taken on Jenny's phone.


The adults and children always stayed the night at the location of the party. The twelve year old girl would not say much about the night only that she slept in the same room as Kate McCann, Gerry McCann would never sleep in the room with them. The boy would always sleep in the same room as Jenny. The Girl knew this because he would be seen going in the bedroom with her Jenny would still be wearing the baby carrier. It is not known where Madeleine slept but the girl said she always had a Disney night dress on at night time. In the morning the girl would see the boy with Jenny he would be in his night clothing and Jenny would be in her night dress holding her baby. What went on with the children in the bedrooms as never been placed on record. The very same group of people all went on vacation together at Praia da Luz and it is from there that Madeleine would be missing never to be seen again. One night something would happen that no one has yet got to the bottom of.

They arrived at Praia da Luz on 28th April 2007 along with their friends seven adults and eight children in all. Gerry and Kate were placed in 5A a two-bedroom, ground-floor apartment in the fifth block of a group of apartments known as Waterside Village. Kate kept the door to the apartment locked at all times and the windows shutters closed. In the day the children were place in the children's club only seeing their parents at night. The nights all played out the same way the girls statement is clear on this. The children would be all placed in one of the apartments and the adult would spend the evening drinking at Tapas restaurant which was on the site but Gerry and Kate McCann would not see their apartment from where they were.

When the adults returned from Tapas restaurant girls statement made to UK police is clear on what happened. Every night the children would be collected from the apartment they had been placed in. The boy would go with Jenny along with her child to Kate's apartment, her husband wouldn't go with them. The girl would go with Kate to her apartment Garry McCann would never go with them. It is not known where he slept every night. Kate would dress Madeleine in her night clothing but it isn't known which apartment she slept in. Every night Kate, the girl and Jenny along with the boy and her child would sleep in Kate's apartment, Jenny using the second bedroom. The day before Madeleine went missing Kate and Jenny were shouting at Madeleine for most of that morning and at one point spanked her. Jenny later that day spanked her again after shouting at her. The girl didn't know what was wrong but it was unusual for it to happen twice in a day. The evening began as normal the children were placed in an apartment and the adults drank at the Tapas restaurant. The children were collected and taken by the adults. That night the lights all went on and Jenny shouted at her to dress. The boy was already dressed and Jenny was dressing herself whilst she was shouting. It was not clear where Kate was at this time because the girl found it difficult to speak about what happened in the bedroom and she wasn't pressed to by the UK police. Jenny walked the boy to his parents apartment and told him to get into bed. Jenny them did the same with the girl.

In the morning all the children were told never to speak about them moving apartments in the night, this was now the day that Kate and Gerry said Madeleine went missing. The day went the same but Madeline would not be seen by the children they were told she was ill. When night came the children were place in their parents apartments whilst the adult went to Tapas restaurant. The parents checked on the children throughout the evening, until Madeleine's mother discovered she was missing at 22:00. Kate run back to Tapas and shouted she has gone they have taken her, who is they. Two officers from the gendarmerie arrived at the resort at 23:10 from Lagos, five miles away. At midnight, after briefly searching, they alerted the criminal police the latter said their officers arrived within 10 minutes of that alert. Two patrol dogs were brought to the resort at 2 am and four search-and-rescue dogs at 8 am. Police officers had their leave cancelled and started searching waterways, wells, caves, sewers and ruins. Around 20 people entered apartment 5A before it was closed off. It was a similar situation arose outside the apartment. A crowd gathered by the front door of 5A, including next to the children's bedroom window through which an abductor may have entered or left An officer dusted the bedroom window's exterior shutter for fingerprints wearing gloves or other protective clothing. Border and marine police were given descriptions of Madeleine and officers made extensive door-to-door inquiries. According to Madeleine's mother, roadblocks were first put in place at 10 am the next morning but locals say the road blocks happened in minutes. Police did requested motorway surveillance pictures of vehicles leaving Praia da Luz that night and of the road between Lagos and Vila Real de Santo António on the Spanish border. Interpol were issue a global missing-person alert. However Madeleine was nowhere to be found to date.

An early indication for the McCann's that the tide was turning against them publicly came on 6 June 2007, when a German journalist asked them during a press conference in Berlin whether they were involved in Madeleine's disappearance. On 30 June the first of a series of articles critical of the couple appeared in Sol, a Portuguese weekly. The reporters had the names and mobile numbers of the Tapas Seven and at least one other witness, so there appeared to have been a leak from within the inquiry. Much was made of apparent inconsistencies within and between the McCann's and their friends statements. Among the inconsistencies was whether the McCann's had entered the apartment by the front or back door when checking on the children. According Gerry McCann he told them during his first interview on 4 May 2007 that they had entered 5A through the locked front door for his 21:05 and her 22:00 checks and in a second interview on 10 May that he had entered through the unlocked patio doors at the back. There was also an inconsistency regarding whether the front door had been locked that night. Another issue was the exterior shutter over Madeleine's bedroom window. Kate McCann said the shutter and window were closed when Madeleine was put to bed, and both were open when she discovered Madeleine was missing. Her husband told the Police that when he was first alerted to the disappearance he had lowered the shutter then had gone outside and discovered that it could be raised from the outside. The police said the shutter could not be raised from the outside without being forced, but there was no sign of forced entry. The shutter was made of non-ferrous metal slats linked together on a roller blind that was housed in a box at the top of the inside window, controlled by pulling on a strap. The shutter was gravity-fed once rolled down the slats locked in place outside the window and could only be raised using the strap on the inside. The discrepancy contributed to the view of the Police that there had been no abduction.

Blinds on window outside childs bedroom.

Even Kate's shout of they've taken her was viewed with suspicion, as though she had been paving the way for an abduction story. The suspicions developed into the theory that Madeleine had died in the apartment as a result of an accident and that her parents had hidden her body for a month, before retrieving her and driving her to an unknown place in a car they had hired over three weeks after the disappearance.

Sniffer dogs were taken to the apartments and give signals that Madeleine's DNA had been in the boot of a rented car. At this point the police abandoned the theory of an abduction but no charges have been given out. The girls statement to UK police and the DNA can't be used on its own to bring charges. Whatever happened to Madeleine we will never know but what we do know is that there was three changes of statements by the adults, different statements by the adults on what happened the night before. What caused the panic to the parents the night before causing the changing of rooms and all the panic.


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