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If I let you into my heart will you crush it or care for it?

Submitted: September 26, 2016

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Submitted: September 26, 2016





I have given you the power to entirely crush my heart

Or if you really want to, you can tear it right apart.


I’ve given you free entry, I’ve opened it to you

And now you’ll get to choose just what you’re going to do.


You can fill it up with poison, infect it with despair,

All you’d have to do for that is say you just don’t care.


You can cut it with a knife, or shoot it with a gun,

It doesn’t really matter if to you it’s just some fun.


You can plant a bomb and cause an internal explosion

Or just pour in lots of acid to cause terminal erosion.


You can drop it to the ground and pound it with your foot,

You can light a big inferno ‘til there’s nothing left but soot.


All of this and so much more you have the power to do,

Since I made that one decision that meant I had trusted you.


But you can still be gentle, you can still be kind;

The decision it is up to you for I don’t really mind.


You can treat it with honesty and loyalty and care,

Then I’d be quite happy just to let you still stay there.



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