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dedicated to my angel, all i want you is to exist.

prologue p1
1st january, 2014
anger, frustration, tension, fear, anxiety and a mixture of some of the other negative emotions were hideously trying to snatch my breath away when he locked himself in his room. he had his specific ways of shockingly surprising people around him. this was the best of them. i would better say, this was the best of worst from him.

‘aadvik please. i beg you. open the door. what the hell is wrong with you? come out right now.’ i was repeatedly knocking his door on intervals since morning. and he had shown no respect for that. this was quite a haphazard panorama, and i had no idea of how to handle the state of affairs. sometimes i shouted as loud enough as i could. sometimes i tried the soft therapy. nothing worked.

we were alone in the house since 2 days. our family, which consists of his mom, dad, his little brother and his twin sister (though they appear different, as they are.) and my mom and dad. my mom was his in law sister. they went for a tour this new year to their native place together. i had my exams. he was not in a mood to go. he never is. so we stayed.

everything was so normal. most of the time, i was unaccompanied. he used to stay out of the house which was perfectly fine for me. living with him is same as living with a graceful monkey who could outburst whenever he wants and whatever he wants. we used to have long chats in the night about our school life and different aspects like love and all. i must admit he was a good debater. and yes how can i forget, his cooking was lovely. he was too slow though.

we had met after quite a long time. in fact, after 8 long years because of some family drama of my mama. it was all excellent, until this morning when he received his phone, talked for a while and then all of a sudden the mobile phone was in pieces.

i never thought he could do that. he loved his mobile phone. since then, he had locked himself in the room. and now i had no idea how to deal with it. actually you never know how to deal with this boy. he is as unpredictable as anyone could ever be.

‘aadvik, enough is enough. i want you to open the door right now or i am gonna call your mother. it is as exhausting at it ever gets.’ i tried once more. it was useless. not even a small squeak was coming out from the room. that was scary. what if he had done something to himself? no he can’t, he loves himself more than anyone else in this world. then? what if he is just sleeping and ignoring me since morning? yes he can do that, you never know what this guy can come up with. but being his elder sister, i could not leave him like this. i was given responsibility to take care of everything. i was clueless what to do next.

the best idea that came up in my small but useful mind was to break the door. that was the only option left. putting the whole strength i was left with, i banged the door several times. the door was too strong, or i should say, i was too weak. now what, what should i do? should i call his mom and dad? no, i don’t want to spoil their vacation, but this was imperative. and then i heard a knock on the main door.

i ran towards it. mishra uncle. oh what a relief.

before he could say anything, i announced my state of concern, ‘oh uncle it’s so so good to see you. i am badly in need of some help. aadvik has locked himself in his room since morning. i haven’t heard a single noise from in there.’

‘why? what? come let’s see.’ we both came in. he looked tensed. well, anybody would be. this boy is seriously crazy. and when i use the word serious, i genuinely mean it.
‘have you informed your parents?’ he asked still knocking, to be precise, banging the door as loudly as possible.

‘no.’ i replied. i don’t want to disturb them. you know this boy and his silly pathetic jokes. i am still confused that if is he still playing or what!’ oh yes. he might have plugged in his earphones, watching movies, listening songs. he might have dozed off and ignored everything. a kind of natural psycho.

‘they would be more disturbed when they would come back and see this. call them right now. there is no option left. for now, let’s break the door.’ yes he was right, but i was still not in a mood of informing anyone.

‘ok. but first break the door.’ judging him by his healthy physique, he could easily do that. he nodded went a bit away and sped up towards the door. and then just before the fraction of impact, the door opened itself. he fell with a bang on the study table inside the room. all the books were onto him, and he was rewarded with a cut on his left hand for helping me and my maniac brother. but that was not important; the important thing was the door opened. there he was lying on the bed.

perhaps he had already opened the door when mishra uncle was asking me to inform our parents. i was confirmed by him later. without bothering about uncle i ran towards him. his face was facing the wall and his eyes were blankly staring it. oh! he was crying, yes he was. for the time ever, i have seen him crying.

‘what happened?’ uncle came and asked me. his hand was bleeding, but no one cared, except himself though.

‘yes aadvik? what the hell is wrong with you? are you really out of your mind? you maniac selfish fellow! what do you want to prove? and why are you crying?’ ignoring me, he kept on staring the wall and then suddenly, he sobbed. something was wrong. something was terribly wrong.

i thanked uncle for helping me. he was still worried about aadvik but i told him this is normal for him. he told me to call our parents as quickly as possible and left.
i closed the main door. it was 7:00 in the evening. night had closed in too quickly. winter season. spine chilling cold. and my new year greeted me in the best possible way. thanks to my cheeky brother. i cursed him, and then myself for staying back with him this new year. there was the moon adoring me, it was lovely, but then i didn’t have enough time to adore it back. what if he would have locked himself again? i ran back. no he hadn’t. but there was a bigger problem. he hadn’t moved an inch and was still lying the same way as i had left.

‘aadvik. this is really very scary. i have never seen you like this. please tell me what has happened.’ his behavior, the way he was crying suggested that he was in some kind of emotional pain. i asked him again and again but he was not responding to anything. what could be the possible reasons? may be a break up, the most common and dramatic painful event in a teenage life. but he wasn’t a guy who could have a girlfriend. his behavior, his looks, his personality could never earn him that. well whatever it is, i had to know.

i went to him, caressed his hair and asked. ‘please tell na what has happened. you have eaten up my new year day and i am still not angry. but this is enough. i can’t take it anymore please.’

‘leave me alone.’ this was the first time he spoke. he was in somewhat pain, his voice was broken which defined his broken state of mind.

‘no. not anymore. i have already left you alone since morning. that has caused me enough trouble. and i am not gonna leave you like this. tell me what has happened! right now!’ though he was fighting for not getting up, i kept on forcing him, which for me was not at all a good idea. he pushed me hardly on the wall, i fell down, my favorite bracelet broke and some of its pieces pierced into my hand. that was enough for the day. i couldn’t handle anything more than that and passed out.

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Submitted: September 26, 2016

Dedicated to my angel, all I want you is to exist.       ... Read Chapter