For My Bella

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A poem I wrote for my daughter and thought i'd share it with everyone

Submitted: September 26, 2016

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Submitted: September 26, 2016



So precious is my little girl. Nothing to give but a smile that completes my world 
And like her mother i could never find another. 
Putting her before anything you do when your the most selfish man. 
For having a child changes your world like nothing else can. 

Throwing myself in front of anything to insure your protection 
Cause in my heart there is a special section 
A place where a man has no walls 
Where I pick you up through countless falls 
A place where I will be your Superman 
Never turning you down when you said daddy I can 
For me to never let go and hold your hand 
• To make all your dreams come true from top to bottom just as you planned 

From when I hold you cause you cannot walk 
when your gripping my hands while trying to talk 

Until your old enough to talk back 
While I’m still seeing you as you were from behind your back 

Then your leaving and going away for awhile 
Grinning but last thing on my mind is a smile 

You come home and rejoin my life 
The perfect family we always were my bells and my perfect wife 

Then your helping me while I can’t walk 
Even if I couldn’t stand I know you will be there to hold my hand 
Like I did when you were young 
Where we didn’t know what to do and what we had begun 

when you came in with a big grin 
The moment when my selfishness grew thin 
And my love bloomed for you and your mother 
When I realized I’m here forever my life is perfect and I couldn’t imagine another 

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