Is the educational system obsolete?

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Note that part one words are mostly taken from Prince EA last speech. The idea here isn't to steal his words, but to introduce the subject reformulating and using few sentences that are very clear and don't need to be changed to help everyone to understand, and then emphasize on how I personally think we could help the system to evolve.
I submitted the idea of a solution proposed in part two to 'NESTE EDUCYCLE' that was seriously taken into consideration.
One more time, the idea is to come along with part of a solution, not only using Prince EA's words to describe the problem, that most of us are already aware of.

Submitted: September 27, 2016

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Submitted: September 26, 2016





In the last 150 years, a lot of things have changed all over the world. Cars are going faster, phones are getting smaller, and new planets are being discovered. Can the same be said about the educational system? If we compare classes from 1900 with those of today, we can truly say that they are quite similar. This forces us to wonder why school remains the same, when it should aspire to evolve, which translates into change. 


Albert Einstein once said "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid". At that time, he was already alluding to the educational system, about 80 years ago. 

Is it because we want to train people to work in factories, which explains why we put students in straight rows nice and neat, telling them to raise their hand if they want to speak and spend eight hours what to think?

How can one teacher stand in front of tens of students, each one having different strengths, different needs, different weaknesses, different dreams and we keep teaching the same thing the same way?

Students are put in competition to get an A, but I would support the idea that competition does not necessarily lead to better results. If we take Frederick J.Kelly's words, the man who invented standardized testing, I quote "these tests are too crude to be used and should be abandoned". How can a multiple choice question determine success? Most of the graduate students claim that 80% of their knowledge does not come from school, but from their own experience in life. School gives you a lesson and then comes a test ; whereas in life, you are given many tests every day that teach you a lesson. 

Nowadays, we need people who think creatively, innovatively and independently, with the ability to connect. Creativity comes from the freedom to express its ideas and the opportunity to develop what students do best. The educational system should promote collaboration instead of competition, forcing students to work together, as they are going to work with other colleagues in the future. 

If we are able to customize healthcare, phones, or Linkedin pages, it is our duty to do the same for the educational system. Why would we keep teaching the same thing the same way when everyone is unique?



Not only to criticize, I feel the need to come along with part of a solution. 


As a student in a business management school, I realized that the percentage of the information retained after a class depends on the attitude I had toward the class. I would easier  keep in mind the things that I have learnt and that I think are relevant to me. Some classes are compulsory and have to be passed to move forward, while you can choose from a number of different courses that are offered. Surely it helps when you have the opportunity to choose a class since it should be the one you're the most interested in, but I was thinking beyond this point. 

Learning should come along with interest for the subject. Thus, I was imagining and trying to conceive a template that could be adjusted to every single student, while allowing them to be in touch with all the different aspects that it concerns. 


The creation of a company from scratch would fit and answer a lot of questions that students can have in mind. It would start with the definition of a need, either a product or a service, followed by a marketing study to check whether there is a real target market for the offered product. Then students would have to find suppliers, knowing the price they are willing to pay based on the product price, which leads us to the financial and accounting aspect of the project, before launching the product and developing an efficient communication strategy. 

In this particular case, we would be studying and working on something concrete. Students are no longer required to learn to get a grade. They are neither in competition since every project would be unique, nor classified or ranked but they would rather tend to collaborate, just as the works market does. 




Thank you Richard Williams for the positive vibes you share. 

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Is the educational system obsolete?

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