Ten Months

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Submitted: September 26, 2016

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Submitted: September 26, 2016



I felt like everything was falling apart, had no hope or motivation. Then I saw his face, his dark green eyes looking at me and he smiled. It was the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen and I will never forget.

I fell in love with him at that moment. He then said “Hi” and I felt my legs weak. I can still feel my heart beating fast every time I think about that particular moment. I felt a connection that made me realize he was the man of my dreams. He was the man of my happy ending.

We had an amazing conversation, we shared our secrets and desires with one another. We knew right there that we were soulmates. How could I be so lucky to find the love of my life in a warm night in California sitting at a bar?

He told me he was in the military and would be deployed in two months. That’s when it hit me: Love is not easy as we wish. He was going to combat. It might sound silly because we met 45 minutes ago, but my heart stopped beating for a few seconds. I was in love, it was love at first sight and now I felt like I was losing him already.

We started seeing each other everyday, we were living the moment and enjoying everything together as we were together for years. We made love so many times. I’ve never felt so happy and scared at the same time. Scared of loving him too much and losing him.

The day of his departure came and when he left I cried for weeks. We would exchange emails whenever possible talking about our future together, marriage, traveling the world together and we both agreed we wouldn’t want to have kids, so I knew for certain he was the man for me.

Hours and days were dragging, I missed him so much and my heart was sad from being apart of the love of my life. I couldn’t wait another minute to see him again and having him by my side.

Seven months had passed when he finally came back to me. I felt happy again, for a brief moment. He was not the same man who left. He was different, cold, aloof, distant. He was sick. He was sad. He was in pain. And there was nothing I could do to help him. I tried getting help and I tried giving my support and understanding. But nothing seemed to help.

One day he told me he was going away for a while, that he needed to be alone, he said he loved me and he left.

I could not understand what was going on, but my heart knew something was wrong. The love of my life was leaving me forever.

His body was found in his truck on a road in Palm Desert. He shot himself in the head sitting next to a bottle of Rum.

The love of my life left me when he went to war and he never came back.

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