Blue Marlin: Late Night Ramblings

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Insomnia inspired this.

Submitted: September 26, 2016

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Submitted: September 26, 2016



Debate night.

Why do they make you excited about it?

What is exciting about two elderly people arguing about things that neither one of them has interest in?

If I really wanted to listen to elderly people argue, I would go to a Sizzler buffet and watch them argue over the last bit of Jello left in the dish.

I'm not really interested in Politics. I mean this year I took a larger interest. I had a candidate and hell, I even went to a campaign rally. No it wasn't Trump or Clinton.

2016 has to be the year where everything you have ever thought about life and the human condition has to go out the door. Certain things normally people wouldn't be interested in are now the current norm. It's funny how a kid raised in 1990's culture can grow up in a 21st Century that makes 1984 look like a dress rehersal. 

The thing that gets me is this idea that we need to "Fact Check". All that really is, is the idea of a child running to their parent saying "Mommy, is it true? No it isn't." The only thing missing is the people being put in time out for saying the stupid thing in the first place. It is amazing how simplicity can turn into complications.

I watched the debate tonight. My friends Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and Johnnie Walker. We had a good time watching Grandma and Grandpa arguing on the stage. 100 million people watching as their Grandchild, asking questions and occasionally reminding them that they could be wrong about what they said. We all had quite the laugh. It was a joke of a debate. The worst TV show I have ever seen in my life. (Even beats the Geico Caveman TV series they did. Let that sink in).


I love Turner Classic Movies. It is a great channel. It's a movie lovers History Channel, if you will. It represents a time when life was simplistic. When everything was more defined into black and white. It was more of a well oiled machine. You had the standard bad guy types, the handsome leading men and the gorgeous women. Women when they weren't photoshopped and put on ridiculous magazines. You had funny sidekicks that always got the hero into trouble, but came through to help start saving the day. I really dig those movies.

Especially when the host tells you things with as much sincerity and seriousness as you could truly find. I was recently watching "Citizen Kane". Starring one of my personal heroes, Orson Welles. If you haven't watched it, I recomend it. Great movie, excellent script and just some of the most innovative filming techniques at the time. They even hold up today, considering the movie was made in the early 1940's.

The host, an elderly gentleman who had clearly watched every single movie aired on the channel 150 times over told the audience of this fact:

"Welles was only 26 when he made this movie. Let that sink in. 26 years old. Clearly at a young age, the genius was well defined."

So I let that sit. 26. Well I'm 28. What the hell have I accomplished?  I've traveled around the world, I have an incredible 3 year old son. I'm getting better at my writing. (At least I think I am. Perhaps someone could tell me?) 

To make a movie at that age. Good lord, I don't if I can do it. 

Damn you, TCM host! You know, I'm just gonna stick with HBO from now on.


I tried a new meal the other day. A friend of mine made Grilled Blue Marlin with Breaded Crust and Shrimp Scampi. It was real impressive. Honestly one of the best meals I had ever had. I almost wanted to ask where did the inspiration come from. My friend later told me that he was inspired by Anthony Bourdain.

I like Bourdain a lot. His shows and books are some of the things I treasure the most. He has an incredible No BS factor about him that is appealing. The places he goes are some that make you wanna pack a bag and just go for it. It brings out the novice traveler in all of us. Nights when you are watching the Travel Channel and are secretly planning your dream vacation. TV is truly the best travel agent around.

My personal dream vacation would probably have to be Montana. I have drove through it with my parents as a child, but never explored it as an adult. It has a unique history and culture to it that makes it appealing. The Rockie Mountains run through it and also Yellowstone National Park is in it.

The more I sit and daydream, the more I wanna backpack for a month through Montana. The wind blowing through the mountains. The sunrises and sunsets with beautiful colors cast along some pretty vistas. Simplicty of it all is very appealing. It's like the slogan I saw on TV. It has to be true:

The Mountains Are Calling and I Must Go.


Have you ever listened to a song and a particular image is in your head? As a writer I find that this helps me when looking for story ideas and characters to go along with this. Lately I have found myself doing something I thought I would never do in my adult life:

Listen to Country Music.

I will explain. As a child growing up in small town Idaho in the early 1990's, everybody listened to Garth Brooks. To clarify, Garth Brooks was to us what Jesus is to Baptists. The only person that mattered. His music was blaring through pick up truck radios and even home radios. All the young boys in our town had this standard outfit: Tight Wranglers, big boots, funky shirts and an oversized cowboy hat. I don't remember if we wore a belt buckle but you get the idea. 

His song told stories that no 5 year old could understand but there we were singing "Friends in Low Places" at the daycare. I look back on those times and shudder. It sends chills down my spine when my parents show the outfits they put me in. Luckily as I got older I discovered classic rock and folk. But lately, my tastes have been turning to country.

There is a certain element in the storytelling that is appealing. I tend to look at the lyrics more than I listen to the singers. Stories are what capture our attention. They are what draw us in, that peak our curiosity. Stories as a matter fact, are our livelyhoods. They keep us in business as writers.

If I get writer's block, I blame Garth Brooks. It was all his fault.


Why do left handed people get such a bad rap? Seriously, it is amazing how being left handed gets you some funny looks and comments from people. I was recently signing for a package at a Fed Ex store. I grabbed the pen with my left hand and started to sign my name. The lady grabbed my wrist. I turned to look at her. Her jaw was on the floor.

I asked what was wrong.

"Your left handed," She said.

"I'm sorry," I said. Immediately wondering why I was sorry.

She leaned in closer to me. "How do you survive?" She asked.

"That's easy. Drinking." I said.


"Of course.I don't want the right hand to find out what lefty has been up to." I said.

For the last time, it doesn't matter if your left handed or right. The world is screwed up for everybody.

But on the bright side. We have the whole world in our hands.

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