Death of the American Dream

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An ironic loss of liberty in America

Submitted: September 26, 2016

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Submitted: September 26, 2016



Death of the American Dream




Here is an observation of a death.  In this case it happens to be the death of the American dream and how it will occur.  The United States of America has an "Achilles heel" of sorts which has come about due to a number of righteous choices it has made.  From the very beginning, the philosophy of this country has been the right of the individual do to what he pleases so long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others.  We call this liberty.


This freedom was so imbued into the soul of this country that when a tenable constitution was finally installed shortly after the failure of the Articles of Confederation had been realized, ten amendments (known as the "Bill of Rights") were immediately passed to guarantee these freedoms.  Unfortunately, these freedoms will be whittled away to nothing by the process built into our form of government.


You see, our form of government is call a democratic republic.  This is where the general populace elects people to govern the country.  From the local township trustees to the president of the United States, the people elect their representatives via majority vote.  These representatives then pass laws and regulations  to ensure a more orderly society.  The passage of these laws result in what is termed "restrictive freedom"; that is, one is free to act as one pleases within the scope of their moral responsibilities AND the law.  This presents an interesting, but ironic conundrum.


In order to get elected to office, a candidate promises to "do" something for the people.  This almost always involves enacting legislation.  Enacting legislation means passing new laws and/or regulations, which results in more "restrictive freedom".


It doesn't take an Einstein to reasonably deduce that the longer a democratic republic is in existence, the more laws are passed; which consequently restrict freedom with each and every new law.  Granted, law is necessary for an orderly society, but no matter how well meaning the law appears, it still legally restrains one's actions in one way or the other.


This is the "Achilles heel" to which I earlier referred.  The longer a democratic republic remains in existence, the less liberty an individual has; and although a country is purportedly founded upon individual liberty, restrictive freedom eliminates that liberty through the passage of excessive laws and regulations.  This is exactly the kind of self-destruction that a long-standing democratic republic form of government guarantees.


Here is an example of what I speak.  I have bird feeders in my back yard which are visited by many kinds of birds.  Occasionally, a hawk is attracted by these large numbers of birds and swoops in to get a meal (i.e. a feeding bird) for itself.  In the ensuing ruckus, the hawk loses a feather or two before flying away with its meal of mourning dove.  The Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 prohibits one from possessing ANY raptor part (including feathers).  A hawk is a raptor.  I am now guilty of breaking Federal Law because a hawk lost a feather in an attack on a mourning dove feeding at my bird feeder.  [The feather is on my property.  According to the voluminous drug laws now in effect, any marijuana plant which is found on my property (whether I'm aware of it or not) is my responsibility.  Hence, the hawk feather on my property is now in my possession - especially if I pick it up to show my grandchildren.]


You may think this is inconsequential, but The New York Bill of Rights Defense Campaign lists the following erosions to feedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights due to the "knee-jerk" Patriotic Act passed by our democratic republic in our post-9/11 paranoia:

1. 1st Amendment: nonviolent civil disobedience groups could now find themselves listed as terrorist groups

2. 1st Amendment: keepers of ANY records can be prosecuted if they reveal information on any of their clients during a government investigation

3.1st Amendment: the government may now monitor and infiltrate any group it wishes even without suspicion of criminal activity

4.  1st Amendment: you may now be investigated by the government because of statements (such as opposing the two-party system?) you've made within ANY group to which you belong

5.  4th Amendment: you are now subject to secret governmental searches and wiretaps in your home without showing "probable cause" (this include e-mails and ANY internet connections you make)

6.  5th and 6th Amendments:  United States citizens can now be detained without formal charges indefinitely if the government feels it is pursuing "terrorism"  (whatever that may mean)


As more and more law is heaped against our liberty, a sinister element is creeping into this state of affairs.  When this country was founded, morally responsible actions on the part of its citizens was held in high esteem, and indeed, considered patriotic.  The continual passage of legislation now REQUIRES us to behave in a specified manner, usurping these moral responsibilities, and lessening the esteem of this type of patriotism.

Yes, law is needed for an orderly society, but our country was founded upon individual liberty.  Our democratic republic form of government virtually guarantees the absolution of this liberty.  It has been said the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.  I couldn't agree more.


How will you react the next time a candidate states that they will "do something" for you...?  Perhaps it is time to elect candidates who will govern our country effectively and efficiently while preserving what liberty we have remaining.



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