Ahusta - the truth

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Submitted: September 27, 2016

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Submitted: September 27, 2016



Hello guys!!! I am Jane and I am a young, intelligent ghost. I have always wanted to know the truth of our existence, is it god or science? This truth can be revealed only after death. So, I was waiting for death to get near me. That happened, one rainy day; yeah! I died in a car accident, and you know, what’s so cool about that? I took the train of death alone and nobody accompanied me. I was happy about this, ‘cause nobody could copy my idea. My idea is telling the truth to everyone. I typed it in a high-tech, stylish and cool iPad. It has 100mbps speed internet for unlimited data, adventurous games, animated movies, blah blah blah, okay enough. I got over excited. Please don’t mind. So, after I died, I opened my eyes, lying in a cosy and soft bed. It was more than a comfy memory foam bed. Oh god! I could stay here for my whole lifetime. Just then, I remembered that I died an hour ago (I think so). Then, I started to look for someone to complete my quest of revealing the truth. There were two entrances, one to a creepy, stinky, dungeon like place called Terrendelle and another was a pleasant place called Arendelle. Suddenly, there came a handsome man dressed with a leather coat, paired with a fancy, satin-made tie and a rose attached in the pocket of it. He had fair skin, brown hair and lengthy eyebrows.

“Hello ma’am” he greeted with a smiling cheek. He continued “I am the one assigned to you to guide you in this world of wonder. According to the good deeds and sins you have done, the king has certified you as a good person, hence, providing you the license to enter Arendelle, the city for good souls. Please follow me, beautiful young lady.”

Great, I am a good person, even though I have once stolen my sister’s ruby pendant. When she found out, she called me a bad girl. I almost believed it. But now, it’s not true. I followed the guy and entered into Arendelle. Whoa! It was like in a fairy tale. The place was magnificent. I haven't seen such a beautiful place in my life, only after death I felt a breeze of refreshment slide through my soft skin. I suddenly felt cheerful and a small curve was formed in my face, right below my nose. Good memories flashed in my mind and filled my brain with nothing but happiness and joy. There were big olive trees, lakes with pure and clear water and giant mountains. Souls of various walks of life were living there chatting with each other, laughing and cracking jokes. It was so good to see people of different religion, caste, gender, skin colour live together. All people were dressed with long white robes, that I first mistook them for angels.

“You can go wherever you want.Visit the Entertainment centre when you are bored. You would be addicted to the games there. The game 'Sheriff Langdon's mystery is thrilling. Give it a shot" the guide exclaimed. That sounds good; no more rent, no more telephone bill, ony entertainmen. But what about food? OMG!! I can't live without eating. I think I said the last sentence aloud 'cause I saw him chuckling at me. I pursed my lips in embarassment. Silly me! :(

"You will get the food in the food mountain near the Entertainment center. I will let you know the other things later." 

“Now I am leaving you on your own. You can explore the wonders of this world. You can go and look up in the library in the west, if you have any doubts. Here, have the map of Arendelle. Have fun” the guide said and left.

The place was somewhat like Earth. But, the technology was much advanced than ours. 

I immediately went to the library and started reading a book with name ‘The history of Arendelle: Human soul edition’. It said.....We will continue after a short break, until then stay tune guys.

Ahhh! just kidding. I am gonna give a short summary of what I read in that book.

“Earth is not the first planet in which life started. It was created by thy ancestors. Thy ancestors were much more powerful than thee. The first planet in which people started living was Ahusta, the planet in which you are reading this book. First, small unicellular organisms were formed, then they gradually became organisms with superpowers and they called themselves as gods. They created trees, water, energy and atmosphere. As they gained full power and knowledge, they attention turned toward gaining control. They became vicious and wicked. Many wars between the good and the bad were fought. They were immortal, but a ferocious weapon of Ares (the war god who was the flame for this war) called Tera destroyed the soul of the gods. The warfield flooded with blood and heads with sightless eyes were rolling on the ground. This was the worst tragedy Ahusta has ever met. The gods who survived decided never to wage war against each other and they destroyed the Tera and killed god Ares by tricking him and sliced him into 10 segments and buried these segments in 10 parts of the world and built monument above it which protects us from the wicked Ares. This war is now known as ‘The Ahusta tragedy’. Rumours are there that Ares might rise again and control the whole world. But that will never happen. Then the gods created another planet called ‘Earth’ and made it suitable for organisms to exist. Then they took their genes and removed the information containing superpowers, so that peace would be established between the people. Many other natural resources were provided by the gods to the living organisms and let them develop these resources. Now they are halfway done in exploring the universe and life. When they reach the finishing line, they will become gods, which would again create war. So, they would be reprogrammed to ensure peace among the people. Ahusta was divided into two halves; one became the place of punishment and the other became the place of happiness. The king of Arendelle is the god of life, Filius. He administers the city and ensures the people are happy. The people, who wish to go to Earth again, can be sent to Earth with their memories erased. The king of Terrendelle is the god of wisdom, Carrus. He gives the humans suitable punishment for the sins they did. Then, they are sent back to Earth and given a chance to correct their mistakes they did.”

It’s almost 3 light days since I came here. I am trying to adjust to this lifestyle. Hope you believe what I say and keep it to you. I don’t want the gods to get furious on me for letting the humans know about Ahusta.

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