The Prison

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The detective, Christopher J. Merrick, is informed that in the middle of the night, 4 prisoners escaped, without a clue of a tunnel or a broken window.

Submitted: September 27, 2016

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Submitted: September 27, 2016



It was late. About 2 AM. It was a full moon. I walked to the town prison. The police called me, said there were 4 empty cells. When I arrived, I saw police outside. "The sherrif's waiting for you inside, detective." one of them said. I opened the door. "Oh, you've arrived. Don't let the inmates bother you." Said sheriff walter, as the prisoners started singing. The cells, were mostly empty, as one had a bed, one with a toilet, one with a chef hat, and one with a knife. "John henry in the kitchen!" One of the prisoners shouted. "Woah buck! Don't tell him!" Another one replied. I searched the room with the bed. It was completely empty. No hidden escape tunnel under the bed, No broken door, Nothing. Only a note. It said, "Berta, Berta." As soon as I picked it up, the prisoners started singing another song, Which had the lyrics, "Berta, Berta." I walked to the prison kitchen, and lit up the oven. The oven didn't make enough light to find a hidden clue in the paper. I kept searching for something that would make light. Nothing. I returned to the cells. The toilet cell had nothing. I looked at the chef hat. Nothing. I then looked inside the chef hat. It said, "Jo H." It had two missing letters. I walked to the last cell. The cell with the knife. The knife was a regular butcher knife, only if it stood on the handle, it would make the the letters, "hn". "What could hn mean...". I said to myself. I just had an idea. I took the chef hat, and placed the knife over the "Jo__H." It turned into, "John H." John henry! How did I not think of that before? John henry in the kitchen! Chef hat and butcher knife! I ran like the wind to the kitchen, and started searching. It was already 5 AM, and the prisoners started singing a morning song. I searched and searched, and searched... Until I heard something. It came from behind the oven. I moved the oven, and saw something I wouldn't believe. A man. He was just sitting there. "Are you John Henry?" I asked the man. He nodded yes. "First of all, nice job finding me. Second, Yes. I am John Henry." I was amazed. He is real. I couldn't believe my eyes. "So, do you know what happened with the four cells?" I asked. Again, he nodded yes. "The wind was strong, and the keys flew down to the floor, next to one of the cells, and he freed himself and three other inmates. Overnight, they've all escaped town. Now go, And don't tell anyone about me." I've later gone to the judge, with the prisoners, to free them. Although I kept the John Henry story between me and john. "Now tell me, do you all think there was such a man as john henry that really lived?" asked the judge. "The folk told so many different things about john henry and I don't believe in john henry and they said when he was a little baby you could hold him in the palm of your hand." Buck replied, and they've started singing again. this time though, a song about all the different john henry stories they heard of. A few hours of waiting for buck to talk with the judge were worth it, because when he came out, he came to me and said, "I'm going home son, I'm going home." I smiled. He got in the police car, where they brought him to his home. Whoever finds this bottle, throw the bottle and tear the paper. you can't show this to anyone. if anyone will even believe you found this paper in a bottle in the sea, they won't believe my story. Don't risk going to prison too. Be safe, Christopher J. Merrick.


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