Creative Writing #2 Bravery -- Heroic And Personal

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There is more than one way to be brave. Imaginarium House writing prompt 2.

Submitted: September 27, 2016

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Submitted: September 27, 2016



Bravery – Heroic and Personal.


The way I see it there are two main types of bravery; heroic bravery and personal bravery. Heroic bravery is seen in people who work in the rescue services, who are showing that just by their willingness to put themselves in a dangerous or threatening situation. Then there’s the civilian who finds themselves in an emergency situation where their actions can save the lives of others ie. With a burning car or building, somebody drowning etc. This is all viewed by society in general as brave (sometimes irresponsible in the case of the civilian) behaviour.


But what about the personal bravery which is occurring constantly around us; unseen, unrecognised for what it is? That moment you are dreading but you force yourself to go ahead – to ‘be brave’. It could be something from which only you will benefit; or perhaps will help family, friends, school etc.


Last year my daughter was chosen to sing solo in the school variety show. She was petrified about being on stage in front of 1500 people. She didn’t want to do it. She couldn’t do it. She was 14 years old and nervous as hell. A classmate was accompanying her on the piano but from off-stage so the spotlight was hers alone. She sang Professor Green’s ‘Read All About It’ as performed by Emeli Sande, and she got the audience crying, cheering, clapping. I was there for one of the performances and I was so proud. Nobody else there knew how brave she’d been.


What about the person who has to seek medical advice even though they dread what they might be told. One of my uncles knew he had stomach cancer and was absolutely terrified. He faced it, went through hell with treatment but so far it has not returned. I have a friend who is terrified that their long-term medical condition is deteriorating permanently when hopefully it will turn out to be a short-term setback. Both of these people are showing bravery in confronting their fears and seeking help.


I’d like to finish by mentioning a different type of this – honesty really. It was a personal experience so I’ll explain how it involves bravery. I am the sort of person who prefers to stay invisible, unnoticed. Last year in a grocery super-store I told one of their cashiers that they had given me too much change. If I had told them they had not given me enough I could have maybe understood the reaction. It was as though I was wrong, was questioning her ability to do her job. It was busy. It was mortifying. I left with the extra cash.


When the same thing happened in a store I regularly visit what was I to do? I made myself walk back inside, queue at the checkout and give the cashier back the extra 10 euros. I wanted to hand it to her and run but I didn’t. This time I had to undergo a display of gratitude that had customers gaping and left me exceedingly embarrassed.


When I started thinking about this writing assignment it struck me as odd that in today’s world it can even be brave to be honest.







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