Negativity & Positivity

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Is Negativity really that bad always. What about Positivity?

Submitted: September 27, 2016

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Submitted: September 27, 2016



Negativity is always considered taboo. Too much of anything results in nothing. Negativity similarly has bad effects if it is too much. But too much positivity is also having bad impacts.

A person talking negative is not always negative. His negative talks can be on purpose.. One can get satisfaction by pouring out negativity. Frustration, stress and weakness can lead to negative talks. But are to be handled bravely. A person can be positive at heart but can pour out negative thoughts to relax. Talking negative is okay, but one has to be sure where and in front of whom is he/she is talking. Crying out loud negative thoughts can help to ease out the negative part. One might feel empty. It helps to bring out one’s discontent or dissatisfaction.

One should remember talking negative should not be in front of a person who always give preaching and lectures about don't act this way or that. Nowadays it is trend to say that you are negative or you should think positive. Life is not a trend. It depends on how you are and how you manage to think. A person talking negative should be allowed to cry out his negative thoughts. It helps him/her ease out their anger highlighting the fact that they are dissatisfied. at heart. One who talks negative sometimes helps people to see that they have some negativity at heart. These people break open their heart. People who are listening to such people should handle them carefully and take care while reacting to such thoughts.It is said he/she is frank and such people are said to be good. But pouring out negativity also means that the person is frank and not a negative person.

One should remember negativity is not always cursed. Once it is loud and clear, positivity can be built upon it. After all two (-) (-) (minus) leads to positivity (+).

Yes, but on other hand always talking negative can be harmful. Always thinking negativity can build bad thoughts about the world. Digest the truth that you had poured out your heart and start moving towards positivity. Throwing away negativity by speaking, discussing, crying out loud can be helpful.

But reoccurrence of negativity does require help either from family, friends or professionals.

Let’s talk about positivity. Too much of positivity can be harmful too. It can be fear of appearance. People might create their own false image in their own mind. There are few people who don't want to spoil their image or positive appearance talk too much positively. These people can be negative at heart but create a false image of them. They wear a mask of positivity. Too much positive people should sometimes let negativity inside, so it can help to throw away anger, frustration or some fear. There are many successful people who get success, get all the needed positive returns from life and they get so much used to it that a small negative incident leave them disturbed and they get stressed and feel that they are not successful now on. It can be because of positive mask they wear and don’t let negativity go out. When they are successful they avoid seeing the negative things and instead take decisions sometimes that are negative. They don’t understand they were living a positive life till now and they should accept some negativity at some point, instead they take negative decisions and may disturb their life. Being positive is awesome but always trying others to think positive, should be avoided. Listen out to negative person and after he/she is relaxed try to make them think positive.

All in all negativity or you can say crying out loud negative thoughts can be helpful only if understood by a correct and understanding person. Truly speaking positive or negative person is not important. Understanding how to control both is important. Each human has a negative and positive side. One should know how to control them. But it is not just you... the crowd around you should be effective and motivating. Life is not based on positive and negative thoughts but on how we take care of a particular situation at a peak time what decision we make, the decision is quite important. Many a time’s people who are tagged negative can take a courageous decision which a die-hard positive thinker can't take. Always think properly with your brain or heart and take the decision.

Life is to be lived happily. Take some time for fun. Make friends and let your blood ties get stronger. A person with good family stands out strong many a times. Visit friends and family often. Understand life. Not only of others but yours too. People knowingly and unknowingly impact your life. Mostly try to keep toxic people away. Now defining toxic can be difficult as definition changes according to perception. You can help them too if they really need you. Talk good to them. Family and friends might help you out in your positive and negative impact ideology.

Thinking and talking negative is okay but one should never act negative. If you are in bad mood and talking negative make sure you pour your heart out in front of a right person who you can trust and who has the capacity to digest your negativity. People have a habit of tagging negative person so, if you say something negative beware! Think whom you are talking to.

There are situations in life where something goes wrong and you cry out in frustration saying "I know nothing good can happen to me", this is nothing but your suppressed anger is pushing itself out. Let it come out. Talking negative doesn't mean you are negative. Today the world is so fast that you don't get time to talk but make sure you talk to your friends or family about your day out. Tell them what happened today. Eat with them and discuss the whole day.

You might come home from work in anger... then tell everything to your parents, siblings or spouse, friends whom you are close to and who understands you and does not start the blame game. 

Negative thoughts if busted out through talking can help you gain back your positivity. Your heart will be empty and you can pour positivity inside it.

So friends, talk good, chill out, eat healthy with family and friends and most important discuss often. Then “negativity” will not be your enemy but “positivity” can be your friend.


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