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Submitted: September 27, 2016

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Submitted: September 27, 2016



Chance meeting

moments fleeting

I actually believed you were different than the rest

seems I was duped, you only showed me the side of you that's the best

instant attraction 

constant distraction 

I put you up so high on this pedestal and wouldn't nor couldn't foresee 

shattered in a million pieces 

but when you did, I picked up the pieces and tried to glue them back together 

thinking they'd stick through any kind of weather 

However, I quickly learned 

I'd get burned

it was always about you

leaving me to play the part of the fool

until one day recently I realized 

this hot and cold banter was taking up too much of my precious time

and I wonder how many others fell under your spell 


you always had something to say

but I never could tell if you were real or if you were fake 

and I'm sorry but you see I'm worth much more than this

my existence 

isn't dependent on you anymore 

why should I keep opening the door

when you won't do the same

it all seems clear to me now 

it was all just a game.








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