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Three employees want to take a leave. The cleverest of three employees get success in taking the leave.

Submitted: September 27, 2016

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Submitted: September 27, 2016



Ramkumar was busy in his work in his office. Peon Manish opened the door and said, “Sir, Mohan Lal came to meet you.”

Ramkumar was a manager in a Government organization. He believed in following the norm defined for the officer. He pretended to not herd the peon. He continued preparing report. After a few minutes he raised his hear and said, “Tell him to wait.”

Peon came out of the office and told to Mohan Lal “wait here. He will call you.”

Mohan Lal was a clerk in the office. He wanted to take leaves to take part in a marriage ceremony.”

He sat down on a chair and looked at the wall clock. It was already quarter past 3 o’clock. He was in tension because he was not alone who wanted to take a leave. There were two others who wanted to take the leaves. But there was a biggest problem in taking leaves; only one can get leaves. It means two employees would be disappointed.

Peon Manish was a greedy and clever worker of the organization. He asked to Mohan lal “Why did you want to meet Ramkumarji sir? Are you booked up to him?”

Mohan lal “No, I have not been booked to sir. Actually I need a leave.”

Hearing this Manish drew out a packet of tobacco form his pocket and drew some tobacco for the packet and kept it on one hand and began to crush it with the thumb of other hand. “As you know our sahib is very strict. Have you brought an application?”

Mohanlal replied, “I have already submitted the application to office superintendent.”

Peon put the crushed tobacco into his mouth and asked, “Then wait for the call.”

After the waiting of about an hour, Mohan Lal was called in.

 He opened the door ajar and inserted his head in and asked, “May I come in, sir?”

Ramkunar said, “Come in.”

Ramkumar looked at him and said, “What is the matter?”

Mohan Lal said, “Sir, I want leave.”

Ramkumar questioned, “Why?”

Mohan Lal replied in sad voice, “Sir, my mother is seriously ill.”

Ramkumar asked roughly, “How many days?”

Mohan Lal replied feebly, “For ten days.”

Ramkumar said loudly, “not possible.”

Just than Ramkumar’s mobile phone began to ring. He drew out the mobile from his pocket. It was a call from his boss. He said to Mohan Lal, “Meet me later.”


Mohan Lal looked at his face for a moment ant got out of the room. He returned to his table and began his work. That evening he met with office superintendent and appealed him to send his application to officer.


Another employee named Sohan kumar was also seeking leaves. He was a bit clever. He prepared an application for leave, bought a bottle of expensive and fine wine and reached to meet office superintendent. Office superintendent was taking a nap in his office.

 Sohan kumar knocked at the door in order to awake him.

Hearing the knocking sound He awoke and looked at the door and found Sohan kumar standing at the door. He said to him, “Oh, Sohan. Come in.”

In order to flatter him, Sohan smiled with flattering manner and said, “It is very hot sir. In such hot days it is quite natural to nap in afternoon.”  Saying this he again began to smile in flattering manner.

He then turned to the peon and said him giving a twenty rupee note, “Bring us two cups of tea.”

Peon took money from him and went out to bring tea.

He then said to Office superintendent, “I have an urgent work with you.”

OS said staring at him, “Tell.”

Sohan said in low voice, “I need seven day’s leave.”

Office superintendent replied with flat tone, “Not possible.”

Sohan looked at him and asked, “Why?”

Office superintendent replied, “Mohan Lal and Kamal are also in queue. If I give leaves to all of you, who will do work? I can give leave to only one of you.”

“Then give it to me.” Sohan replied at once.

“Why do I give leave to you, not to others?” questioned office superintendent.

Sohan pretended to be emotional and said, “As you know whenever I need a leave I ask only to you. I have belief on you. Last time too you gave me leave. ”

Office superintendent, “but this time it is very difficult to arrange a leave for you.”

“Please do something for me. I will do as you want.” Sohan said.


“I will try.” said superintendent and opened a file and began his work.

Just then peon brought the tea for them. Both of them began to sip tea. After finished tea Sohan said, “Well, please consider my application.”  Saying this he exited form superintendent’s cabin.

That evening Sohan went to superintendent’s house to meet him and presented him a bottle of expensive wine and some money. Of course this was the cost of leave.

Vijay was an accountant in the same office. He needed leaves for visiting tourist spots. Vijay was a mean person. Whenever a new officer came in the office, Vijay was always among those who were ran to welcome and greet the new officer in a way that the new officer were a god. Most of the new officers liked his way of flattering them and they began to like them. Vijay had already won the heart of Ramkumar by flattering.

Vijay was sure of getting leaves whenever he needed. One evening Vijay along with his wife reached the Ramkumar’s home. That evening Ramkumar was watching television in drawing room. Hearing the sound of knocking at the door, he opened the door and found Vijay along with his wife.

He said, “Oh! Vijay, come in.”

Vijay bowed and touched his feet.

Ramkumar blessed him and said, “Sit down.”

Just then Ramkumar’s wife came in the drawing room, seeing her Vijay’s wife touched her feet.

Ramkumar said to him, “What made you come here?”

Vijay gave answer showing humbleness and servility, “Sur, I have a request.”

Ramkumar said, “Tell.”

Vijay said, “Sir I need leave for seven days.”

Ramkumar questioned, “Why?”

Vijay said, “Actually I will have to take part in the marriage of my wife’s sister.”

Ramkumar said, “Mohan Lal and Sohan are also required leave. Managing leave for you is very difficult.”

Vijay said, “Not to speak of both of them, they don’t like you. They always criticize you. I have heard them criticising you several times.”

Hearing this Ramkumar felt bed. This was annoying to him. Vijay could now see the face of Ramkumar’s face. His Idea was working.

After remaining silent for a while Ramkumar told, “Both of them are idiots.”

Vijay tried to instigate him against both of them by saying, “How they dare to criticize you. Such type of employees should be removed from the services.”

Ramkumar felt that atleast Vijay was his well wisher and trust worthy. His heart was filled with the appreciation for Vijay.”

“I came to known that they are trying to manage leaves by giving money and gift to office superintendent.”

Ramkumar had already some prejudice against office superintendent and hearing this he shouted at once, “that stupid, mean fellow.”

Vijay said in low voice, “yes.....”

Ramkumar said, “I won’t allow him to give leaves to Mohan and Sohan.”

Hearing this Vijay was happy. His leave was confirmed.

Ramkumar said, “Vijay, your leave is confirmed.”

Vijay said, “Thank you sir, you are great.”


And the next day Vijay went to the office superintendent and submitted an application for leave and said, “I have already met with Ramkumar. He has given his approval.”

Office superintendent gave him fake smile and took the application from him.

© Copyright 2018 Sumit Kumar Arora. All rights reserved.

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