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Submitted: September 27, 2016

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Submitted: September 27, 2016




Have you ever noticed that many people are quite afraid of spiritual, paranormal or occult topics? There are good reasons for this. All of the topics mentioned above, have been misrepresented, manipulated and twisted to fit the negative intentions of those who wish to give themselves power over a group of people. Those who wish to make themselves out to be a spiritual leader or “prophet”, if you will. Unfortunately, weve come to know various men and women who have taken the basic ideas of a spiritual path, or belief in the paranormal/occult and used it to create something vile and dangerous. 

Many times, these types of individuals will use methods of mind control and emotional manipulation in order to gain power. However, spiritual and emotional manipulation isnt enough to fully make someone follow the individuals wishes and ways. One “must create a sense of  awe and enthusiasm for themselves and their ministry.” They must also manipulate any “circumstances or information to create an impression of supernatural wisdom or divine favor.” {*1} These people put themselves on a pedestal in order to gain the trust of their followers and potential new potential victims. 

This type of practice occurs way too often in modern churches and religious groups. This makes it hard for many people to differentiate a true cult from a “normal church”. In my personal opinion, almost all churches are dangerous. They prevent free thought and free will, which we all have. This is similar to how cults operate, they set up strict rules and divide people, creating a sense up superiority over those who do not follow their ways. They convince their followers that those who do not adhere to their specific lifestyle and belief system are evil and must be changed or “converted”. This leads to extremist views and behavior, which in turn, whether coming from a cult or a church, wreaks havoc on communities and society in general. 

They also convince their followers that they are divine themselves, that they are all knowing and can perform miracles. They make people believe that they are their savior and only through them, can they be saved and on the “right” path. These individuals will make up claims about their past to give themselves more credibility and convince their followers that they were “chosen.” They will convince people they can cast out demons and all evil from people, or in some rare cases, they can promise people that they can actually summon these evil entities to help them and carry out the cults mission. They use paranormal terminology and bastardizations of paranormal experiences to scare people and further stunt free thought and emotional/individual spiritual development. 

In the next part, we will discuss specific examples and individuals who have actually put these methods into practice. We will also discuss the importance of free thought and responsible, individual spirituality and development. 

Citation: {*1}

Disclaimer: I do not personally support organized religion, but take no offense. I am only speaking of the establishments that spread hate and use religion to manipulate and control people. I have come across a handful of churches that do nothing but spread LOVE and acceptance, who actually do promote free will and individuality. So please keep in mind, I am not bashing it as a whole. 

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