java sea 1997

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java sea 1997 was a ghost written piece by one of favorite people. it is a fanciful recount of younger years and given to me as a birthday present.

Submitted: September 27, 2016

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Submitted: September 27, 2016




Scene 1: International Airport. Hanoi, Vietnam.

Our hero, RC, boards the flight to Jakarta. He stows his carry on, settles into his seat and takes out the International Herald Tribune. As he does so, a man takes the seat next to him. He introduces himself to RC as Dixon, a geologist, and gives RC his card. He too is on his way to Jakarta. Dixon is going to the interior of Borneo to look at the some potential gold mines. Only half listening to the Miner, RC indicates that his is on his way to Borneo also to conduct some anthropological studies. RC picks up his paper, glancing at an article that indicates diplomatic crisis with Thailand concerning the return of some ancient temple carvings has been averted. He smiles and closes his eyes.

Scene 2: Borneo, 2 weeks later having completed his Borneo studies, RC is in a jeep with his Indonesian host, driving towards the airport in Balikpapan. As they near the airport, a helicopter files directly above them. As they pass beneath it, the copter loses altitude and seems to go out of control. RC watches two men struggling in the door of the helicopter, and then, in horror, sees one of them plunge to the earth. He stops his jeep and rushes towards the place where he saw the man fall. When he reaches him, he sees that it is Dixon, the geologist. RC examines him quickly, determines that he has suffered severe injuries and is about to begin desperation CPR when Dixon opens his eyes. He whispers, There is no gold, closes his eyes and dies. Dixon is clutching a nylon bag. RC takes it and finds it contains rock samples. Quickly looking through Dioxin's pockets, he finds a pouch of papers which he slides into his own jacket. Returning to the jeep, he secrets the bag of rock samples in his own luggage and waits for the authorities.

Scene 3: The Regency Hotel, Jakarta, the same day RC is in his hotel room, examining Dixon's papers. Dixon was working for Braxta, a Canadian mining company. Together without the Indonesian Ministry of the Interior, Braxta had secretly discovered a major gold find in Borneo. Dixon had been sent to confirm the find and develop- a plan for mining activities. Instead, he apparently felt that there was no gold in the site at all and was bringing his report and samples back to Toronto when the accident occurred. RC finds a computer disk in the file of the papers, but cannot discover the password to access the material it contains.

Scene 4. Jakarta, the Government Building, the next day. RC goes to the Ministry of Health to discuss his anthropology studies with representative of the ministry of health. As the ministry of interior is in the same building, he decides to see what he can discover about the Borneo gold mine. When he goes to the Geological Survey Department, he is greeted by My Lin, a beautiful graduate student in geology working there while she completes here degree,. RC claims to be the new representative for the Braxta and request the file on the operation. My Lin goes to ask for the file. She comes back in a few moments, very agitated, followed by her superior. He demand to see RC's credentials and refuses to give him the file. RC leaves.

Scene 5: The Regency Hotel that evening. RC has just returned from his evening swim and is toweling off when there is a knock on his door. He hesitates, but opens it to admit My Lin, who is clutching a fat sheath of documents on Braxta and the mine. She is nervous but gives the file to RC. She has reviewed it and is convinced Dixon was right: there is no gold. She shows RC how to get into the Ministry's computer filing system, giving him her password. (Potential sex scene here).

RC walks My Lin to her car. As they pass along the dark canal towards where she is parked, a shot whizzes by their heads. RC throws himself on top of My Lin on the ground while more shots echo around them. Yanking open her car door, he pushes her into the car and dashes off into the night in search of the shooters.

RC is unsuccessful in finding his assailants and returns to the Regency. When he enters his room, he finds three men waiting for him, demand to know his real identity and his true employer. They have ransacked his room, presumably looking for the file My Lin left. RC protests that he is only an anthropologist, but they don't believe him. They knock RC unconscious, search his room again and leave. RC recovers consciousness and treats his head wound. He retrieves the Braxta file from its hiding place (behind the medicine cabinet in the bathroom) and commits it to his photographic memory.

Scene 6: Braxta corporate headquarters, Toronto Canada. The CEO of Braxta is meeting with the head of mining operations and his chief financial officer. They have learned of Dixon's death and that his report and samples are missing. The Indonesian Ministry of the Interior call to tell them of their suspicions of RC.

The CFO reports that the Braxta stock has doubled in value based on rumors of the Indonesian gold find. There is to be a meeting of the board of the company in two days to announce the find and he the stock to double again after the announcement. Further, Braxta must make a payment of $50 million to be wired directly to the Interior Minister himself by close of business in two days, after the announcement.

The CEO reiterates that RC must be stopped, that the report cannot be released before the Board meeting and that the very highest levels of the Indonesian government are involved in the gold find. He tells the group in his office that they must find the report and destroy it at any cost; to get rid of RC the way they got rid of Dixon if they have to. The head of mining operations offers to contact an old colleague of his who now runs a private security operation in Jakarta to have him deal worth RC. The CEO nods his approval.

Scene 6: Jakarta, the next day. RC has contacted an old friend, the head of the Anthropology Department at the University of Jakarta. After a cordial cup of tea in his office, RC asks if he can use the computer system at the University to do some work, explaining that he needs quiet and privacy. The Head of the Department takes him to the Anthropology Department Computer Lab, which at the moment is unused, as most of the students are on leave. RC thanks him, and takes a cubicle in the rear of the room, which is not visible from the door.

Using the University's power computer network links, RC is able to use My Lin's security password to access the Ministry of the Interior's record system. Suspecting that the disc he found in Dixon's papers may have been supplied by the Ministry, he uses her password again to attempt to open it. This time it works, and he is able to read Dixon?s entire report, which includes a detailed account of Braxta?s connections with the Ministry of the Interior. RC then uses the Internet to retrieve an update on the value of Braxta stock and learns that the company plans to make a major announcement the following day.

An hour later, RC returns to his friend the Health of the Department, and asks for one more favor: he wishes to send a package out overnight to New York to a colleague there, but asks that it go under the name of the his friend rather than his own. The Department Head agrees, and the two watch as his secretary seals the package and addresses it to The New York Times. RC embraces his old friend and leaves the University.

Scene 7: The Ministry of the Interior, the afternoon. Authorize at the Ministry have traced an unauthorized use of My Lin's password and have called her into questioning. They are demanding to know who she gave it to and why. My Lin is cowed and terrified, but insists that she has given her password to no one. She is released, but, unbeknownst to her, she is trailed by two member of the Interior' security system. She leaves to return to her home, an apartment in the nearby town of Bogor.

Scene 8: The Regency Hotel, that afternoon. RC has left the University and returned to his hotel room. He is packing to leave on the evening flight to Tokyo. Sensing something is amiss, he pulls a gun out of his belt and flings open the bathroom door. There is no one there, but there is a faint lingering unpleasant odor in the air: nitrate. RC picks up his shaving kit and rushing to the window flings it out towards the empty swimming pool. He watches with grim satisfaction as it explodes into the water, causing panic among the uninjured pool side sitters.

As he watches, RC gets a call from a terrified My Lin. She knows now that she has been followed home, and begs RC to help her. He tells her that he will be there is 30 minutes and that she can leave with him tonight.

Scene 9: The streets of Jakarta at night. RC hails a cab and gives the driver My Lin's address. As they drive off, they are immediately followed by another car with two men inside. RC urges his driver to hurry, but the car behind matches their increase. RC and his cab manage to lose them in the congestion of downtown Jakarta, and proceed towards My Lin's.

When they arrive there the driver announces that he is scared and will not drive RC anywhere else. He is paid and leaves. RC races to My Lin's door and they embrace. She says they can use her care to go to the airport and goes down the back stairs of the apartment to get it while RC guards the front. He sees three men run off from the direction of the garage and runs desparately down too late. As he reaches the door of the gargage, he is greeted by a tremendous explosion and watches her care burst into flames. As he turns from the heartbreaking sight, he is assaulted by the three men. Using his martial arts skills, he is able to fight them off and picking up an ornamental statue as a weapon, he knocks two of them unconscious while the third falls into the still buring ruins of My Lin's car and is incinerated.

RC makes his way unmolested to the airport and boards his flight to Tokyo.

Scene 10: Braxta headquarters, Toronto, the next day. RC is sittling in a coffee shop across the street from the Braxta headquarters. Unfolding his copy of the New York Times, he turns to the business section and reads that the Braxta Mining Corporation of Canada is facing a broad investigation of its practices, including releasing false information to stockholders. Further, the death in Indonesia of a Braxta employee Gerald Dixon the previous week, first termed an accident by authorities, is now being investigated as a possible murder. Hearing sirens, RC looks up and watches as Canadian Mounted Police surround the Braxta Headquarters. The CEO is led out, surrounded by a group of attorneys and hounded by reporters.

RC smiles, folds his paper, pays for his coffee and strolls out the door.

Then End

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