Princess Misfit

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Ex Princess Rosilie was born to the wrong queen and king, for the king and queen wanted a boy. So can you imagine what happens to her? she gets sent to the dungeon... I know terrible parenting! Go along with Rosille on her adventure to escape the dungeon!

Submitted: September 27, 2016

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Submitted: September 27, 2016



Princess Misfit



Once upon a time in a far away land called Wildespring there lived a princess, not a normal mushy gushy princess who all she wanted was a man, no. A princess who wanted adventure. Who wanted to LIVE… A Y.O.L.O kind of princess. Now we all know the normal fairytale princess, and that is what the king and queen of Wildespring wanted their princess to be like, But she wasn’t so that can only mean one thing… trouble for the princess. now unlike Rapunzel, this princess was to be locked in a cell..  in a dungeon... not a tower, An ugly, small, smelly cell in an ugly, big, smelly dungeon and I repeat NOT in a tower. “Honey I’m sorry but I have to put you here I ha-” started the king, “You do NOT have to put my here you idiotic wannabe dad! LET ME OUT OF THIS CELL!!!!” bellowed the princess. “ Don’t think of it as a cell honey… think of it as a...a..a little house.” stutterd the queen.  The princess resisted for as long as she could (which wasn't very long.) - but eventually she was locked up tight. Can you guess how she kept herself entertained? she did it  by throwing pebbles at the annoyed guard.


One night as the princess was trying to sleep she heard a sound, a gurgling sound. She carefully crept to the bars of her cell and looked around, the night guard had fallen asleep in his chair and next to him on a table, his keys. the princess carefully grabbed the keys and silently congratulated herself. She unlocked her cell, got out, locked it again, and threw the keys in. nothing was stopping her! She was free! Right? she pondered on the decision of where to run, she couldn’t go upstairs to her room to get supplies, she couldn’t go upstairs at all for her parents were having a party! she decided to go look for another exit. One inside the dungeon.


The princess had walked for hours and at the time she had wanted to sleep and to never walk again, but now all she wanted was to run at the speed of light,  run back to her ugly, smelly, small cell, to safety. you know why? WRONG!!! It was because she had just found herself cornered by an annoyed dragon.


“RRRRAAAAWWWWRRRR!”  bellowed an EXTREMELYangry dragon. If you're thinking that the dragon looks huge and scary, probably having big fat emerald green scales, then you’re thinking what the princess was thinking. Yes the princess hasn’t exactly seen the dragon yet, she has only heard it seen a giant dragon shaped shadow. The princess started to to slowly walk backwards when a thought appeared in her head,  why am I walking away? If I go back i’ll most likely be cornered by the guard… there is only one thing I can do. Go stick up to this beast!!! so the princess walked to the beast slowly and carefully, slowly and carefully. Then she stopped right in front of the dragon where she thought one and only one thought: WHAT. THE. HECK!

The dragon was SO tiny!!!! It was a rusty orange color with big round shiny black eyes, It had two fat stubby horns on the top of it’s head, It also had two tiny wings, and it looked like it was breathing fire!!!!  Do you know what was next to it? NEXT TO IT WAS THREE OTHER TINY DRAGONS!!!!!! At that moment she decided to name them and to maybe keep one as a pet, But before she could speak to them, the ice blue one bobbed over and spoke. “Mwa nwame wiz wicefwang. Who yow, whaz yow nwame?” “I’m Rosilie TidWell and I’m prin… well I was princess of this castle.” stutterd the princess. “Wif you nwo pwincwess dwen wha awr yow?” asked IceFang “I don’t really know…” started Rosile. Then before rosilie could finish the fire breathing one said, “I knwow! I knwow! Yow pwincwess mwisfwit!!”


Rosilie stayed with the dragons for the night it was wonderful! In the middle of dinner (which was ground pork and honey nectar) -Rosilie realized something, she didn’t know all of their names! So she asked, “Sorry that I forgot to ask, but I didn’t get all of your names!” IceFang didn't seem to care in all in fact he seemed pleased to be able to announce everyone. “As yow aweady knwow i’m wicefwang, Za fwire bweazing fellowz over zere wiz Twoast, za gwumpkwins over zere wiz Gwinch, and wastly za gwal who hwas bween sweeping zis whole twime wiz Snorwella.” Rosile was still a little confused. They have silly names who would name their child Grinch,  or Snorella? I kind of get toast but still! so she asked, “I kind of get why Toast is named Toast but why are you named  IceFang, or Grinch, Grinch?” “ I’m nwamed wicefwang bwecwause I hwas mwagic powers, Look!” IceFang slowly sucked in his breath and started trembling then he breathed out rapidly and his breath hit Snorella who was still fast asleep, than icey blue wind started to twirl around Snorella who became frozen in a block of ice! “OH MY GOSH!!! HURRY DEFROST HER!!! SHE COULD DIE!!!” shrieked Rosilie. Toast slowly bobbed over and blew in a little bit, started to tremble, and breathed out a ball of fire which directly hit Snorella. She unfroze and woke up, she looked around then sat down and began to snore.

In the morning when she awoke she was cornered by Snorella … yeah… uhhhhhhhh she thought, what is Snorella doing?! Snorella walked over and sat down right next to her ear, Then she began to sing in Rosilie’s ear. “Wonder what my mom & dad would say if I told them that I cry each day. Tired enough to live so far away. I wish I wasn’t so cold, I wish I wasn’t always alone. Always alone...” Rosilie fell asleep, and Snorella got up and waddled away to find a better place to sleep. later Rosilie awoke to the smell of bacon and honey (YUM) -she got up and began to prepare for her journey out of the dungeon Grinch had woven her new clothes out of leaves and flowers, Toast had given her a fire sword, IceFang a bow with arrows of Ice, and Snorella a magic amulet which would sing to her if she said the magic word (Liberempra).

In the morning everyone decideded that they needed one last breakfest all together. At the end of breakfast that's when Grinch and Snorella finley got married!




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