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A very suspenseful story, of a young girl facing the dangers of a test, a bully, and worst of all, a vengeful man, who wants to run the school for himself since from the years before, he was fired. Now young Naomi, must face the man all alone. Want to know more? Read to find out.

Submitted: September 27, 2016

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Submitted: September 27, 2016



It was a crisp fall morning. The sun was just beginning to rise over the hills behind my house. Even though I was already awake my mom called for me to get ready for school. I pulled off the covers on my bed, and slowly began to get up. I put on an old Tee shirt, and a pair of blue shorts. The old floor creaked as I walked up the stairs. Once I reached the top to the kitchen, my mom sighed, “ Have a seat dear.” I took a seat in the brown leather chair. A bowl of oatmeal and, a small plate of sliced apples sat in front of me. “ Great.” I said sarcastically. “ Be thankful for what you have, honey. I know we don’t have much, but once your father gets a job, it’s possible we could get the chance to move to a better house.” My mom said with disappointment in her eyes. “ Where is dad anyway?” I questioned. “ Oh, he’s out at the market getting some vegetables for tonights dinner.” She said “ Ok. What is for dinner?” I asked. “Stop trying to change the subject, and eat your breakfast.” She said impatiently. Once I had managed to gulp down as much of my breakfast as I could, I grabbed my bag and began to walk to school.


As I waited in line to get inside, I saw a girl named Abby Winston whispering and looking at me to her friend Jessie Danes. Next thing you know she walks up to me, “ Hi Naomi.” She says giving me the look of disgust, “ It’s nice to see you.” She continued. I looked at her for a moment then quickly turned away. “Oh what’s wrong?” She asked, ( Even though I knew she didn’t care about me.) I didn’t say a word. “Cat got your tongue?” She tried to say without laughing. As I walked I away, I heard her laughing with Jessie. Once I finally made it into class, my teacher, Mr. Jackson, handed out our science quizzes from the day before. “Most of you did great!” he exclaimed. “Others not so much.” He looked at me when he said it.” “You may turn over your tests and see your scores!” My hand shook when I began to turn over my test, I saw some other kids look at me oddly when they saw my hand shaking. Eventually, I had the strength to turn it over all the way. There was my score in plain sight, a 3 out of 24. Marked beside it was a big fat F in red. Before I could say or do anything else, Mr. Jackson called me over. I walked up to his desk, it was big and orange, and odd color for a desk I thought. “ Naomi.” He said. “ Yes.” I answered. I was ready for the worst to come to me.


“Naomi, you did not get a very good grade on your test. I think it’s best you stay in for recess to study with me.” He said with a sorry voice. “ Oh please don’t make me stay in!” I accidently said too loudly. “ But it looks like you need to study during your free time.” He said. “ I understand I guess.” I said with sad eyes. “ Well, I do suppose… I could give you a sheet for after school but you must promise to do it.” He said with a bit of a smile. “ Oh yes please!” I exclaimed happily. I skipped back to my desk, and I didn’t even care that the kids were staring. It was the first time Mr. jackson had ever let me off the hook, and I was very happy. When Mr.Jackson called out it was time for recess, I ran into the line. He smiled at me as the line began to walk out for recess.


Recess was quite hectic, it had been a long time since I had been to recess, Mr. Jackson always made me stay in to study. I scanned the playground. There were the girls that always jump-roped, the boys that always played basketball, one ball dodgeball, and tag. I had many choices, but the most appealing was one ball dodgeball. I ran to the field. I was all excited, until I saw Abby Winston, and Jessie Danes.

I walked into the game trying not to make any eye contact with her. But of course, Abby Winston has the eyes of an eagle. She ran up to me, “ Well look what we have here.” She said giving me the elevator eyes. “Come over here guys!” She said to the entire dodgeball group. My heart pounded, as they all came over to me. “ Let me introduce you to my old friend, Naomi.” She said. “So why is she so important?” One boy said. “Well, she bullies me.” Abby said with a pretend sad face. “ What?! She bullies me!” I yelled loudly. “I’ll prove it.” Abby whispered to the same boy. “ Oh Naomi, you are so weak, I’m surprised that you can even walk.” She looked at my legs. “What a shame you’re so weak. Oh I have an idea.” She looked at the boy with a smirk. “ How about we make a rhyme.” My face turned half red half pale. The other kids began whispering to eachother trying to make up a rhyme. “Oh I got it.” She began to say it. “ Naomi, Naomi-” All of a sudden all the anger in me came out, my leg hit her stomach and she fell. “OWWWW!” She screamed. She began to get up, then she saw a teacher coming and she purposely fell to the ground and made her eyes water as if she was crying.


“Oh my goodness!” The teacher yelled. She grabbed me tightly by the wrist, and slowly pulled up Abby from the ground. She brought Abby up to the nurse and me to the principal’s office she forced me into a chair, and brought in the principal, Mr. Crane. He sat in his chair and stared at me for a minute. “Why?” He finally said. “ She made me do it.” I said. “ So she wanted to get hurt and cry in pain?” He said a bit puzzled. “No, What I mean is that… she wants me to get into trouble.” I said hoping that was the right answer. “ Now why would she want to do that?” Mr. Crane asked. “ I don’t know she’s just kind of like that.” I said with tears falling down my face a bit. He handed me a tissue. I wiped my tears. “Now, I have no choice but to tell your mom.” He said sadly. “ I understand.” I said.


I walked back into class, and walked up to Mr. Jackson’s desk. “I allowed you to go out for recess because I thought you could handle it. But it’s obvious you’re not.” He stated. “But-” He cut me off. “One month Naomi, you will stay in for recess for one month writing one this as many times as you can, you will write, I can do better than this, twenty times per paper. “Yes sir.” I said with no expression.


I walked home from school, wishing I could turn back time so I could have chosen tag or something instead. I was thinking and wishing, but something caught my eye, a man dressed in a black coat with a black hat behind a bush was taking pictures of the school. I was confused, but I kept on going. When I got home I went to the creaky stairs, then back into my room. Thankfully my mom wasn’t home yet. I sat on my bed and looked around my room. I thought about playing with my toys, or reading a book to try and get my mind off of what happened. I loved reading, and getting lost in the characters world and forgetting about my own world.


I decided it would be best to sleep. I put on my pajamas and fell into a deep sleep. By the time I awoke, it was morning and it was time to get ready for school again. I got off of my creaky bed, put on my clothes, and began to walk upstairs. My mom was talking with my dad at the kitchen table. Once I went up they stopped talking and looked directly at me. “Come sit, Honey.” My dad said. I took a seat. They looked at eachother, then me. “Honey we heard what happened.” My mom said. “Are you mad?” I asked curiously. “No, we’re just disappointed in you.” My mom said to me. “We know she was trying to make you hurt her so you’d get in trouble, so we felt bad for you about losing all your recesses so we made you something special. My mom sat a small stack of chocolate chip pancakes in front of me. “For me?” I asked. “Yes, your dad picked it up for you at the market.” My mom explained. “Thank you dad!” I said happily. My dad smiled at me then walked into the living room with my mom. I gobbled up my pancakes, then went on my way to school. My backpack was full of heavy math and science books, my back ached. I felt a tap on my shoulder that made me turn around to see who it was. There behind me was the same man I saw that was taking pictures of the school yesterday. “Hello.” He said with a grin.


“ May I assist you with your bag?” He asked me. “ No th-th-thank you.” I said with an odd look. Before he could say anything else, I ran into the line that lead to class. Once I got into school Mr. Jackson looked at me, then looked away to say hi to Abby from across the hall. I sat down in my seat and on my desk was a small  spider. I looked at him and he looked at me. I smiled at him and set my finger in front of him. He climbed onto it. Between my two fingers he began to spin a web, I watched, amazed, at how talented the little spider was. Once he was finished making a small web he sat there patiently. I wish I was patient and talented like him. There was only one thing me and this spider had alike, we were never appreciated.


I decided to name him Hopper, I didn’t know why, but it felt like it fit him in a way. “Naomi?” Mr. Jackson began, “ What on Earth is on your finger?” “It’s a spider Mr. Jackson.” I said still looking at Hopper. “Why is it in your hand?” “Because I like him.” I explained. A boy named Carl said, “ Smash it, smash it, smash it!” Jenny, one of my only friends stood up, “Don’t kill it! What did it ever do to you?” There was a big argument, against squishing it, and keeping it alive. “Stop it!” Mr. Jackson demanded. “ Naomi, put it outside.” “Awww.” Carl and Jenny Said in two different meanings. I Got up And went outside. I found one stick and used it to hold one end of the web, then another stick for the other end. Once the web was off I put both of the stick ends into the ground. “There you go.” I said to Hopper. “I’ll visit you after school, ok?”


I walked back into class and took a seat. On my desk was a spelling quiz. “Great.” I whispered to myself, “ Just what I need, a test.” “What was that?” Asked Mr. Jackson, giving me a look. “Nothing.” I said. “That’s what I thought.” He replied. I sat down as he called out the first word. It was alphabet. I was guessing it was spelled like this, A-L-P-H-A-B-E-T. There were twenty-four other words, I hope I got an A+. Afterward, Mr. Jackson called out for recess. He called me over to sit at a long, narrow table. He talked to me for a minute. “Naomi.” He began, “ I never got that work sheet back from you that I told you to do yesterday.” Oh no. Now, I’m in huge trouble. “I’m sorry it totally got lost in my mind. Please give me another chance i’ll-” Mr. Jackson cut me off, “ I’ve given you plenty of chances, remember the math test we took?” Oh I remembered that. I had such a bad grade that Mr. Jackson let me retake it. “ Yes I remember.” “One more bad grade,” He continued, “ and no more recess for the year.”


I was going to say something like, “ Are you crazy?” Or “Please don’t but I decided to stick with, “I understand.” “Good.” He said. I was upset in the inside, I was not calm or determined, I was scared and upset, I needed a break. “ Ummm, Mr. Jackson?” I asked. “ Yes?” He answered.

“ May I use the restroom?” “Yes I guess so.” I hurried out of the door, and ran to the restroom. I sat in the floor in the stall. It felt good to take a nice quick break. All of a sudden, the lockdown siren rang all around the school. I heard children rushing to get in there classrooms. I tried to open the lock but it was stuck I was confused and scared what was I going to do!


I sat there nearly in shock, hoping this was drill but Mr. Jackson would have told us if there was going to be one or not. Footsteps came into the bathroom. I saw a pair of black boots and instantly I knew who it was, it was the man I had seen taking the pictures. I thought, what if he was just a photographer for the school  yearbook. I was about to say something, to him, when he dropped something. I thought maybe I could help him pick it up, but when I got close enough, I realized, it was a gun, he caused the lockdown. Then he began to bend down to grab it. I hopped up onto the toilet so he didn’t see my feet. Once he picked it up, I crawled under the stalls to get to the end where I could escape and run back to my classroom.


I managed to get to the end, then quickly ran down the hall to get to my classroom. I pulled at the door but it was locked and no one would answer it. I ran down the halls to get to the office where they had all the phones at. I picked one up, and tried to call my mom. Nothing happened, not even a buzz I looked, and someone cut the wires. Great. Now I was trapped with no way out.


I grabbed one of the walkie talkies from the nurse’s office. “Hello?” I asked. “Yes?” The voice sounded familiar, but I could not tell. “Where are you at?” The voice asked. “I’m in the office, please come and help me!” “I’m on my way.” The voice replied.” I sat in the office chair until I heard footsteps. The man dressed in black waved the walkie talkie at me. “Oh no.” I said “Oh yes” The man in black said.


The man in black tied me up in a chair in the office. “Who are you?” I asked. “My name is Brian. I used to work at this school but they fired me.” He answered with an angry look. “I’ve come to get my job back, except, I will run the school.” “You’ll never get away with this!” I yelled. “That’s what they say in Scooby Doo, but guess what? That was a cartoon this is real life. He ran into the other part of the office, while I sat there, all alone.


The corner of my eye caught a pair of safety scissors to my right. My hand could barely reach it but I managed to grab them, I began with cutting the ropes on my hands, then the ones that were holding me down. I got up and ran out to hide away in a secret place, the attic.


The janitor was working on the roof last time I saw him, and I thought if the ladder was still there, i could hide inside the attic for a while until this was all over. I saw the ladder still in the same spot. I climbed up, then with all my might, i pulled the latter in the attic. I took a quick break then, lucky for me I found a flashlight. I turned it on then closed the hole with a  cover. I realized, that this was more like a vent system that went all around the school, it was perfect!

I walked around the vents, but all of a sudden part of the vent beneath me fell, and I fell down with it, straight into the place where the cafeteria ladies work. I landed hard on the ground and almost passed out, then I remembered all that had happened.


In front of me there was a small skinny piece of silver. Then my eyes focused on it and I realized that it was a cellphone. One of the people in the cafeteria must have dropped in when all the chaos began to happen. I picked it up and dialed 911. The phone picked up. “ This is 911 what is your emergency?” The voice of a women asked. “ I’m in Bluegrass Elementary, and I am in the middle of a lockdown with a strange man with a gun.” “ We are on our way.” The voice said. The phone hung up. “Well well well,” Brian said behind me. “Looks like someone’s trying to take a stand.” I took a piece of the sharp silver from when I fell from the vent and I held it up. He held up his gun.


“ Bye, Bye.” He said. Two officers stood behind him and grabbed him right after he fired, I felt a searing pain in my arm. Then everything was blurry.


When I awoke I was in the hospital. “She’s awake!” A nurse yelled. The door opened and out came a bunch of the kids from my class, and my parents. My parents pushed through the crowd  of kids and and hugged me. “Guess what?” My dad asked. “What?” I said with a weak voice. “Because of you,” my mom began, “ We can buy a new house since you saved this school.” Jenny pushed through my parents, “Look! She said. She opened her hand and there was Hopper. He jumped write on my hand and didn’t move. “Excuse me please.” Abby said. Abby handed me a vase full of roses. “I’d like to apologize.” She held out her hand to me. I took it. Apology accepted.


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