~ Elemental High: Autumn's Journey ~

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In a world where only the countries of Romania,England,and Norway,families that have magic ancestors are allowed to practice their magic here.If practiced anywhere else in the world,they will be trialed for witchcraft,and possibly executed.In Ontario,Canada,there we meet our young protagonist.14 year old Autumn has a very eccentric family.Why?Her family are actually wizards,but they hide in secret in fear of getting caught.They haven't said a word until when Autumn accidentally started a fire-just with a flick of her hands!In fear,she runs home and tells her parents what happened during school hours.Knowing that this would happen eventually, her parents tell her everything and they move out of her hometown,Ontario,Canada.They move in Liverpool,England and enrolls in Elemental High.Autumn is excited to go,but who knows what she'll face there?

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The Beginning of a New Life

Submitted: September 28, 2016

( This is what Autumn looks like,just in case anybody wanted to know. )   Today was a simple and normal Tuesday morning... Read Chapter

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