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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Repose

Submitted: September 28, 2016

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Submitted: September 28, 2016



Chapter one

That afternoon, the grass was still moist from the morning dew. The sky was a breathtaking clear blue, and the sun was shining vividly. It was an ordinarily beautiful sunny day in the land of Necromania. An ordinary day to most, yet it was not, well not for the territory’s youngest member of royalty.
There, Sovereign Evangeline Agnes Kinsenth was alone, quietly pacing the Hills of Inaytas. It was foolish for her to find this scorching heat soothing than to the cool aired comforts of her fortress on the other sides of Inaytas. She acknowledged it herself, that she could have at least thought ahead for this day….yet, she did not care in the slightest.
That day was special….very special. All holidays combined could not come to bring as much excitement to Evangeline compared to this day right here.
A smile infests her thin lips as she stops pacing. He was to be here any moment, now, here to take her away from reality for the rest of the day. Her daydream was of the possibilities of all the events that could take place, all of them were positive, beautiful….memorable possibilities.
She was determined to have at least one come true….any would do.
Slight breeze intrudes her thoughts, transporting her snow white hair with it. It vexed her, so she threw it down promptly. Her dull pointed ears were revealed, and her elf nature was made exposed again.
She was one of the last full- blooded elves in Necromania.  She was a Flora Elf, which made her one with nature. She was nature, just in a nomadic entity shape, and her ultimate purpose was to shield Terah.  Aleister was ¼ Aquatic Elf, and 3/4’s human, his kind was more common in this land nowadays. There were six different kinds of elf species left on Terah, used to be seven but the Celestial Elves were wiped out by the evolution of man thousands of years ago. The elves were Ether, Hades, Torpor, Flora, Aquatic and the Chaste Elves. Men are elves over years of evolution. Man became more independent from the laws of life and became independent beings; separate by things bound on Terah. They survived off Terah yet were different beings from it.
The extinction of the Elven race was to come eventually, but what could one do? She honestly did not have concern for the extinction of Elves; it was a unnecessary race in her eyes.  She coveted profoundly that she could be fully human. For being fully human meant less responsibilities. She was determined to have children less bound to Terah and freer. Her children were to have the life she could never possess.
Her children were soon to come…..if he still desired her.
He would still.
Ever since their last departure, she kept herself pure and saint for his return. So many craved her hand in marriage and body, and sometimes, it was difficult to say no. Aleister had to be so pleased with her.  For she made sure, she was still the good girl he left not so long ago. The good girl he adored….the one he was to soon make his wife.
King Luciano Circe Kinsenth made Evangeline infuriated with his orders. He mandated for all four of his daughters to wed within a 2-year time frame....….and three of them did.
There was only six months left since the decree.
All but young Evangeline had done so. She had much better plans than to haste and espouse at 18, to a stranger. She wanted a relationship…..a passionate one…..not necessarily one bound by the laws of marriage. She desired a relationship where she could love without hurry, and love stalwartly.
This man she waited so patiently for was the impeccable aspirant.
They both sought each other correspondingly.
She and he were best friends growing up….but when his father perished; he had to take over as King of Tetras, the neighboring territory. Three months ago, was his coronation and three months ago the two lost physical contact. 
Desperate to encounter again and converse she sent an epistle...reaching him only two weeks ago. Instantly he replied.

Oh, my darling Evangeline, how has time slipped my grasp? All is swell in Tetras, but yet so lonesome. My Evangeline, I long for you since our departure, desperate to see your presence enlighten my very world. Your warmth misses my hands, making me desire to write. But my fear that you have moved on haunts me, preventing me. Time bleeds my very soul, so that my hands quiver to write this letter. Have you considered my offer yet?  Do you desire to be mine? I must hear your answer in person. Meet me at the top of the utmost peak of Inaytas, May 45th 11: 00 am. I will be waiting for you.
Sincerely yours, Aleister Tyrance
She constricts the letter to her breast, and closes her eyes. “Oh, Aleister,” she murmurs, her face fronting the sky. “I yearn for you as well,"
If she was to elect her husband, it just had to be Aleister. They shared the same passionate feelings, why would one deny one who felt the same?
“Aleister, oh please hurry,”
Toree clasps her fragile hands firmly and faces frontward. Javier eyes her with sincerity and bows stiffly, while presenting his hand to hers. A small smile of recognition spirited her lips upwards as she graciously takes the offer. Mutely, he precedes her to the ballroom floor, with uneasy grace and sophistication.
Their eyes reunite.
“Oh Toree,” Javier whispers, as a red flush emerges in his tanned cheek bones. “Oh how beautiful you look today,” His eyes scan hers….as if he was a lost puppy, looking for tender shelter. His hands embrace her close, and they begin to sway.
“Javier….” Toree’s voice falters. Her feet moved naturally to his, though being very vigilant not to mess up. She couldn’t mess up a moment as perfect and rare as this.
Yes my wife,” he asks softly as they continued on pirouetting to the anonymous music that frolicked from the record player.
Toree beams yet again, “I love you.”
“And I you, my love,”
“And….how about baby Tehran?” She grins innocuously, as she eyes her 7 month augmented belly with buoyancy.
His hand begins to touch her belly, and travel in trifling loops around her umbilicus, consolingly.
“And yes, I do love my son, as well,” He undertones, “But in a diverse manner that I, you.” 
“Yes of course,” She responds as her arms slips around his shoulders and her eyes scan his attractive features in reverence. “That’s the only way God intended love to be engaged,”
They swayed leisurely to the melody, both of them hushed to disputes, briefly.
But Javier speaks up again.
“Toree, will you go with me to Morehstaine tomorrow?” his lips flies out. “I do not wish to be without my expecting wife to help guide me in my practice coronation,”
She is without sayings.
“I know it’s against tradition, my love, but in God’s name truth, I do need you to be by my side,”
“Javier,” Her lips are open marginally.
“By seeing the beautiful face of the woman I bestowed my seed upon, I believe it’s your right to be with me.”
And then at that particular moment, she then does not hesitate to reply. “Yes.”
“Yes?” Javier’s face clarifies while he echoes her words to make sure he was not envisaging faultily. 
Toree nods vigorously as they stopped their moving. “Yes, my husband!” she laughs in an very un-ladylike manner.
“YES!” He lifts her upward and twirls her around, her satin ball gown twirling like a flower. “YES! Thank you Toree, we now leave at once! Go pack your belongings, and meet me at the carriage!” He places her back down.
“Yes, my husband.” Toree grasps his hands together, and looks in him the eyes contently. “I thought you would never ask me to attend, this is absolutely a dream come true,”
His eyes and smile melt with joy “Aye it is my love,” He repossesses his hands, and he embraces her round rosy cheeks tenderly, as if he held a babe. “Aye, it is,”
Swiftly, they kiss, and she then begins gently ambling off to the grand doors.
“Eva,” Aleister mouths, his voice flouting; he gawps at his future wife in awe as he gets off his white stallion, Rhapsody and tries to stand straight.
She smiles her beautiful, touching smile, that always enlightened his world, and begins to stroll to him. Her breathtaking figure was beginning to make him second guess his worthiness, but today…..he did not care. Today, he was determined to finally propose to her officially.
“I missed you,” she says, while tears brim her eyes. She was crying.
“And I, you, Evangeline,” He shakes out his paralyzed demeanor, and offers his arms out for a long- awaited embrace. “I missed you, so very much,”
“Really?” She falls into his arms, and bash her eyes upwards.
Aleister smiles, and he nods vigorosuly and presses Evangeline close to his chest. 
"Ah-" Her voice is cut short, when he scoops her up, princess style. His brown eyes bury deep within her pale blue ones, and they do not blink, just stare. There's a sudden twinkle.
"Let us go back to my kingdom," Aleister commences. 
Evangeline's head cocks to the side in sudden shakened confusion. "What?"
He takes a tense quaff, but then relaxes his shoulders, and tightens his grip around her fragile physique. Evangeline could tell he queried for his next utterances.
"Spend the night, please......I can escort an carriage for you as soon as morning arrives," Aleister's eyes are filled with desperation. 
She is taken aback by those, simple words. Her voice then feels short, as well, but manages something to slide out, "Aleister," she begins, her mind scatters in many directions, while her heart beat feels as if it was trying to break free from a confined cage.  "So soon?" 
"I miss you,"  he continues. "My family really misses you too,"
"I know I am rushing, but please, I cannot wait any longer. I want to catch up with you, I know we both have untold stories to tell," His words seemed to be able to release with ease at that point.
"Yes, but-"
"Eva, please...."
Her heart said yes, but her mind said otherwise. This was to fast, even though this was definitely one of the fantasies she had pictured. But why was she now to afraid to permit it to be performed suddenly? 
Her voice becomes soft.  "Allright....let's go,"
"Great!" Aleister carries her to his stallion whom was grazing on grass several meters away. "This is going to be very exciting, I promise,"
All Evangeline could think was............who the hell is this?

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