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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Incomprehension

Submitted: September 28, 2016

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Submitted: September 28, 2016



Twilight begins to rear its impervious cranium once 6 p.m. was grasped. After a lengthy conversation with Leaha, Quentin did finally achieve to break free and head on over to his Father’s stronghold. Toree and Javier are currently on their way to Morehstaine in their stagecoach, and Evangeline and Aleister; without harm, bring into being, their figures on forth to his profoundly shielded fortress. As the potent white stallion rode through Tetras, just before hand, all common folk who are blessed with the sight of him, kneel as they realize that their young liege finally has returned from his pursuit on retrieving his soon- to-be spouse. Their loyalty for their beloved king would soon be stretched to the lovely Princess Evangeline with open arms, whether she would adore it or not though, is still anonymous. Evangeline is benumbed on him, her entire upper physique laid on his strong backbone as he brings his horse to a long-awaited stop. Aleister guises upward at his yonder mammoth fortress, and sighs deeply, careful not to rouse her.
Cavaliers are situated at the medium sized draw bridge opening, and as their sights take hold of him, they bow with great gallantry before they wrench the large lever to bring it downwards.
Even to Aleister, all else soon became a haze, not worth any major acknowledgment. But once inside, he personally, carries the young sovereign over to his ostentatious dormitory. He rests her on his bedstead, and has a twinge of anxiety emerge it’s unsought for head. On the voyage back to Tetras, she was rather discreet, as if something was unsettling her. Whatever it was, Aleister is very curious, and desperate to know of it.
“You are my precious gem,” he emits dreamily, as he combs a hand through her pure ringlets of angel tresses. “You are my soon to be wife, I desire to know the rest I do not know, about you, it's only natural....when you are in love.”
His eyes begin to wilt, as he lays his head on her lap, wearily. He clasps her hand close to his chest, as he felt the life of day slip from him. “My, that journey from Necromania to here is quite the colander on one’s daily vitality,” he whispers into her silk gown, inhaling her vivid aroma of honey and snapdragons  “But, I will do that 150 kilometer outing any day of the week, if it meant I can be closer to you, my sweet love…..”
He hesitates, his words begins to find harsh truth within, truths he knew, not even her sleeping form could take in, without any consequence. His secrets since the day they parted, three months ago, grew in astonished significance, which even himself, was still trying to process. They all happened so fast, and if she was to hear about them, her heart would surely break.
But, she was the reason he decided to do so.  He decided to do all, for her, this young breath of life and innocence. A beauty to withhold, with a disposition of a kitten, yet smarts as of one twice her age. A body, thin, yet very shapely, and skin pale and as soft as snow. He admires her features, in an attempt to stay awake while his lips brush against her hand.
“I must tell you one thing,” he whispers, finding it desperately hard to ignore the thought of it, “Though; I know you will most likely not be able to take it into any recognition,”
Evangeline twitches slightly and moves her body on her side. Her breath is in short, shallow gasps, and her forehead is warm to the touch. Was she dreaming?
His exhales are protracted, for so he could ponder the correct words. His words are harsh truth, when he speaks, “It’s happening now, my love,” He somberly begins, “It’s been foretold by many respectable prophets in the past, but it’s now here.” His words find their selves digging deep within himself, recognizing their actual inviolable significance. It makes him feel guilt, he never yet felt, a very robust, staid, guilt for...her. He was surely to break her heart, once he told her all, so why was he so resolute to marry her before he finally did release his secrets?
He had no idea.
“I must go, Eva. A maid will awake you once dinner is served,” he makes a hasty retreat, but before he exits, he kisses her forehead affectionately. “I love you,”
Just within seconds, Aleister retreats with fear, leaving his huge door, open in the slightest. His heart beat is irrepressible as he dashes down the very broad foyer. He surpasses a maid, carrying a silver ball gown, in which is to be Evangeline’s dinner dress, with worry sweeping all over his entire presence. The maid stops, and calls out, “My Lord, are you quite all right?” her voice is full of concern.
It catches him by surprise, “Yes, Merritt, I’m fine,” he swiftly halts, and his mind is scattered, “Just-just awake the Princess once dinner is served, I must leave for a quick instant,”
“Where will you be, My Liege?”
He shakes his head, “At my study, I have some documents I must to catch up on, I will return before dinner,” He then leaves without second thought.
Merritt shrugs her shoulders, and continues her way to Aleister’s room. Once she enters, she spots Evangeline resting upwards, with an appearance of jumbled disclosure smeared indelicately to her lovely frail face.
She was alert the entire time he spoke; she’d just chosen to continue her appearance of sleep to endure the romantic mood.
What’s started, she muses austerely, what in devil’s hell was he saying?
Am I going insane, or has he changed?
“Princess,” Merritt calls out.  Evangeline snaps out her serious contemplating, and acknowledges her presence.
“Yes?” her voice is stuffed with ambiguity and discomposure. “I-I’m sorry about not noticing you, is there something you want?” she inquires respectfully.
Merritt seals the doorway. “Well, Princess, My Liege desires for me to dress you for dinner once you were awake, but I already see that you are. Dinner will be served in 45 minutes, so now is a good time to dress.” She brings the dress out in full. “He desires for you to wear this,”
In complete view it looks as if it’s a whole different dress. 
It’s plain in pattern, yet the waist down is large and full. It’s sleeveless and all edges are trimmed in fine lace. It’s a dress worthy of a Queen, it is sophisticated yet trendy. It’s something she would’ve chosen herself. Aleister does know her like the back of his hand. Eva shrugs, and figures to just ignore her previous thoughts.
“Yes,” she reaches towards the gown with an unexpected grin, “Yes I will wear this,” She doesn’t hesitate to say her mind. .  Maybe….he really hasn’t and it’s just my memory. He certainly remembers the styles I like. She sighs softly, so he must be the same……I think....?
Merritt unconsciously interrupts, “Well, shall we get started?”

Aleister dashes into his study, and immediately shuts the doors behind him. As he catches his breath, he recognizes its features for a thousandth or so time. It’s a grand room, with a lofty chandelier, towering windows, and vintage furniture. It is fitting for a King. It always has been, for it has been passed down through many generations as the room where many important decisions are made. Documents are written in here, and most of his free time as well. This is the reason why he could not write Evangeline for those three months, he was so cooped up in this room, with documents ceiling high. But he pushed it all aside when she wrote him. He realized he must stay by her when she did, her desperation was in major pleas, ones of which he definitely could not ignore any longer. He desired to be by her, and by their time apart, it just made them realize how much they needed each other.
The documents for today stay untouched, in a junction of his large antique desk. They appear as if they were still mounting, as though it is quite impossible. He moans cripplingly, and dreads over to his desk. Once he takes a seat, he routes his hands through his shoulder length white hair. Being a King of a outsized territory such as this, is a hectic job, and even worse when you are young and audacious. Begin King restrains you from doing the things you once loved. He had to give up his young habits, and instantly mature. Being King was definitely the last thing on his mind before his father perished, so he did not expect it to happen so soon. The illness was so rapid…..one instant his father was alive and well, and then the next….he was gone. No one was prepared for the sudden death of their beloved King for many years. His father, Lord Alfred, ruled for 37 years, and the land was in peace. Once Aleister emerged onto the throne, things become slightly different from what his father envisioned. Nothing had gone into full effect at the moment, so there was still more time to prepare for the worse.
Prepare for the consequences of his mistake.
Yet, he ignores the thought and retrieves a very small box, from a drawer. His mind wipes out any presence of faults, and he admires the minor inert existence. The presence of the little object was enough to make him smile calmly.
Evangeline is the only one who soothed his stress, and the only one who truly loved him in ways a family could not. She is the love of his life, and he never knew it until just recently. 
"I must propose today, I must propose, I must,” he echoes a truism, to help stay encouraged. “She is just waiting for it,”
He takes the lid off and a ring is revealed. It’s a superb ring, with a very large pear shaped blue sapphire in the middle; the band is platinum with small, half carat diamonds wrapped around. It used to belong to his grandmother, her late Majesty Rea. After her unfortunate passing, the ring was then given to his father which for was meant for his wife. But he did not give his mother it, for the reason was it was a family heirloom, and he decided it was too valuable to be risked in losing. But now it is Aleister’s turn to decide the fate of it, and he decides it is time for it to be worn again.  It is now soon to be Evangeline’s.
He stares at the antique with glee, and replaces the lid back into its appropriate place. “She will definitely adore this ring,” he nods inspiringly. “Beyond a doubt,”

A loud bang on the door instantaneously directs Aleister back to actuality. It’s a spiteful gust of cacophony so that it brings a spasm of unease into his perturbed veins, when he reacts, “Who is it?”
The reply flowed at the same unpleasant rate as the whacks, “It Lieutenant Jabari, sir, please let me in, I have urgent news,”
With reluctant reflex, he calls him inside.
Jabari bashes through the doors with a protuberant appearance of anguish, resentment, and hesitation written throughout his body. His aged face was red, as sweat beaded on his forehead, and his breath is unstable. This proved Aleister’s suspicion that he’d rushed.
“What is it?” Aleister’s heart begins to beat hard.
He sinks his cranium, “Your Majesty, it’s the 4th squadron!”
Aleister weaves his fingers, lays his back in his large armchair, and successfully is able to continue his façade of expertise. “What about them? Have they invaded Bihovion, as ordered yet? Have they captured him?”
Jabari descends to his knees, without gazing up. His words are obvious to be struggling on his lips.
“Lieutenant….speak!” he orders.
He wobbles his head pessimistically, “THEY ARE ALL DEAD!!!” He yelps out in melancholy. “I am the only one who’d escaped.”
Aleister eyes expand widely in tremor, when his lips shake with the releasing of the utterance of, “How?”

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