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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Abhorrence

Submitted: October 06, 2016

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Submitted: October 06, 2016



Quentin relaxes his backbone alongside the coarse drywall of his Father’s study, and feels a spasm of concern fuss his appearance. His father looks as if he’d aged six years, rather than six days. His eyes are beady red, grayish black facial hair invests his lips and chin, and dark heavy bags encaged his upper cheeks. It looks as if he’d been through war.
“Father?” he asks, his voice trembling. The slightest amount of anger would definitely push his father into solitude of mind of which he probably could not retrieve him from for quite a time. He is careful with his tone.
“Y-Yes, m-m-my s-son?” Ross mutters, though he does not peek up from his work. His hand held a plume, in which persisted in scrawling away at all work in its sight.
“Are you at all hungry?” he asks.
Ross shakes his head rapidly, continuing to not gaze up at his apprehensive son. “No, food is not permitted at this time my son…..w-when I finish this work, I will eat,”
Quentin’s lip twitches in agitation, “Father, surely you must be starving, I can go ahead and bring dinner from mother, it’s no hass-”
“I said “No”, Quentin,” he reiterates frantically.
Quentin breathes a huff of air, anxiously. “All right,” he withdraws the dialogue, and faces away.
“But….” He incepts a new conversation. “May I know one thing?”
“Y-Yes?” Ross responds instinctively.
Quentin now withdraws from the wall, and moseys to his father’s desk. He stands by his side, and points to a document, in curiosity. “What has you all tangled up in your office for nearly a week? You’ve never stay gone this long, without even a show of your face at home,” 
The question is a surprise. Ross almost fantasizes the ignorance of Quentin’s voice. This inquiry definitely is one with a rejoinder too complex and scandalous to even the most mentally prepared. It is a question; he’d certainly had to avoid direct answer, yet he knew he must release a portion. It is the portion where it’s harmless to ears, affecting one just to the disbelief portion of the brain.
His lips tremble with the mendacities that lie just among them, and he guzzles. Quentin sees his actions with surprise but immediately realizes that his father’s position probably isn’t of one who could release secrets. He undergoes a sense of pity, and steals the discussion back.
“Never mind the thought, Father, I apologize,” He says. “I know you cannot reveal secrets to one of the public, I momentarily forgot.”
“No, no, no, no, my son,” he hastens apprehensively. “It’s not that,”
He ceases his aphorisms for his Father’s, instinctively. So he now probes a keen ear.
“It’s just; it’s a very significant query, with an intense realism. I just don’t consider this correct, when I confine so much inside…”
His language astounds him. Is his father….is he really narrating these veracities with ease...it appears as if its freedom to discharge the affliction of his veiled confidences.  
“I will tell you only a portion of my knowledge of what is occurring in today’s world. This truth will spread within a month or so, so it is a decent time to release these trapped words now, to you my son. Quentin Leonardo Maverick is a man of concealed truths, as I once remembered, correct?”
He nods enthusiastically, “Yes, Father, yes I am. If you do not desire me to tell a soul, then I will not, in Lord’s name.” He reaches a hand upwards.
Ross tension slips away, “Good, now listen carefully…..for I will only tell once,”
Quintin is silent and begins to listen intently. Listen with a passion for knowledge, and a curiosity for the unknown truth. It’s a passion that he only had once in his life and a passion that ceased itself, once the truth is released.
He would never listen to another in awe again.

Midnight is welcomed to the daylight’s former position, when constellations form up head. The sky is obscure, with many uncertainties lingering throughout the humid atmosphere. The outing to Morehstaine from Necromania is quite an extensive, one, lasting about a day at least, in carriage. It is an outing that required many stops for Javier and Toree. Toree’s morning sickness lasts the entire 9 hour carriage ride. Constantly, the advancement had to cease, for her continuous attendance. Pierre is the well-trusted butler, of the Kinsenth royal line. He is the chaperon of this lengthy outing, and currently he is feeding the horses. This forest is quite obscure yet very serene; it’s a perfect spot for a campfire. Javier is resting by a nearby willow, with the upper physique of Toree situated on his lap, asleep. He besoms her auburn hair delicately, and chortles wholeheartedly.
He undeniably loves this woman with every bone in his being. Her face is passive and attractive, when she’s slumbering. Ah yes, this is the face he fell in love with two years ago.  An insecure hand fondles her bottommost lip, and it feels as lax as silk. These are the lips he’d caressed the same day they met. Her long silk gown is tainted, with slight stains of dirt, and the end is riding up her legs. Upper knees are revealed along with the shine of suave curvaceous legs, and they are faultless to the sight. These are the same legs that wrapped around his waist in utter erotic despondency, that exact same day.
Javier’s face flushes rubicund, and gulps at the revelation. Their first summit, to some is just an atrocious blunder, other’s it is an endeavor to bond man and elf, and to the remainders, the blossom of a zealous legendary romance that never could end.
The fact is it’s all three.
Their first unity was an accident. His father, King Solomon of Azariel, required a conference with all seven Elven Kings. Toree beseeched her Father to accompany him to Azariel. He summits, leaving Toree in high spirits. The day was quite a snowy one; the sky was ashen and resistant to any luminosity. The day seemed to be a very dismayed and tedious. Javier resolved his boredom and ditched his fortress to ramble around, nourishing the underprivileged, and tending to the ill as he usually did. He just exited the fortress, when he saw her.  It was Toree’s face that kept his attention at first. She was departing her carriage, with the help of Pierre’s assistance. She was and is the loveliest mademoiselle he’d ever seen. Toree is an ordinary magnificence, a magnificence that never had to pretend anything about herself to be considered stunning.
Javier always heard about the superiority of the Kinsenth blood line over all others. All the progenies in the bloodline were known for something they were born with. For Toree, it is her beauty, Evangeline the same and her compassion for others, for Agustin it is his genius, for Zanay is her excellence in speeches, for Tarence is his ability to excel in any physical activity, and Raphina for her excellence in any instrument. The Kinsenth family is very well-known and idolized throughout Terah.
Till that crucial day, he’d really waged them no noteworthy acknowledgment.
He had to meet her and introduce himself. Yet, he had a deep fear, a fear with no logical explanation. But, he secludes the fear instantly, when their eyes meet.  It appeared as if he was enforced to in some way or form, because of this, to go to her. Not by another being, but by the curiosities of his free mind. He just could not resist her presence, so he mechanically hauled himself to her. It is if he’d acted on instinct. The two first are uncomfortable to converse. Yet, Toree dismissed Pierre, and the two then were able to really talk with ease, as if they knew each other all along. Javier introduced himself, and she perused.
In that instant, Javier KNEW now deprived of qualm, that he felt the everlasting bond of two souls, both impatient for affection. She could not secrete the statistic; that she’d desired the physical touch of the opposite sex, just as much as he.
The two tended the unfortunate for some time and eventually gotten carried away. The night sky approached and the two knew were in deep trouble if they’d shown their faces to their parents. They both decided to hide out till morning. Then when morning did arrive, they would go and confess to their parents. The two definitely did not think out their plan to its full potential yet they did not care, they desired more time together over anything, though they both were at the time, oblivious to the fact. Javier escorted Toree to a furtive sanctuary he personally had workers build. When his life became too difficult, he always retreated to this cabin to clear his mind. Whenever he did return, he’d always fib to his parents about where he was. It is a cliquey chalet, fit to house one blithely. It was supplemented with a miniscule scullery, den, and a dormitory, all furnished. The lone dormitory had just one bedstead.
The atmosphere was obstinate at first, but Toree does trail after him to his chamber. She became lethargic; her body pleading for respite, limbs dogged to crusades, and her eyes were swollen and rosy. They also glimmered in the candlelight that hung onto dear life in the far corner. They gave off the vibe of desperation, and even though she did not verbally confess anything. She was on his lap, in the same position she was now, when he lost all control of his willpower.
Javier gazes upward at the sky, and commences his consoling strokes on Toree’s upper form. Yes, that night is still vivid in his brain, he repeats the entire day as if it was a fragmented song on a record player. It was a beautiful day, one impossible to forget. Yet, after their love making ceased, they were caught by Azariel’s 7th squadron…….brought to both their families……and made to wed within a week.
It’s a blessing for their love to be real, and not just an act of sexual pleasures being able to be fulfilled. Usually, the game ends when two “make love”, but…..Toree and he were still here even afterwards. They knew each other for only a week till they were forced to marry, and their love was still going on strong.
It had to be.
This is the first recorded marriage to ever occur between sovereigns, of man and elf. Javier is 100% human, and Toree is 100% Flora Elf, it was an unthinkable pair. Their marriage is Terah’s propaganda’s life source, without it, there would be no propaganda. Everywhere they were, newspersons were hiding, frantic to seek the tiniest fault in their marriage and to make it into something much exaggerated and infuriatingly senseless.
Yet, through it all, Javier remained deep in love with Toree. He loved her, through all the miscarriages and through all the judgments of revulsions. He loved her through all the days and nights they spent in naming their late children. He was there when the news was told to all Terah that she miscarried. Both times. He was there for the funerals of his children, Javilla and Timothi, only being able to provide little comfort to the distraught Toree. Her cries were terrifying, they were filled with sorrow. All he could do was…..witness the small boxes in where their corpses were laying in, be buried six feet under. He was there for both Javilla and Timothi’s funerals…..with a destitute core, and empty mind. He held Toree close, as her tears wash away all makeup she’d worn, and as she lost all self-control. She collapsed to her knees and cried to the heavens, asking why?
Who really knew why? Toree was beyond capable to carry children full-term, yet they seem to not able to.
Most believe it's because of the intertwining of two different beings, yet it does happen nowadays. Usually there was a different outcome only if the woman was human and the male an elf. The woman already contained the human egg, so it being fertilized by any male, human or not, was very easy. Yet Toree was the elf in this relationship. She is a walking entity of Terah, she is a mobile human form of plants, so she did not contain the human gene inside her. For example, placing soil down and placing a seed on top of it, and expecting it to grow, it is very difficult to, is it not? Yet if the seed was on the ground first and soil was then placed on top, there would be a more expected outcome. 
But even though the two know this, they were both determined to have children. Tehran would be their first child that would be able to come out in this world with a bright life ahead. His delivery is scheduled to happen in  about another two months, and by each passing day of success, brings Javier to a higher level of gratefulness. Every day Toree continued to carry, Tehran is an blessing in itself.
This pregnancy he believes is their blessing from the Gods. 
The two of them had waited so long for a blessing.
And without warning, Toree suddenly moves a tad on his lap, snapping him away from his trance. Her whines sound deprived of sleep, when her eyes flutter open.
Javier grins gloomily, “Hi, my love, sleep well?”
She sits upwards slowly, and rubs her tired fists into her eyes. “Eh….yes….Javier, thank you,” she murmurs over yawns. Her tresses are quite a clutter, and her outfit is in disarray, forcing her to appear fairly adhesive and unclean.
She’s quite the spectacle.
“And how’s Tehran?” he embraces his sniggers, privately. “How’s my son?”
She strokes her tummy, feebly. “I think he’s okay, but he surely has made me fatigued,”
“I know, Pierre and I decided to camp out here for the night. I know your stomach could not stand another one of your morning sickness episodes. You have to at least eat something,” he quickly answers. “Pierre has prepared an herbal stew,” His fingers guide her eyesight to the cauldron resting on a bed of embers a couple of meters away. “It’s quite pleasant.”
She grins loudly, “Ah yes, that sounds very welcoming to both our tummies,” She giggles and continues abrading her front.
“Should be,” Javier stands up, “Wait here, I’ll go and make you a bowl,” 
She bows her head in agreement cheerfully, when abruptly an unsought contraction of agony surges throughout her body. This catches her by perturbed revelation as she discharges a shriek of torture, and falls into the dirt head first.
Javier heart surges as his body reacts twice as fast as his brain, while he rushes to her side.
“Toree!” he cradles her head on his knees, and tries wobbling her conscious. “Toree!! What’s the matter?” His eyes are wide with fear and concern while he continues his calls.
And her eyes ajar feebly, “Ah…I’m okay, (she takes a long breath shakily, and clutches his hand,) though…..” On her dress is now large damp spot, right above the apex of her thighs.
The two both gasp simultaneously in tremor, while both heart beats increase dramitcally. Toree's face is now pale with disbelief, and her lower body begins to feel as if it is numb. Javier's action's are as silent as the moonlight when he feels an invisible lump form in his throat.
This couldn't be....
So quickly.....
No…it can’t be…NOW?? 

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