Their Deadly Past

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is what happens when your past catches up to with you

Submitted: September 28, 2016

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Submitted: September 28, 2016





Chapter 1:


“Umm, are you going to open it?” Or just stare at it to death?”

 Heather Rose, Nancy Harris’s best friend asked her

“You’re hysterical.” Nancy smirked.

Heather just rolled her eyes before she answered her back

“Would you please just open it already.”

“Okay, okay, here it goes.”

 Nancy sighed then took a deep breath as she slipped her finger underneath the envelope’s flap

and flicked it open

Taking out the folded piece of paper she began reading it






Noticing that Nancy was turning white as a ghost Heather snatched the note from her hands.

Then after reading the note she quickly stuffed it in her back jean pocket, grabbed Nancy’s arm

“Come on we’ve to find the guys and tell them about this.”


Once they reached the school’s parking lot.

 They found Shawn Douglas and Paul Hunter arm wrestling on top of Shawn’s car.

Heather took the note out her pocket and shoved it in Paul’s face

“Whoa, what’s your problem?” He frowned

“This stupid note! That’s my problem!” She cried out.

 Shawn moved closer to Paul, so he could read over his shoulder

“Where did you get this from?” He asked once he finished reading it

“It was left inside my locker.” Nancy shrugged

“Did you guys, ever told anybody about what happened? Paul asked the group


“Well neither did I. this is just someone’s idea of a stupid prank.”

 Paul answered before he crumpled it up and tossed it over his shoulder

“Some joke?” What makes you think it’s a prank?” Heather asked him

“Think about it. If someone really did know about our little secret,

 don’t you think they would’ve just gone to the cops?

“Instead of leaving a note?” He answered her back

“Now I’m starving.

 Let’s go grab something to eat and forget this ever happened.”

 Paul added frowning


Chapter 2:

The next day Nancy and Heather were sitting under their favorite tree waiting for the morning bell to ring

“Paul, has been acting like such a jerk. Ever since we showed him that note.”

 Heather was telling her.

 Nancy was about to answer when a voice coming from behind them caused her to jump

“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“No worries. You’re new aren’t you?” Heather asked him with a big smile on her face

“Is it that obvious?” I just moved here from up north.” He shyly shrugged

“Well, let me welcome to our school.

 I’m Heather Rose, and this is my taken friend Nancy Harris.” She answered him

“Its nice meeting both of you, I’m Albert Robins.

 Can you tell me where the main office is?”

“I’ve to go there before the bell rings.” Albert asked them

“Why don’t I just show you where it is I’ve to go there myself.” Heather smiled

“If it wasn’t too much trouble that’d be great.” Albert smiled back

“Great!” See you at lunch Nan.”

 Heather cried then took Albert by the arm and walked off


Later that day during lunch Paul, Nancy and Heather were sitting at their regular table.

 Goofing on each other

When Shawn walked over and sat next to Nancy

“What’s wrong with you?” You look like your puppy just drowned.” Paul joked

“I wish.” Shawn sighed

“Wow, Shawn!” Nancy cried out smirking

“Yah Shawn, that was a pretty messed up thing to say.” Heather added


 Shawn mumbled before opening up his math book

 and taking out an old crumple newspaper article  

He looked around to make sure no one was listening then began to read it out loud


Two teens died last night after receiving a disturbing phone call at their grandma’s house.

Claiming that their mother had died in a terrible car accident

After failure to reach their mother by phone.

They rushed out of their grandma’s house, the older teen was so upset that she failed to stop at a red light. And crashed head on to oncoming car

They were rushed to the nearest hospital in where they were pronounced dead on arrival

The police still have no leads of who made the phone call


Shawn refolded the article and put it back inside his book.

 He looked over to Paul and mumbled

“I know you believe that it’d never happen.

 But it looks like that our little secret has finally caught up to us.”

“Not if we keep our mouths shut, we won’t have anything to worry about.”

 Paul growled

“You know Paul; I’m getting a little tired of you telling us what to do!”

 Heather screamed at him.

 Before she slammed her hand on the table so hard that it made the kids at the next table jump


Giving her a dirty look Paul got up from the table

“If it’s alright with Heather, can I please talk to you guys outside for a second?”

 He asked smirking


What the hell is your problem Heather!”

 He yelled once they were outside in the parking lot

“You!” You’re what the hell my problem is!” She yelled back

“Will you two stop fighting. We’ve enough trouble already without you,

 two trying to kill each other.” Shawn cried out

“Whatever you guys, can do whatever the hell you want to.

 But if any of you decide to go to the cops

“The only trouble you losers will have to worry about is what I’ll do to you!”

 Paul smirked before he stormed off


Chapter 3:


The next day Nancy was in her room working on her history paper

“Can I come in?” Her mother asked standing half way into her bed room

“What’s the point of asking mom, if you’re already half way in.” Nancy smirked

“Are you feeling okay Nancy?” You seem a little depressed lately.” Her mother asked her

“Everything is fine mom” Nancy sighed

“Okay, well, Shawn’s on the phone.

 He tried calling your phone but only got your voice mail and was worried.”

Her mother told her

“What?” Mom!” Why didn’t you just tell me he could’ve hung up by now!”

 Nancy exclaimed. She then reached over to her night stand and picked up the phone


“Where have you been and what’s wrong with your phone?” Shawn asked

“Don’t know. Umm, hold on a second. I got it, thanks mom.”

 Nancy smiled. Her mother was about to answer her but changed her mind

And walked out of her room slowly closing the door behind her


“Sorry, but my mom was trying to give me the third degree. What’s up?” Nancy told him

“Oh, umm, don’t freak out but Paul, was hit by a car- “

“Oh my god!” Nancy interrupted. “Is he going to be okay? Did he see who it was?” 

“Whoa, whoa, calm down!” Take a breather.

He’s going to be fine he just got a broken leg.” Shawn explained

“Oh, thank god. Do you know what happened?” Nancy sighed

“No, not really

 all I know is that he was leaving the school gym when a car came out of nowhere.

 And just hit him then took off

“I’ll pick you up in hour so we can go see how he’s doing and find out more about what happened.” Shawn answered her

“Okay, I’ll see you then.”

“Oh and Nancy, see if you can reach Heather and have her meet us there.

 I tried calling her but only got her voice mail.” Shawn quickly added before he hung up


Later that day they were all gathered up inside Paul’s hospital room

“So where are you going to break out of here?” Shawn asked him

“I’m hoping by tomorrow. The doctor just wanted to keep me here overnight.”

 Paul answered him

So what happened they all wanted to know.

 Paul explained how while he was on his way to the gym

And got an anonymous text stating that if he didn’t want for his little secret to be exposed

For him to meet them at the school parking lot.

 And when he got there as soon as he got out of the car

This other car came out of nowhere hitting him

“The next thing I remember is waking up here with a busted up leg.” He added

“Oh wow, did you see who it was?” Shawn asked

“No, it all happened to fast---

“Maybe, we should go to the Roberts house.” Heather interrupted Paul

“What?” Have you finally gone completely stupid?” Paul frowned

“Very funny, but no.

 the way I see it we go, make up some story and maybe we get some kina of clue if they’re after us by how they answer or react.”

 Heather shrugged

“Yup, she’s completely psycho. In case you’ve forgotten we made a freaking pact!”

 Paul smirked

“Now how about if you losers get out of here. I suddenly don’t feel so hot he added

“Relax Paul, I didn’t mean to get you upset.

 I’ll drop by early tomorrow morning to check on you.”

 Heather told him before giving him a kiss on the check

“Yah later dude, feel better.” Shawn added holding the door open for the girls


Chapter 4:

The next afternoon Heather was sun-bathing.

 She jumped a little when a dark shadow blocked away her sun light

“Oh, hi. You startled me” She said in a surprised tone of voice

“Sorry. I thought you heard me.” Albert shrugged

“Who let you in?” Heather asked him

“I ran into your brother. he was about to leave and told me that you were back here.”

Albert answered

“You want to go for a dip?” Heather smiled

“No, thanks, maybe some other time.

 I just dropped by to see how you were doing.”

 Albert smiled back. Heather suddenly got uncomfortable feeling

“Umm, well, I was about to go in anyways. I promised Paul, that I’d visit him.”

 Heather muttered

“I won’t keep you then. I heard about his accident I hope that he’s doing better

“He got lucky it’s a shame that not all of us get as lucky as he did.”

 Albert stated. Then without waiting for her to answer he walked away


“Wow, what the hell was that all about?”

 Heather thought to herself as she walked inside her house.

 When she walked inside her room she was startled to see Albert standing there.

 Looking out her bedroom window

“Albert?” What are you doing in here?” She frowned

“Waiting for you.

 Now I can see you that you’re upset and confused maybe I should explain why.”

 Albert began

“Albert, I just think that you should leave.” Heather frowned

“Please don’t interrupt me Heather,

 beside I thought you’d be interested in my afternoon plans.

 Since you love to know the newest gossip

I’m planning on murdering someone today.” Albert snarled

“What!” Albert, if you’re joking I don’t think that was very funny!” Heather cried out

“I agree it’s not funny, whatever you do it in person or over the phone.”

Albert smirked

“Omg! Who told you about that?” Heather gasped

“No one I knew all this time.” Albert shrugged

“But how?” Who are you?” Heather whispered

“Well, my real name is Albert Roberts, Robins, is my mother’s maiden name.

 I was working the night my sister Kathy, called me hysterical telling me that I had to go home

“That there was accident and my younger sister and brother had died in a car accident.

“later on that night I asked my grandma what happened.

She told me the whole story you can imagine my rage

But it wasn’t until the day of their funeral that I decided to plan out my revenge.

 You see Heather, on that day my family received a whole bunch of cards, food and flowers

“But there was one set of roses that got my attention I really don’t know why.

 But if I had to guess it was the card that came with them

Which just read;

You’ll never know just how sorry I am.” Albert began to explain

“Nancy, but you couldn’t be sure it was her.” Heather mumbled

“No, I wasn’t at first.

 But then I got an idea I sent Nancy, a note and if she was the right person.

 She’d lead me straight to the rest of you, if not she would’ve just trashed it.”

 He answered her


Heather was beginning to panic as she started to look around the room for an escape route

“You’ll never make it. I’m closer to the door then you’re. Albert mumbled

“But why didn’t you just go the police?” Heather sobbed

“Ha!” And tell them what?”

 Even if I could prove it, do you know what would’ve happened?”

“Nothing that’s what!” Albert yelled


Chapter 5:

The ringing of the phone caused them both to jump.

 Which gave Heather the perfect chance to make her move

She didn’t have time to reach for the door

 so she ran inside her bathroom and locked the door behind her.

 While the knob started to rattled Heather looked around for something to protect herself with

But a sudden scraping noise coming from the other side of the door interrupted

“What the hell is he doing?”

 he’s not going to take the door off the hinges,

 is he?” Heather thought to herself.

 Deciding that she didn’t have a choice she opened her bathroom window and thrusted her body through the narrow window


Heather started to scream for help when she saw her brother’s car pulling into the driveway.

 Then screamed again as he got out of his car

He looked over to the side of the house and witness as she threw herself out the second floor window


An hour later Nancy opened her front door and was surprised to find Albert standing there

“Hey, Albert.”

“Hey, I bet you’re wondering what I’m doing here?” Huh?”

“Maybe just a little.” Nancy shrugged

“I was on my way home from work. When my car died on me,

 I was wondering if you could call my sister for me?” Albert explained

“Yah, sure. But why don’t you just come in and call her, yourself?” Nancy answered

“My window is busted and I don’t want to leave my car alone

 don’t want to take a chance of someone trying to steal it.” Albert shrugged

“Oh, okay what’s her number.” Nancy asked. Albert gave her a fake number

“Thanks, I’ll be waiting by my car it’s at the corner of your house.”

 Albert mumbled before he walked away


A few minutes later Nancy walked over to where Albert was leaning against his car door

“Hey, no one answered. Do you want me to call a tow truck?” She asked him

“It’s a very peaceful night, don’t you think so?”

 Albert asked her before reaching over and grabbed her hand

“Yah, I guess so. But what does that have to do with your car?”

Umm, maybe I should just go and—.” Nancy began

“There’s nothing wrong with my car Nancy.

 I made that up cause I didn’t really know how to thank you for the roses.”

 Albert smirked

“Roses?” Nancy whispered then it hit her but it was too late

Albert had already released her hand and place them around her neck

“Did you really believe your damn roses was going to bring them back!”

 And all would’ve been forgiven?”

And as he continued ranting and raving his hands tightened around her neck.

 Nancy could no longer think or hear to what he was saying

There was only blackness all around her


Chapter 6:

“Come on Nancy, please wake up!” A voice cried out.

 She slowly opened her eyes and looked around

“Are you okay?”

“Shawn, look out Albert’s- “She began

“I know; you don’t have to worry about him.

 I sneaked up from behind him and hit over the head with a flashlight knocking him out cold.

“Paul called me freaking out, after he explained how Albert, had attacked Heather.

 She jumped out her bathroom window to get away from him.” Shawn explained

“Oh my god!” Is she going to be okay?” Nancy cried out

“Yah, but when I called you, and your mom told me that you went outside.

To help your friend Albert with his car

“I panicked and rushed right over.

 It’s a good thing anyways let’s not think about that; it’s all over that all that matters.”

Shawn answered her

“I’m just so glad that’s over and he didn’t go after you.” Nancy mumbled

“Ah, but he did.” Shawn smiled

“He did?” How?” Nancy frowned

Shawn’s arm tightens around her shoulder as he answered

“He knew that the worst punishment for me would have been to stay alive without you.”


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