Monstersonlycome out atnight

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"monsters only come out at night"
Chilii already knows this

Submitted: September 28, 2016

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Submitted: September 28, 2016





monsters only come out at night


Shaziyn knows this. She has known this for seventy years: she wears a scar in her face, a white eye and, today, a black scarf. She loves squid ink and, she knows, you never look a monster in the eye. You may lose one...


Shaziyn loves squid, and she would often acknowledge it. Squid is a sea animal, squid is Shaziyn and her mother going fishing and coming back before it would get dark.


monsters only come out at night


She knows that.

And she loves squid.

Shaziyn misses the sea. "It's blue like your eyes." Shaziyn misses her mother. Mother, one of my eyes is now the same color of my hair...




Chilii is patiently waiting to see the blue.


the monsters will leave soon


That her mother would say, until they left with her. And her father. And her grandmother. All gone too soon.


Shaziyn would often tell her that she loved squid, and that Chilii's grandmother was so sick that it was probably better that she left that way. Maybe she was right, maybe it was not too soon for her grandmother, but Chilii definitely thought that it was never too soon for Shaziyn to leave.


Shaziyn is Chilii's neighbor, but Chilii feels that she spends more time in her house that in her own. Chilii also feels that it is wrong that she feels like that, as that way they both have someone to talk to. But Chilii would rather talk to the neglimen tree that is in the back of her house, a tree from which Shaziyn would help herself as if it was hers.




Chilii has a neglimen tree, and she loves it. She loves neglimens since she is a kid, when her mother would say that her hair was orange due to how many she ate. Neglimens are her childhood.


She is not the only one that loves neglimens. Many of her neighbors would stop by to ask her for some and, more often than not, she would end up giving most of them away, which meant that she would not be able to bake the neglimen pie, the one thing that Chilii loves more than neglimens.


But Shaziyn would often bring her squid in exchange, that she hated but she ate, and Jarris would sometimes bring her raspberries, which she liked. But she liked Jarris more than she liked the berries.




Chilii does not dislike one thing about Jarris. Well, there might be a couple...


oh, fuck, your ass is so tight!


She doesn't like anal sex, although she is starting to enjoy it as of lately. She definitely likes Jarris: he manages to not make her feel alone, even if he makes her vagina and ass bleed. But she knows how to pretend.


There is no pretending when it comes to his eyes: she could get lost in those greens...




Jarris would spend most of his time working in the fields, and it is there where he met his husband, Jaebhh.


Chilii would stop seeing those green eyes, or so often at least. She would start seeing much more of the brown wall.


She likes anal more than ever because it means that he is there, with her.




Chilii enjoys baking, looking at her neglimen tree and carving in wood. The house she lives in was built by her mother, with a little bit of help of her father, and with her total admiration.


She wants to be as good carving in wood as her mother was. Her mother was so good with wood. Her mother was so good...


they will leave soon


Too soon.




It is never too soon for the sun to start painting the dark blue, blue. That is what Chilii thinks.


"I like darkness better because it's when my face looks normal." That is what Shaziyn often says.


monsters only come out at night




There is an old song in their village that goes like this:


the monsters are afraid of pink

so your house pink must be

you don't see in the dark

when everything is black

they have huge teeth

and they will make you bleed

if they see pink

they will leave

so when the sun is gone

stay in your home




When Chilii sees the perwod, a purple flower that only lives for two days, she decides to pick it. It is said to be the flower that seals true love.


When Shaziyn sees the single perwod in Chilii's house, she cannot believe how beautiful it is.


"Is that for me?" she asks.


There is no answer, and no flower any longer.




Chilii is usually scared. Scared of monsters, scared of getting out of her house in case she would run into neighbors, scared of her neglimen tree getting struck by lighting, scared of saying 'no', scared of saying 'I care about you' to Jarris, scared of saying 'Get out of here' to Shaziyn...


Chilii is no longer feeling scared. Before the darkness had fallen, Chilii had given Shaziyn a special pie. It would never take her long to leave.


Chilii had also thought about baking a special pie for Jarris; a really, special one. But she then realized that he was also gone, long gone.


Before the blue had turned dark blue, Chilii  had come to the realization that she was living trapped. 

But she is now ready to escape: the door is open.


monsters only come out at night


She leaves her house. It is dark outside.

And there is nothing there.

Only her.

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