neighborhood of crime

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in my novel eight weeks of worcester the main character did a prison bid before the story line. during his incarceration he wrote a book of raw poems and this is the first one that i felt like sharing.

Submitted: September 28, 2016

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Submitted: September 28, 2016




………….I remember your dream of you and me where I laid your naked skin onto the soft green vegetation.  My love for you is genuine as was the warm breeze of the open air on our youths flesh.  Some tremors of emotion cannot be expressed into words.  Our naked bodies constricting around one another in influences of heart filled desires.  I thought I ended the search of a solution to my endless lonely nights.  But my boyish lust was unable to see past her camouflage that she wore so perfectly well…………

………….It was not until I was on the brink of a murder suicide before I seen she is the substance that kills.  She composed me into manhood, alternating my means of interest.  I have to admit I find potentially dangerous, with slender legs and to be a carrier of disease yet somehow she still aroused me…………

………….Her every day threshold holds a new problem to solve.  I need a change of direction when I cannot see past what every time becomes forgivable.  She took me to be fundamental, I analyzed her warmth over the stress and I think I need a surgical removal.  I cannot look away from her evil ventriloquist face when her lips don’t move but she’s screaming a thousand words………….

………….My minds a neighborhood of crime, I seem incapable of normal intellectual activity.  My mind is instability in throbbing pulsating rage!  I’m unable to slow the flow of fuel and the complication of our separation would require the versatility that I do not possess.  Hidden deep in my neighborhood of crime I find her immense anguish to be sensational, I wouldn’t want to ever exist without it…………

………….In a soft green bed of clovers or on a rusty bed of nails, I’ll take her any way she gives it to me.  I still believe in the dream of her and I....forever serving as her faithful dependent waiting from afar as my patience for her will always remain everlasting…………

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