New beginning

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Submitted: September 28, 2016

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Submitted: September 28, 2016



This isn't going to be easy for me

but it has to be done for my sanity 

I never ever wanted there to come a day

where in my own little way

I'd say goodbye to you, to talks that we had

to times of happiness, times that were bad

you used to bring so much joy 

and I know for you I did the same

I filled a void (inside you)

And felt your fever 

never wanting to be tamed 

you seemed satisfied with the results and yet so quick to call it a day

while I tried, white-knuckled, to hold on to forge a friendship and make you stay

you urged me to just let loose and enjoy the ride

while I waited for feelings of anxiety to subside 

deeper and deeper for you I fell

I felt wanted again 

I wanted to be more than your friend 

I fell hard and I fell fast

every conversation between us a total blast

and then this cocoon, balloon 

filled with hot air

started to decompress 

no longer did I swoon for you 

but felt deep feelings of despair.

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