!Dren! The Movie

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Submitted: September 28, 2016

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Submitted: September 28, 2016



!DreN! (Final Edit edition)

A Platypus Studios Production


Scene 1

(sunday 3:00 in the morning)

(camera sweeps the city street showing the best daily life of the people. Then the camera focuses in on a two story apartment. (Kevin is on the top) The camera zooms in through the front window where Kevin [main character] is playing a videogame on his Wii U. *Fallout 4 noises coming from tv*.)


Kevin: “Yayyyyy!!!!! 720 double fakie No Scopes for the win!!!!!!!!”


Kevins friend: “Eatcho cheesebooger foo”


Kevin: Darn!!!!!


(Kevin rage quits and goes to the bathroom.)


(Fallout 4 sounds rage as all this is happening)


**Horrid bathroom Noises, moaning,heavy breathing.A loud plop arises from the bathroom the sounds echo into the halls. Phone rings toilet flushes. Sound of belt clinking as Kevin pulls up his pants. Faucet sound washing hands.**


Kevin is on his iPhone staring at it intensely when he comes out of the bathroom. He runs into the drywall cracking it. That barely phases Kevin as he's still concentrating on his phone.


Camera shows Kevin opening a workout app on phone. Kevin puts his phone down and does three jumping jacks in front of his couch. then sits back down, picks up his wii U controller and continues on playing fallout 4.


Scene 2

Camera moves into Billy the Dude’s house which is below Kevin’s, Where he is being mugged for his Playstation 2 slim.


“Put the console and the games in the bag” the thief says pointing to the array of Billy the dudes games.


“Okay, but please call the ambulance after you hide my body in a dumpster!”


Suddenly, a car squeals around the corner of the block, comes up the curb by Billy the dudes backyard drives back on the road drives around to the front of his house and crashes into the brick and the front window sending the thief that was mugging Billy the dude into his  sofa. After Billy the dude drags the thief’s unconscious body into his closet a police ferrari cruised into the driveway of Billy the dude’s home. The officer (walking with swagger in his step), comes up to the walk leading to the crashed car takes out a notepad and pen and writes few things on his pad. He then comes closer to the car with the same swagger. While walking  the officer suddenly trips on a crack in the sidewalk. The officer picks himself up and with a little less pride walks up to the car.




The officer writes a few more things into his notebook walks up to the door, knocks

“this is the police” he says

Billy the Dude peeks through the eye hole, opens the door and whacks the officer with a baseball bat. The officer crumples to the cement unconscious with blood flowing his right ankle.

Billy the dude starts singing “another one bites the dust” to himself

Billy the Dude drags the cops unconscious body into his closet next to the thief.

After shutting door of the closet, Billy sits down and starts playing fallout 3 on his playstation 3 superslim.


Scene 3


We see Kevin pause his game grab a dunkin doughnuts box full of doughnuts and heads downstairs.

Kevin meets Billy the dude also going out. Billy the dude trying to be sophisticated pulls out his modified cellular calculator and an types a message to Kevin.


**message sound**


Kevin pulls out his iphone 1 and looks at Billy the dude’s

text reads: "Get Rekt Nerd"


Kevin: "Boom already did! 0-32 on Call of duty MW2"

Who could possibly get more wrecked than that that!


Billy: Well I have a date in a hour


Kevin: An online anonymous Girl who probably isn't even a girl does not count as a girlfriend?


Billy: Nah man, it's legit bruh.


Kevin and Billy the Dude both got out onto the road, Kevin gets in his Chevrolet Corvette C2 Sting Ray Coupe and Billy the Dude in his Porsche Boxter.


Scene 4

(Camera zooms into the Taco Bell window and Keeps zooming watching Kevin stuff 18 tacos in his face.)


(camera changes)


(Kevin goes out of taco bell and gets in his car

(we see Kevin driving his car [stated above] and talking on his phone with his mother driving home from taco bell


Kevin: No Mom I haven't met anyone yet!


Kevins Mom: What about that girl you were telling me all about from the Chuck E Cheese’s ball pit?


Kevin: Mom! That was 20 years ago when I was seven!


Kevins Mom: i remember the night you came home with the biggest smile i've ever seen. You were so cute back then!!


(Kevin facepalms himself and blushes.)


[(thought bubbles appear, zooming in on the thought we see Kevin at chuck e cheese sitting next to Betty, they are sharing a sundae. Betty has lime green lipstick.


Betty tells Kevin that she will be moving for 20 years to Colorado then she'll be back.


Kevins mom came up at the edge of the ball pit and tells Kevin to get out of the ball pit. Kevin waves goodbye to Betty. Kevin gets in the car while driving away.Kevin and Betty wave at each other


Betty: i will be back, she yells to Kevin


**song “i will wait” fades in**


We see Kevin standing at the fridge looking at a picture on it. (picture changes) We see Kevin playing video games. (change) We see Kevin look at the picture of Betty on Kevin's nightstand **this time Kevin is older** he turns off the light (change) More video games. (change) Kevin is working out (change) Kevin is building a plasma sword (change) Kevin doing pushups (change) Kevin looking at his workout schedule, he crumples it up and gets baskets in his garbage can (change) Kevin is eating pizza (maybe other scenes if not enough)

Kevin is as old as he is in rest of movie looks at Betty's picture on nightstand reaches for the chain to turn off the lamp. then **click** **BLACK**

*this will be dramatic

i will wait” fades out


(coming back to present)



(Kevin makes a U-turn and heads to the nearest CHUCK E CHEESE’S which is 3 hours away.)


camera shows series (different roads) of Kevin driving scenes while playing music on his radio **i can't drive 55**


At CHUCK E CHEESE Kevin is greeted by a CHUCK E CHEESE mascot.


Mascot: Welcome to CHUCK E CHEESE!!! `


Kevin walks past looking happy as a baby with a teddy bear infact that is what Kevin pulls out of his man purse. Also, with his man purse Kevin pulls out a wad of cash. He pays the cashier for the ball pit and heads straight for it. When Kevin gets there he does a belly flop and makes a huge splash of the balls. Kevin then feels a hand under the ball pit and pulls it out.


Kevin: BETTY! i can't believe its you!


Kevin suddenly sees something arise from the ball pit and surprisingly, it was Billy the dude.


Billy The Dude: Kevin what are you doing here?


Kevin: Are you two da-(Billy the dude cuts him off)


Billy the Dude: i'm on a hot date you're burning the score with your pumpkin glasses you fat cheeseburger walrus.


Kevin: What are talking about you onion ring sasquash?


Billy the Dude: At least i can get a date.


Close up of Kevin's quivering bottom lip


(Kevin runs out of the ball pit screaming.)


Kevin knocks over a little child as he is leaving the premises the mascot stops him.


Mascot: NO running! Look, You disrupted the tranquility of the sacred Chuck E Cheese!!


(Out of anger Kevin punches the head of the mascot off the head flies off showing no sign of a human head.)


Kids run and cry to their parents as the mascot lies on the ground motionless.


Kevin slams open the door and starts his car and drives away.


Scene 5


in his own apartment, we see Kevin ravenously stuffing his face with ghost pepper cheese balls and crying.


Kevin mother knocks on his door.


Kevin: Come in!

after opening the door Kevin’s mom opens the closet door throws her coat into the closet.


Kevin’s mom: i heard what happened with Betty and Billy the dude.


Kevin: No its because of these ghost pepper cheese balls…These things are killin’ me woman.


Kevin continues to eat the cheese balls.


Kevin: Mom, i'm not having a good day so please, please go shopping or something.


Kevin’s Mom: But Kevin i just went shopping at Kohl's… (Kevin's mom’s face goes from sorrowful to happy as she continues)...i got 50 percent off a new sweater for you, plus extra kohl's cash for next time!! i'll bring it over next time i see that (next phrase in tone like talking to a little kid) chubby widdle face of yours.


Kevin: please stop calling me those childish names.


i'm sorry my bumpkin (this is supposed to be spelled BUMPKiN) patch


Kevin: Why do you do this to me?


Kevin runs out of his house screaming and crying as he trips over the plasma sword that he had gotten his previous birthday. After he trips, he looks over and notices that he had broken the $120 custom plasma sword that he had made at disney and cries some more.

Scene 6


Camera shows Billy driving Betty home. Betty is asleep. Kevin drives in her driveway (camera is out of car).


Camera shows inside of car Billy the dude leans over to Betty (making the audience think that he is going for the “sleeping beauty” effect, but instead he yells in her ear-


Billy: YOUR HOME!!!!!!!


Betty: W...wha...uh...huh?


Betty opens the door,stumbles out of the car and into the house. While she is going there Kevin yells bye and he is answered by a slammed door.


Billy pulls out of Betty's driveway


(black screen)


Billy pulls into his own driveway he gets out goes in his house and goes to bed.


in the morning Billy the dude goes into his kitchen and serves himself a bowl of ice cream. Billy goes into his living room and sits onto his couch, picks up his controller and starts playing fallout.


Later, still playing fallout Billy hears a noise in the closet. Billy looks at the closet. He hears a noise again. The knob turns and out stumbles the thief and the cop.


Billy gasps *gasp!*


Thief: Hey, there's the guy!


The thief and the cop start after Billy


Billy is backed up against the wall


*idea lightbulb and the bling sound are over Billy


Billy: Look there's a unicorn!!!


he points up at the ceiling.


Both the cop and thief look over their shoulder. Billy gets away. The cop and thief look back to find Billy gone


(long scene to extend the movie of cop and thief trying to find Billy in his house)


scene ends when Kevin chase's cop and thief out of the house.

Scene 7


Kevin is looking on saberforge for a “prodigal son plasma sword”. it shows him buy it.


screen shows (seven days later)


Shows Kevin getting his plasma sword. He unwraps it and starts swinging it around and knocks a picture of his mom off the table.


Kevin is looking at the calendar it shows the date. There is a big red circle tomorrow it says WAR which means that there is a plasma sword battle tomorrow.


Kevin being the nerd he usually says: i am a Tight like my father before me, except the fact that my father was a bum. His name was flarf Waiter he had my childhood plasma sword and i didn’t find out that he was my father until he cut of my credit card and said Pay your own bills.


Kevin stares creepily at the camera for a good 10 seconds and says: The force is strong in my family… My father had it… i have it… My ugly sister… did not had it.


Camera shows Kevin go to sleep.


Scene 8

 Camera is pointed at Kevin's alarm it says 10:30


Alarm is thomas the tank engine theme song, it's blaring. Kevin rolls to the alarm side of the bed and whacks the alarm clock. Kevin lays on his back for 7 seconds then sits quickly up.


Kevin goes about quickly doing his morning things (many of them using his phone.) he eats and goes back in his room. evin walks over to his closet and gets his luke skywalker clothing on and grabs his plasma sword.


Kevin is wearing his hood and his saber is at his side as he walks to his car. He drives to the outdoor arena where there are cement slabs in a circle like fashion. in the middle there are a few 5 ft tall painted black wood boxes. Kevin goes over to the boxes and in the middle the battle referee is he has his own 8ft tall box for him to watch who gets killed. Kevin says a few things (that we can make up) and signs in. The ref tells Kevin to go to cement slab 1 and points in a direction. Kevin goes there.and this is what he sees. the black boxes like stated above, an out of bounds line off to Kevin's left. also there is a flag close to the middle of the ring.


People start showing up. Kevin notes and murmurs to himself the number where the opponents are standing.


Kevin is at 1

Fred at 2

Ben at 3

George at 4

Bob at 5

John at 6

unknown at 7 (wearing hood)

unknown at 8 (wearing hood)

Jackson at 9

Oliver at 10

Harry at 11

Russ at 12

Clyde at 13

Josiah at 14 with a newspaper


(All wearing unique clothing/mask/suit) they are also wearing the number that the concrete slabs say.


The ref is on his box now, he has a megaphone.


Ref: Ahem (clearing throat) Welcome to the ninth weekly plasma sword DUEL!!! Today we will start off with a death match! This winner will receive 200 dollars in cash, sponsored by viewers like you (pointing at crowd) thank you! Then we will play team deathmatch! We will split up into 2 teams and, FiGHT TO THE DEATH! So, are you ready to fight.


Cheering from players.


Then let's get the show on the road!...Players on your marks! and we'll get started at 3, 2, 1, (raises airhorn) hooonkkkk! The came is onnnnnnn!


The background the commentator is commentating


Kevin goes to his right toward fred the players clash.


Fred: Welcome… to your death! muahahaha


Kevin: You underestimate my power!!!!


ref: Player 1 and 2 are locked in a fierce duel let's see what happens...Oooooh player 4 is cut down by player 9!


George is the first to go out.


camera switches back to Kevin and fred.


Still fighting Kevin knocks fred's blade out of his hand fred dives for it but Kevin is too quick! Kevin steps in his way. Kevin points the saber at fred's neck


Kevin: goodbye!


Kevin stabs fred. Fred is out.


ref: and that's the fight between player 1 and 2! Ok folks there are only 12-11 contestants left. Player 3 just sliced up player 11!


Camera switches to Josiah p14 sipping tea reading the newspaper. Josiah turns the page.(at this part the only sound is josiah sipping tea and 2 players fighting in the background.


ref:player 10 is closing in for the kill of the remains of player 6...And he is Out!


The battle continues until there are 3 players remaining Josiah, Kevin and the hooded person


Kevin: Hey Josiah, let's go get him (he points to the hooded person)


Josiah: Lemme finish these comics first.


Kevin: Uhhhhh!


Kevin runs to the hooded figure himself.


Kevin: You can still back down


the hooded person stayed quiet they fight for a while


Kevin then broke the dualers blade in half so she could only use one. The fight proceded until Kevin took the other blade off as well and the masked figure could no longer fight. The rules claimed that in the case of a plasma swords destroyance that the player wielding the plasma sword shall have their head be removed and Kevin put his plasma sword up to the hooded person's head but was very hesitant.


Kevin it's not the Tight way


Ref: Do it


in the background Josiah is still reading his newspaper


Kevin grunts lifts his plasma sword then held back and threw his plasma sword down and walked out of the arena.


The Camera Focuses on the Hooded person as they run over to Kevin as they get there the hooded person then unhooks himself.


Hooded Person: You know that thing you did was really sweet.


Kevin: Holy Cracker Barrel! what have we here?


Hooded Person: Hey hotshot, The names Becca and my eyes are Up here not down there


Kevin: Wha-Oh m-i'm so sorry it's just the you have a really nice plasma sword and it's kind of making me a little jealous (says very fast and cheery)-hehe!


Becca: So… What are you doing right now? And What would your name be?


Kevin: Bill-… Kevin! Kevin. My name is Kevin!


Becca: Are you sure? (Jokingly)


Kevin: Of course!


Becca: How about we go grab a bite to eat huh?


Kevin: Sure what's your stomach feeling up to?


Becca: Anything that you’d be willing to pay for if you were a good gentleman


Kevin: Alright, How you feel about (name of gasstation)


Becca: Alright Let's go!


Kevin And Becca go to Taco Ball in Kevin’s car and spend the rest of the night around the town  


Scene 9


Billy was having a party with Betty and Billy put titanic into the ps4


Billy: This is honestly the greatest movie on the face of the earth i have like every version released


Betty: Oh… That's great… i’m dating a man who's basically a woman but i do have to admit that that is a pretty AMAZiNG characteristic about an impressive guy like you.


The two grab hands and cover themselves with a blanket with pokemon on it


(Skips to the end of Titanic with Billy the dude crying and Betty holding him)


Betty: Oh it's okay Buddy, it's okay


Billy and Betty fall asleep.


3:24 am


Kevin pulls  up to the house.


Betty shakes Billy


Betty: Hun i think Mr. Drama just pulled up


All the sudden they hear things hitting the house


Billy: Kevin what the Pineapples as going on down here


Kevin: Go back to bed lady stealer!


Billy: Dude, i still have no idea what the fuss is your not telling me hardly anything!


Kevin: Let's just say you're ruining the part of my childhood that i actually enjoyed...i also enjoyed the part about the china buffet.


Billy: Oh, So i putting you on the Same Level as the Star Wars prequels i mean One and Three aren't even bad But i can see where 2 goes wrong


Kevin: This is exactly why your not my friend anymore you never have anything fun to think,say or do.


Betty: Do you guys hear yourselfs? You sound like a few second graders! Good bye!


Billy: Kevin! This is exactly why she moved away years ago don't you ever realize that you have some serious problems don't you realize that you're always the reason you can't have a steady relationship, even your mom doesnt really love you. i mean you always find a way to ruin everything nice that you own.


*heart pumping sound*

(violin starts playing)(sad).

Kevin stares out the window then is snapped back to the present


Kevin takes out his prodigal son


Kevin: You underestimate my power!!


Billy: Where did you get that?


Kevin: Why does it matter?


Billy: Kevin if you told me that you had finally gotten it we wouldn’t be here.


Kevin oh… So you were just using me for the cool things that i have?


Billy: No Kevin i didn't mean it like that


Kevin: Then how did you mean it?


Billy: Then Ii would have bough-


Neighbor: Can you guys just shut up already! Some of us have to work tomorrow and have lives so just go to bed


Days pass as the tension between Billy and Kevin becomes stronger


One sunny morning Billy notices a moving van outside of the house. Just as he runs out the van pulls away. Billy instantly calls Betty.


(Phone Rings)


Billy: Hey did you know that Kevin was moving


Betty: What?

Billy: Yeah Kevin really moved the truck just left


Betty: This is probably because of the fighting you guys have been doing


The Next scene Kevin is driving his moving truck away.


Kevin: i honestly cant believe im doing this


Becca: Honey it's the better for our future and…


Kevin: i hope so


{Camera goes from a view in the moving truck to zooming out and facing the town that They are leaving}




[screen says]

The end…? i don't know it depends on if we feel like making another movie or if we want to do a TV mini series or write a book.

[screen says]

… Probs not a book





Benjamin L. Rinartz & Josiah M. Rondeau


Logan Gartman

Josiah Rondeau

Madeline Block

Ashley Huibregtse

Jacob Brill


Cole Oshefsky

Story By

Benjamin L. Rinartz and Josiah M. Rondeau


Ashley Huibregtse


© Copyright 2018 Cancer Comics Daily345. All rights reserved.

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